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Entertainment :: LOST 6.13 Thoughts
  submitted on April 21, 2010, 8:09 AM

Kate has to go back for Jack, Sawyer. She has to go back!

One of the fun things with this show is listening to what the "bad guys" have to say and try and figure out what's the truth, and what is a lie. Take Benjamin Linus. For as long as we've known him, he's been a liar. First time we ever saw him he was claiming to be someone he's not. You could write books about all the lies he's told in his time on the island. And yet, sometimes he's actually telling the truth. But it's very difficult to tell the difference between his lies and his truths. He's fantastic at deceiving people, and manipulating them. It's a very similar situation to what we currently have with the Nemesis, which I suppose is appropriate since Ben was manipulated by the Nemesis for years. He deals in deception, his one ultimate goal is trying to leave the island, and everything he does is done with the purpose of accomplishing that goal. He appears as other people in order to manipulate, he kills those that oppose him or that pose a threat (assuming he can kill them), he tells people whatever they want to hear so that they'll do what he wants. He's very...persuasive. And yet, at times, it seems like perhaps he's telling us the truth. Perhaps it's not always the literal truth, and may be more of a truth from his point of view, but it's some kind of truth nonetheless. But like Ben, determining which is the truth and which isn't is easier said than done.

So where does the truth lie? (pun intended) Well, I think it lays out like this: We know the Nemesis is trying to get off the island. It's not as simple as him just being able to up and leave, otherwise he'd be gone already. He needed Jacob dead, but couldn't kill him, so he had someone else do it. He claims to need everyone on the Ajira plane in order for him to be able to leave, similar to how the Ajira flight was able to come to the island with Jack, Hurley, Sun, Sayid, Ben, Locke, Kate, and Frank on it. And yet, that shouldn't really matter, since leaving the island is more about following a certain path, or heading, than it is about who is leaving with you. So while he probably needs everyone, or at the very least the remaining candidates, he needs them for something else, not to just get on the plane with him so that he can leave. He's already saved Sawyer's life on the cliff by the cave, it's likely he saved Sayid's life when he was dying, we just saw him save Jack's life from the explosions. These people need to stay alive to help him fulfill his ultimate goal. He's also willing to convince them to follow him by promising people things.

He promised Claire that he would reunite her with her baby.
He promised Sayid that he would be with Nadia again.
He tried to promise Sun that he could take her to Jin if she went with him.
He promised Sawyer that he would get him off the island.

But he can't force them to do anything. He wants them to go with him, to do what he wants, but he can't make them. We also know that he can't cross large bodies of water, which is why he has to travel to Hydra Island by boat instead of floating over there as black smoke. He feels like he has been wronged by Jacob, that Jacob has betrayed him, and is unfairly trapped on the island. Jacob says that he is trapped there for the good of mankind, so at this point we don't really know who to believe.

And now we have our latest revelation from the Nemesis: John Locke was a sucker. The man of faith was stupid enough to believe that he was really on the island for a reason, and it was his blind faith in his destiny, in the island, that allowed the Nemesis to manipulate him, ultimately get him killed, and provide him with a way to kill Jacob and leave the island. It's certainly a bold statement for the Nemesis to make to Jack, basically flat out admitting his deception, his lies, knowing that he still needs Jack's help to do whatever it is he needs to do to get off the island. And on one hand, he's telling Jack of his manipulation, and on the other hand, he's trying to paint himself as the good guy, telling Jack that it was him who appeared as his father when they first came to the island, because he just wanted to help Jack find water. He was simply trying to help Jack. H wanted to help Jack get off the island. But he couldn't, because of Jacob. So once again, it all comes down to being able to tell the difference between his truths and his lies. The Nemesis claims to have used Locke, which is probably true. But does that make Locke stupid for having the faith that he did in his purpose on the island? Not necessarily. With Jack now rallying to the same cause as Locke, you feel like there was something there, a reason for believing in his destiny on the island. The Nemesis knows that he ultimately has to break Jack, and get him to come to his side, only Jack's different from Locke. He's still a man of science, but he's come to accept his part as a man of faith as well, which makes him a very difficult enemy to face. Jack is on his own now. On one side we have Jack. On the other side we have Locke. As we get into the end of the series, our 'final battle' and whatnot, Jack vs. Locke is really the way it has to go down, right? It just fits.

Let's get to some quick hits:

-I wonder how many of the Others are left. I mean, you can't just kill off Cindy and the kids like that, right? It's kind of crazy to think that the Others, all of them, have been almost completely wiped out. But I suppose it's appropriate. Everyone that was on the island before Richard had died, so it's not like the island has never been without inhabitants. Still, it's like the end of an era. The once almighty and powerful Others, reduced to just a handful of scared remaining few.

-Can Sawyer really be mad at Widmore for calling off his end of the deal when Sawyer was just going to screw him over anyways?

-It wasn't made out to be much of a line, but I was glad they fleshed out Sawyer's logic for stealing the sub. This idea that "stealing a plane is stupid, let's steal a sub instead, that makes much more sense" was a little thin, but hearing it from his point of view, it makes a lot of sense. He knows that it's difficult to leave the island, and he knows that Dharma and the Others used a sub to leave, so since that's what he knows, that's his preferred method for leaving. Easy enough.

