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Poker :: Big Game,etc...
  submitted on May 21, 2007, 1:11 PM

Just a follow up to my previous post, last night, same thing, ended up sitting down at a cash game for a bit while I railed this guy as he cashed for about 2k in Full Tilt's FTOPS Main Event. Only ended up playing 9 hands, picked up half a buy-in, flopped 2 pair twice (Would have been 3, I was this close to limping in the CO with a hand that would have flopped two pair). Really weird stuff.

Anyways, last night was the Big Game, which was anything but for me. I didn't play particularly well or particularly poor, I just didn't get a damn thing to play with the whole night. Early on in the tourney I lost about a third of my stack. Blinds were still 40/80 or so, and oossuuu754 limps in MP. I call in the SB with Q10o. Flop comes Q-high with two flush cards. I like my hand here, but I felt like a check-raise to see what Okie Lite was up to. He min-bets, I go ahead and raise it 3x, and he cold calls. Turn is another queen, giving me a set. So, with about 800 in the pot, I bet out 650. I get re-raised to 1300, and I go in the tank. I end up folding, tell him I have trips, and he tells me he's got a flush draw. Ugh.

First off, I can't believe I folded that hand. I'm such a pushmonkey, trips are gold to me, and I practically never lay them down. I just couldn't get past him holding JQ or KQ. It would make sense, a limp from MP, a small bet on the flop hoping to get some action, a strong re-raise on the turn. It just felt like he had a set. So much so that I actually laid the hand down. I still don't know if I made the right decision or not. I know I still don't have any comments set up on here, but if anyone wants to drop me an e-mail or an IM and let me know if you thought I made the right read or not, it would be appreciated. That damn hand has been racking my brain since last night.

So, aside from that hand, pretty much nothing else happened. As I said, I was down to about 1900 after that, and spent the next hour just getting back up to our original starting stack of 3000. Of course by this time the blinds were up to 120/240 or so, and I was one of the shorter stacks still in. I was getting no cards, and whatever cards I was getting (Pocket 10s here and there) got no action after I raised. I tried to keep up with the blinds, but I hit a particularly bad stretch of about 40 hands where the best thing I saw was A8o. The blinds eventually found there way up to 200/400, and I ended up having to push my last 1300 in with 56 sooooted, which was the only playable hand I had seen in the last half hour. I pushed UTG+1, and the BB ends up calling (about a third of their stack, btw) with K4 sooooted. I don't understand that call at all. I mean, what kind of hand do you put me on that K4 sooooted is going to be worth calling off a third of your stack? Nevertheless, I paired my 5 and jumped up to 2800, and had a little breathing room.

I stole Okie Lite's blinds once with 69o, although I really thought he was going to call my push and I was sweating there for a while. Finally, a little later, there is a raise to 1000 in MP, I find KQ sooooted in the SB, I re-raise all-in for 2300, hoping for a fold, but after tanking I get called by A10o. Again, I don't think that's the greatest call in the world, but the odds were there, so I certainly can't be upset about it. I couldn't improve, and IGH in 23rd place. All in all I was glad to make the points considering the complete crap I had to work with, but Big Game = Big Money, and cashing in that baby is sweeeeeet.

Still trying to improve my ITP percentage in the BBT. 9 out of 16 is better, and I'm 5 for my last 7 events, so I'm slowly improving. I'd really like to get a cash, or at least a final table some time in the next two weeks, so I think that will be my goal over the next few events. I'm thinking that I'll only play one event this week, and I'm leaning towards the MATH. The Mookie is on Wednesday, aka Season Finale of Lost, which I will want to be focused on, plus the points distribution tends to be a little sweeter for the MATH. That, and I would rather play in a deepstack tourney any day of the week. So, I'll probably just do one this week, and get prepped for three events next week. That is all.

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