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Personal :: Addicted to Lost...
  submitted on February 9, 2006, 6:44 AM

I'm not one to ususally review a TV show, but man, last night's Lost was just freakin awesome.

Last night's episode was probably the best of the season, and if not the best, certainly top three. The character development that took place was simply fascinating, and the coup by Sawyer was surprising and cleverly donen. Something that I thought spoke about the depth of the show was the fact that Eko, everyone's new favorite character, wasn't even on the show, and I didn't even think about it until today.

The growing rivalry between Locke and Jack has really rejuvenated both characters, in my mind. Jack was basically starting to annoy me at the beginning of season 2. You can only take so much "I do what's good and morally right at all times" before it starts to wear on you. Recently we've started to see Jack develop a kind of killer instinct, and while I don't always agree with his rash decision-making, I respect that he's making decisions because he feels it's what should be done, and not because it's the 'good and morally right' thing to do. Locke is very much a contrast to that, trying to rationalize everything, and generally moving at a slower pace. That being said, his actions as of late (punching Charlie in particular) haven't had that solid decision making behind them. This, too, is a nice development in his character.

Then you have Sawyer, the guy who loves to have what everyone else wants. His insight is what makes this whole episode. There were a lot of pieces to a puzzle that he put together. He knew that Jack wanted the guns in the hatch. He knew that Locke wanted the guns kept in a safe place and out of the hands of everyone. He knew that Kate trusted him. He knew that Ana Lucia was't trusted by most of the camp. And he knew that Charlie was vulnerable and looking for revenge after what Locke did to him.

And so he hatched his plan. He had Charlie attempt to kidnap Sun and make it look like it was one of the Others, but not exactly like it, so upon further investigation, it would appear as if it was almost a setup. Sawyer would propose to Kate that Ana Lucia might have done it as motivation to get access to the guns. Kate buys into this due to her distrust for Ana Lucia (the fact she's always around Jack probably intensifies that distrust), and asks Jack about it. Jack on some level still is interested in listening to what Kate has to say, and confronts Ana Lucia about it. While the commotion about Sun's attacker escalates, Sawyer makes his way to the hatch to warn Locke and convinces him to move the guns. Well, he doesn't directly convince him, but he plays the scene off in such a way to make Locke think he came up with the idea. So Locke moves the guns, while Sawyer stays to watch the button. Unknown to Locke, Charlie follows him to see where the guns are hidden. Once the guns are moved, Jack shows up in the hatch, to find them gone. He heads to the beach to confront Locke. With both Jack and Locke too focused on who has the guns, Sawyer manages to take the guns for himself, and, realizing that the guns were now the only thing that people truly wanted, took advantage of the situation.

The entire episode played out beautifully, and the plot was revealed a part at a time, and in such a way so as to not give away what happens next. Jack and Locke's obsession with the guns, and subsequently, control over each other, became their weakness, and Sawyer recognized this and took back the control that he once had.

The interesting part of all this is that I actually feel better about Sawyer having the guns. Locke and Jack have this attitude that they feel they know what's best for everyone else. They feel that they each know what to do with the guns, better than anyone else. So what happens is they focus their attention on making everyone else want what they want. The problem with this is what they want isn't always the right thing. Sawyer, on the other hand, looks out for himself, and doesn't feel the need to convince people to think whatever he's thinking. It's a very different train of thought from Jack and Locke, and it really makes you feel like h's the most rational of the three, at least when it comes to dealing with the guns.

One last thing I wanted to touch upon was Charlie. I know some people who don't really care too much about his character, so last week's episode wasn't terribly interesting. I thought it was fascinating, and this week was just an extension of that. His character is full of ups and downs, and watching how he reacts to those highs and lows is what makes his character to great. This sadistic twist he's taken is downright shocking, and yet, you understand where he's coming from. After everything he did, all he cared about was making sure Claire never found out. He still has this delusion that he's supposed to be the one taking care of the baby, standing next to Claire. It's a very dangerous dynamic, and I can't help but think it will lead to disastrous consequences.

Anyways, that's all I've got for now, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the episode since it was such a good one.

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