-We can now officially check off "Christian was the smoke monster" from our list of mysteries. It's sort of crazy to sit back and think about how much the Nemesis screwed with Locke. He told Locke to move the island, he told Locke he had to die (via Richard), he told Locke he would have to die, he told Locke that he would have to bring everyone back. The deception of John Locke goes deep.

-What, are we really expecting missiles to kill the Nemesis? If you shoot him it just makes him mad, so what are missiles supposed to do? Maybe Widmore figured why not since it's not like the Nemesis can get to him right now anyways. And just to throw a continuity error out there, why not shoot a missile at the outrigger the Nemesis was in when he headed over to Hydra Island? If he has a problem with water, then why not blow up his boat? That should cause some problems. Sorry, I'll stop now, I just think the missiles are dumb.

-Has Kate ever seen someone leave and not wanted to go after them? Good lord, just let it go already.

-I kept having movie scenes pop into my head during the episode. When Jack had his heart to heart with Sawyer and jumped into the water, it reminded me of The Matrix (since I don't reference that movie enough) when Neo stopped running and decided to face Agent Smith. I could hear Morpheus say in the background "He's beginning to believe". Also, thanks to Hurley, I had Luke's voice in my head telling Obi Wan that "there is still good in him" when they were talking about Sayid.

-So, we had the Nemesis tell Richard to just kill Jacob before he could talk to you, implying that his persuasive nature would otherwise get the best of Richard. Then we had Dogen tell Sayid the same thing when he went to kill the Nemesis. Now, the Nemesis didn't say this to Sayid, but I found it interesting that he was set to kill Desmond, but once Desmond starting talking to him, he got Sayid to hesitate. If he didn't kill Desmond as we assume he didn't, that's another instance of Desmond acting very much like Jacob.

-Speaking of Desmond, clearly he's looked at as a threat to the Nemesis. He kidnapped him from Widmore, pushed him down a well (but seemingly wanted to keep him alive, just incapacitated), and then ordered Sayid to kill him at the slightest chance of Widmore getting him back.

-Awesome to see Sun & Jin back together. I've seen it mentioned by many so far, and I was thinking the same thing, that when they were running towards each other, there were some serious concerns that the fence was still on and that they were going to die instead of getting to embrace each other.

-I've mentioned Frank's role reduction into the guy that says one or two obvious/funny things every episode, but my friend Q put it best this week: "I'm really happy that the "Captain Obvious" character on this show is actually a real captain, complete with the appropriate wardrobe. Last night, when Jin and Sun embraced and Sun got her voice back he was right there to basically look right into the camera and go "Hey y'all? Y'see? She can speak English again! Wowzers!""

-That Claire/Kate scene was such a tease. I actually thought for half a second that Claire would pull the trigger.

-Frank's looking like a bit of a redshirt now that it's basically him and the rest of the Oceanic crew. Hope that doesn't mean he's due for some dying in the near future.

-How long is canned food good for? You know that stuff has been there for at least three years.

-Let's talk flash sideways world. It certainly looks that most of our time spent there will involve Desmond setting people up to see the light, or at least to get the Oceanic people to interact with each other, perhaps with the intention of getting them all to remember each other. Which is fine, but I think we're going to have to wait to see it all come together until the very end.

-There was some speculation that perhaps the reason Sun lost her ability to speak English was because she didn't speak English in the sideways world, implying that some of her sideways consciousness bled over into the real world as a result of the head trauma. I think we saw another indication of this when Sun was brought to the hospital and saw Locke next to her. She clearly recognized him and was not happy to see him, which is the type of reaction you might expect from her if she recognized The Nemesis. Hmm.

-Everything's starting to converge. We've got Sayid who freed Jin and was arrested by Sawyer. We've got Kate who took Claire to the hospital and was arrested by Sawyer. We've got Sun who is in love with Jin, was shot and went to the hospital where Jack works. Jack is now at the hospital, operating on John Locke. Sawyer will most likely make an appearance at the hospital soon to question Sun and Jin about the shooting. Everyone went off to live their own lives, only to have everything come back together anyways. The more things change the more they stay the same.

-Claire is tiny! I'm going to have to go back and rewatch a Claire and Kate scene to see if Kate the dwarf is actually taller than someone. Jack looks like he's got at least a foot on her.

-Any thoughts on the episode title being "The Last Recruit"? I had initially thought that since the Nemesis had been "recruiting" people, ie. Sayid, that there was going to be someone we know join his team. That didn't happen, although another way to look at it might be that of all the people Locke was trying to join his cause, Jack is all that's left on the island. I dunno, usually the episode title is clear by the end of the show, but I was still a little confused by that one.

Alright, I think that's all I've got for this week. Quite depressed about the week off, and also a little depressed that there's only 5 more hours of the show left. At the same time I'm really eager with anticipation to just see the rest of the show, know the whole story. Very conflicting feelings going on, that's for sure. I'll be back in a couple weeks to review our next episode. Until then, thanks for reading.

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