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Personal :: I like free stuff
  submitted on August 19, 2004, 12:00 AM

So Iím not one to buy into online scandals offering you tons of free stuff. Itís never free, and you end up getting screwed over in the process. I remember one time, a telemarketer called me, and I had nothing better to do, so I decided to play nice and see what she had to say. She was selling magazine subscriptions, with a twist. The way it worked, I could subscribe to any four magazine subscriptions, for two years, and at any time, whenever I wanted, I could change my subscriptions to a different magazine. The price ended up something like $5 a week for each subscription. So, if youíre not really paying attention, this sounds like a decent deal. But I noticed the following details that I thought were a little, well, excessive.

-I only subscribe to one magazine now. Why on Earth would I want four?

-You are bound to this deal for two years.

-The $5 a week is for one subscription, not four.

So, I sat there on the phone, and told her this, then ran by her about how much this whole thing was going to cost. I might have been off on the $5 figure, I donít honestly remember what it was, but I know when I figured out the total cost to me, it was something like $700 over the course of two years. But hey, I can subscribe to any four magazines and change them whenever I want! Anyways, after explaining this to her, and asking her why this was a good deal, she eventually got mad at me of all people for wasting her time. I thought I was having a nice logical conversation, but apparently not.

Anyways, Iím sure youíre wondering what the point of all this is? Well, the buzz going around the Ďnet is in regards to two new websites. One is, and the other is So, whatís so cool about these sites? Well, theyíre owned by a company called Gratis Internet. Gratis has started a new marketing strategy, and it involves virtually giving away gifts in exchange for "signing up" with some of their clients. But hereís the thing: The companyís legitimate. The deal that they offer, is legitimate. You go to their website and sign up. You then are offered to take some surveys, which you can decline to take. Then, the last two steps involve the companyís clients. There are several different options you can sign up for, and theyíre free trials, and all you have to do is sign up for these free trials, and at the end of the trials, simply cancel them. I signed up for a free AOL trial. Iíll just go ahead and cancel it in a few weeks, no problem. The last step is this: Refer eight people to the site. If you get them to sign up, and partake in a free trial, you get either a free iPod or a free TV/computer monitor.

I know, I know, this sounds absolutely preposterous. However, thereís this great article on it, that you can find here. There are other articles on the subject too, you can look them up online. So yeah, this is where I shill the deal to you guys. The companyís a member of the Better Business Bureau, and everything seems to show this as a legitimate deal.

So, if youíre interested, or even if youíre not, Iíd appreciate it if you could click on one of the following two links (or both!), and sign up, and sign up with one of their trial offers, so I can get a referral and get an iPod or a television. Then you can tell the people you know, and you can end up with something cool too! If you have any questions, you can e-mail me.

Click here for a free iPod!

Click here for a free TV!

Click here for a free PC!


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