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Poker :: Just one of those nights...
  submitted on October 27, 2006, 8:36 AM

Yeah, I had one of those nights where you just can't shake the bad beat bug. Since moving to PokerStars and Full Tilt, I've had a pretty pleasant experience. The cash games on FTP have been fun, and this idea of trying to get these tokens to use for other tourneys has gotten me hooked (The horrible competition in those S&Gs helps, too). I haven't played as much on Stars, but I've had some success in the S&G department so far. I've also had the chance to learn a bit about Razz on the FTP play money tables. Seems like a fun game, I'll have to look into it a bit more.

Last night, however, was just one of those bad beat nights where nothing seems to go right. It all started with my Tier Two token S&G tourney I was playing in hopes of winning a $75 token. Somewhat early on in the tournament (I think the blinds were only 20/40), a guy in MP limps in, and the guy next to me raised to 180. I'm on the button with AK sooooted. Now this guy who raised only has about 500 chips left, as he lost most of his stack already because he's basically a horrible poker player. His raise means jack to me, and I want his chips, so I re-raise up to 540. The original limper folds, and this guy just calls instead of pushing the rest of his chips in. Whatever. So the flop comes J 2 7 rainbow, or something along those lines. He puts the rest of his chips in, I call, and he flips over A2o. Even better is that the board pairs on the turn, then he hits another 2 on the river just to rub salt in the wound. Good Lord. This isn't even someone catching a miracle on the river, this is someone playing horrible poker, getting exploited for playing horrible poker, then getting a monster hand out of it anyways. Suck.

My cash game hit a snag at the $0.50 NL tables as well. I just sat down with $25, and had been up and down a bit, and I was down at around $20 or so in the bb when I get Kings. Second position opened at 3.5bb. He gets a couple of callers, which is no good for me, so I re-raise to 10bb. Original raiser calls, the other two callers fold. So I put him on a high pocket pair, but not aces. Flop comes Jack high rainbow, and I'm first to act with about $13 left. So I bet out half my stack, he raises, I go all-in and he flips over queens. So I'm in fantastic shape, and my elation turns to misery when a fucking queen drops on the turn. What a crock of shit. So, the $45 pot gets taken from me because this dumbass, who honestly thought his queens were best because he's a moron, caught a two-outer on the turn. Suck.

All in all, it wasn't a total loss, as I picked up another $26 token playing in a 2-table $8 turbo S&G that almost saw me get screwed again. We were in the money, six left, but only 5 get a token, 6th gets $10. So the blinds are ridiculous since it's a Turbo, and I hit AQo in the bb. Guy in the sb pushes all-in like he does pretty much every time I'm in the bb, and I call, and he shows me A10. So his 10 pairs and now I'm on life support. Well, next hand he pushes all-in again, and I call in the sb with 94o. I had to, if I folded I would have had nothing to work with for the rest of the tournament. The poker gods actually allowed me a degree of revenge, as I hit trip 9s and took the pot. Eventually the other guy busted out in 6th (Thanks to me, no less), so I got my token, and I will try again this weekend to get that $75 token and sign up for the Big Game Blogger Tourney for November 5th. I'm certainly spending more money on it this time than I did the first time around, where I believe I spent all of $8.

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