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Poker :: Blogger Tournaments are the softest out there...
  submitted on April 17, 2007, 9:33 AM

Ha, sure they are. So, here are the results from Sunday's 'Big Game' tournament, which saw 53 players come out for a $3k+ prize pool. I don't have too much to say about the tournament. First, I love the deep stacks. A lot. The pressure is so much lower than in a regular tournament, which is exactly how I want to play. For example, I had a double up fairly early on when my pocket 8s turned into a set on the flop, and someone felt like bluffing their A2 all-in, which put me at 7,000 chips and the lead. However, I started getting involved in hands either out of position, or in position with flops that missed me against people like cracknaces and lucko, who I have a hard time playing against. Because of this I ended up back around 3,000 before too long. But again, because of the beauty of the deep stack, I was still in very good shape and did not feel any pressure when I was at my starting point after the first hour.

After treading water at 3,000, the blinds started to catch up with me, but fortunately cracknaces made one of his first mistakes of the night, raising in EP to 900, and I pushed from the button with AJo. He called the extra 2,000 and flipped over KJ s00ted. I don't even know that I like the raise with KJ, but I know I don't like the call of my all-in. He has to know he's behind no matter what, and at best it's a coinflip if I have a pocket pair. But if I don't have a pocket pair, what kind of range did he put me on? Does he think I'm pushing with anything less than AJ given there's already a raise on the table? If I had KJ I would be worried about being dominated, and I certainly don't have the odds to call an all-in in that case. Anyways, he made the call, my hand held up, and that bumped me up to about 6500, and into the top 10.

From then on it was pretty smooth sailing. I grew my chip stack over time, successfully dropping the hammer twice, something I've never been able to do in a blogger tournament before. Eventually I pushed my way up to the top of the leaderboard, and I stayed in the top 3 into the final table. i was pretty comfortably in second once we got down to the final 8, as I had played a lot of aggressive big stack poker once we got down to two tables. The bubble didn't last too long, and soon enough we were down to 4. At that time Drizz suggested a chop, which we were all down for(Especially me, I was the short stack at the time). We played for points, and I finished second, which is a little disappointing, but sometimes it just works out that way. I put Drizz all-in when he had a draw, and I was leading, but he spiked his straight on the river, and I was crippled and couldn't recover. Sometimes heads up just doesn't work out, not much I could have done about it.

Just for fun I checked out my ROI for the BBT, and it's running at about 1700% at the moment, which is quite ridiculous. I've spent $55 on 4 buy-ins, and won $950. Those are some great numbers that I have no expectation of keeping. I could donk out the rest of the tournaments in this thing and still be happy with my performance so far.

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