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Poker :: My donkery knows no bounds...
  submitted on April 12, 2007, 9:23 AM

I played in a couple MTTs last night on Full Tilt. First was the $75 Token Frenzy at 8:45pm. The bloggers have been pimping this hard to everyone. It's a $14 tourney, guaranteed to give out at least 15 $75 tokens, and basically the top 20% finish ITM, considering that a token is worth about five entries. These tournaments basically give you the best odds to pick up one of these tokens for your money. Think about it like this. Say you want to play an $8 token tournament. 18 players, top 6 finish ITM. So that gives you a 33.3% chance to win a $26 token. However, you then have to use that token to play in an 18 player tournament, where the top 6 get their beloved $75 token. Here you also have a 33.3% chance of earning a token. Again, good odds, but combined with the previous odds, you're looking at an 11% chance to win a token. So, while you're spending less money, your chances are almost twice as poor.

So, once I realized all that, I thought it would be good to give one of these a try, since I heard the play is horrible. I've been wanting to pick up a token so I can play in this on Sunday:

I love the Big Game, it's probably my favorite blogger tourney, but I tend to forget to qualify for a token and end up missing it. But now the Battle of the Blogger Tournament has given me inspiration.

Anyways, I sat down to play with about 10 or so other bloggers. I think the total field was around 90, and the top 19 got a token, with 20th receiving $34. It's a turbo tournament (It's a token FRENZY after all) with 5 minute levels, so I had to make sure not to donk away chips on stupid hands. I had very little to work with to start out, and my first significant action came from me pushing with around 1000 chips when the blinds were at 75/150 or so. First double up came several hands later, when my stack was at around 1200 and I had AJ on the button. Action was folded to me, I pushed, sb called and flipped over A6 or some crap like that. That gave me a bit of breathing room. I had another double up later on that I can't remember that put me up around 4500 and in the top 10 of the leaderboard, and important spot to be in.

As we got closer to the bubble play tightened up considerably, so I was able to make some pushes and pick up the blinds/antes several times to keep a good spot on the leaderboard. Once we got down to about 26 players, play really slowed down. All the short stacks were waiting until the last second to fold, the big stacks were raising every hand and scooping up blinds pretty much uncontested. Unfortunately for me, the two bigger stacks than myself at the table were to the right of me, which meant they were constantly raising preflop before I had a chance to try and pick up blinds, so I went through a few orbits where my chip stack just dwindled. Coupled with the fact that short stack after short stack would have these miracle hands constantly when pushing certainly made me a little nervous. After some time, with the blinds jumping up to 500/1000/125, we finally got down to 20, and I ended up pushing once more after that, as my stack had dropped to 3500 and the blinds were at 1000/2000 or so, and scooped up a 4500 pot, putting me over 8,000 and allowing me to fold to the money.

So, one try, one token, and unless something comes up I should be able to join in the Big Game on Sunday. The play in the tourney is pretty bad, and with Turbo tourneys it's very important to keep your cool and be patient and not be overwhelmed by the intimidating blinds. Just pick your spots, get some cards, and go from there. On a side note, I believe I was the only blogger who ended up with a token from the tourney.

Now that I've got my good poker story out of the way, I just wanted to mention briefly about how I crashed and burned horribly in The Mookie. I'm actually really glad Pauly didn't live blog about my donkey elimination, and only mentioned that I was knocked out.

Didn't have much to start this tournament either, just treaded water for a while. One a pot that got me up to 1700 or so, then picked up another pot later on when I check-raised TP from the BB. However, I ended up losing over half my chips when I woke up with Kings on the button. UTG had raised to 4x, and I just smooth called. Flop was Axx, and UTG bets the pot (450). I'm thoroughly annoyed at this turn of events, and raise up to 900. He pushes for the rest of his chips, and I finally fold after letting go of a lot of chips. I'm still trying to figure out if he had an ace or not. Something about the way the hand was played makes me think he didn't, and maybe had a pocket pair, but who knows.

That hand left me pretty shortstacked, and I was knocked out on a flat out embarrassing play a little while later. UTG raises up to 350 or so, I have 750 on the button, and I push. Guess what gem of a hand I had? KQo. Against an UTG raiser. Absolutely horrible, horrible play on my part. I knew it was a bad play, I knew I was beat, and I still pushed anyways. Hee haw. Needless to say he flipped up AK and IGH in 55th. Sigh. Too bad too, since many of the BBT leaders missed the points last night, and it would have been a nice opportunity to try and catch up.

Next BBT event is the Big Game on Sunday, so I may or may not play some poker before then. I don't play well when I oversaturate myself, so I'm trying to keep my play pretty limited overall.

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