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Personal :: How much is that in Internet money?
  submitted on January 9, 2013, 5:53 PM

Hi there blog. Iíve missed you. Did you miss me? As much as I love using Twitter, I do feel like itís one of the primary culprits in sucking my will to write things of any significant length. I have been writing my weekly NFL picks (And in hindsight probably should have been posting them here), but any other ideas Iíve had for posts, I feel like I roll them around in my head for a while, but ultimately due to Twitter, or texting, or some other kind of short thought-oriented medium, the idea either ends up there or my brain just doesnít want to make the effort to put forth such long-winded thoughts. That, or Iím just finding new ways to excuse my procrastination and laziness.


I had kind of an interesting morning today. Well, interesting to me, at least, probably not as interesting to some of you. Generally when I wake up in the morning, I do a quick check of my phone to see what emails I received overnight and check my Twitter feed. This morning there was an email from someone letting me know that my Chronologically LOST site had been featured in a popular Reddit post. For those of you who may not know, Chronologically LOST was a project I put together a couple years ago where I took the entirety of the show LOST and rearranged it in chronological order. It was an alternative way of looking at the show, kind of provided a different perspective on things.

Anyway, as I said, I did this a couple years ago when LOST ended, and since then Iíve maintained a torrent of all the episodes for people to download. The sender of the email was a Reddit user asking me to help seed the torrent since there were a lot of people expressing interest. If youíre unfamiliar with Reddit, itís sort of a social bookmarking site. Someone finds an interesting site, they post it to Reddit under a certain subsection (called a subreddit), other users see it, and can upvote it if they, too, find it interesting. Enough people vote for it, it becomes a popular post and eventually can find its way onto the front page where all Redditors will see it. Iíve seen some traffic spikes before from a Redditor posting about the site in the LOST subreddit, but since there arenít a ton of people reading that section, the traffic spikes arenít anything too significant. Well, this time the post was made in a popular subreddit that had over 2 million followers. So yeah...thatís a lot of people.

The first thing I did after I read the email was go and hop on the computer to check my Google Analytics page. I can go on there and get all sorts of details about my site traffic, how much, where itís from, what sites people were referred by, things like that. At around 7 in the morning, my site already had over 20,000 hits. Now, I know that 20,000 hits isnít really that big of a number in the grand scheme of things (Iíd say itís only 0.002% of the traffic of Psyís Gangnam Style video, but I wonít because then it just seems sad), but in my world, thatís a hell of a lot of traffic. The biggest single day of traffic Chronologically LOST had ever had was the summer after I finished the project, Jezebel wrote an article about it. It got me about 6,000 hits. Now itís first thing in the morning and Iím watching the traffic double to 45,000 hits in about a half an hour. Then I go look at the Reddit front page:

My site is now the top post on the front page on Reddit. Iím not a huge Reddit user, but I am on there occasionally and I certainly appreciate what a popular site itís become. So yeah, that was kind of cool. I spent a good part of my morning in that Reddit post, thanking everyone for deciding my LOST project was something of interest, and responding to some peopleís comments or questions they had about the project. Naturally I was also refreshing my Google Analytics page frequently during all of this to watch my page hits go up.

Eventually as the morning went on, my site dropped down to number two on the front page. Then number four. Then when I checked again it had dropped off completely. And shockingly my site traffic also died down right around that time. Twelve hours later as I look at my Analytics page Iíve had 105,000 hits today. To put that into perspective, my site as a whole before today had 89,000 hits total. My busiest month gave me 21,000 hits. I had 24,000 hits between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning. So for me, this was just a crazy amount of traffic. And as quickly as it had showed up it left, which is generally how those things tend to work. But it was fun to see something that I had worked on receive a brief moment of popularity in some corner of the internet. And mostly I was happy that a whole bunch of people that I hadnít been able to reach the last couple of years know about the project and can watch it if they want. I even had a soldier thatís currently deployed in Afghanistan email me and ask if I could mail him the series on a flash drive since he doesnít have the bandwidth there to download the whole thing.

The whole time I couldnít help but think of the South Park episode ďCanada on StrikeĒ (This was poking fun at the 2008 Writerís Guild Strike). Canada felt that no one took them seriously, so they went on strike for more money. Since no one wanted to pay them any money, they kept going on about how they should get some Internet money that people get from all those popular sites and videos.

Iíve been trying to find the address or phone number for the Illinois Department of Internet Money, as Iíve been doing the calculations and I figure todayís events should be worth at least two hundred theoretical dollars. Iíll be rolling in the dough soon enough!


One more thing, after writing this post I will say that I miss my Wordpress template that Iíve installed over on the Oratory. While Iíve always enjoyed having my own blog that works with my own code, I do really like posting from Wordpress. I think I may have to look into moving my content over into WP. Maybe weíll set that as a 2013 goal.

Thanks for reading.

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