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Entertainment :: LOST 6.12 Thoughts
  submitted on April 14, 2010, 7:13 AM

@DamonLindelof For those of you considering switching over to Glee, we have copious Madonna songs tonight too. And by "Madonna songs," I mean "explosions."

I had heard a rumor very early on in the season that Season 6 was to be split up into three acts. I didn't know what that meant, in what context these acts were to happen, or even how they were to be split up. However, there are 18 hours in this season, so logically they would be split up into three acts of six episodes. Episode six of this season was Sundown, in which we saw an end to our time in the Temple, with the Nemesis wiping out everyone who remained there, and heading off with the remaining Others/Losties to try and get off the island. The image of Locke, torch in hand, marching off into the darkness of the jungle with his followers behind him was very iconic, and served as the closing of the first act. In our second act, we began to see pieces of the story come together. We were given clearly defined camps, one camp with Ilana leading and trying to protect the candidates she has, Jack, Hurley, and perhaps Sun, with Richard there to advise on what to do, and Ben and Frank tagging along. The other camp contains the Nemesis, and the candidates he has managed to scoop up, Sawyer, Sayid, and Jin (temporarily), with Kate hanging out since no one else likes her enough to want her around, the always crazy Claire, and all of the surviving Others that are looking to be free of the island. But then we were introduced to the third party, possibly the final key group that brings this all together. Charles Widmore and his merry band of scientists arrive on Hydra Island via submarine, with a locked up Desmond onboard.

We learned that the Nemesis wants to get off the island. We learned that in order to do this, he seemingly needs all of the candidates, and alive (or perhaps he just can't kill them). We've seen hints that he probably doesn't care what happens to some people (Kate) once he's done using them for his purposes. We learned that Richard's goal is to stop the Nemesis from leaving the island. It's what he was tasked to do by his wife, perhaps via Jacob. If the Nemesis isn't stopped, once he leaves the island everything will cease to exist. Richard understands the consequences, and so does Charles Widmore, who said as much. Widmore's goal (at least one of them) is to also stop the Nemesis from leaving the island. However, he seems to have a very different plan in mind. Richard wants to blow up the plane so that the Nemesis can't leave. Charles Widmore brought Desmond back to the island because of his interaction with electromagnetic energy. Whatever his plan is, it involves Desmond, the electromagnetic energy pockets on the island, and potentially the flash sideways world.

So, to close out the act, we have our groups being reorganized, plans being altered, strategies being worked out. Ilana is no more, having gone Dr. Arzt on us, causing a split among the camp. Richard wants to continue on his plan to blow up the plane, and has enlisted Ben and Miles to help. Hurley, meanwhile, is trying his best to step into the leadership role, and has taken Jack, Sun, and Frank to the Nemesis' camp, to try and talk to him. Desmond, the key to Widmore's plan, has been pushed down a well by the Nemesis, and his fate is currently unknown. Everyone seems to have some semblance of a plan, and in our last act we should see it all play out. Just as our first act ended with the Nemesis walking out into the jungle at night, our second act ends with Hurley, torch in hand, walking through the jungle, with his followers behind him, straight into the lion's den.

Where do we go from here? Well, the Nemesis has been trying to get all of the Candidates together, which he now has, save for maybe Jin, so whatever his ultimate plan is, I'd say we're getting close to the point of execution. The problem for the Nemesis is that he he can't force the Candidates to do anything, they have to willingly make the choice to do what he wants. He's got Sayid in his pocket, Sawyer might be along for the ride (or he is just planning to con the Nemesis, you never can tell with him), but the other three will be tougher. Sun obviously wants nothing to do with him, but she also trusts Jack. Hurley is clearly entrenched in Jacob's camp, but he could be susceptible to manipulation and trickery. Jack, now Jack's the most difficult challenge for the Nemesis. Jack is smart, stubborn, and has long been at odds with John Locke. He's also now a believer in whatever it is Jacob wants. There's only one possible weakness I can think of that might give the Nemesis the advantage: Kate. The Nemesis told us that she was no longer a candidate, but he still has use for her right now, which is why he doesn't want Claire killing her. What else can affect Jack the way that Kate can? Sure, they were no longer together off the island, but that doesn't mean the feelings aren't still there. And what other purpose could Kate possibly serve, but to be a tool that the Nemesis can manipulate.

Meanwhile, Charles Widmore may have a problem, but he may not. We don't know fully what Desmond's purpose is, but we do know that at least part of it involves his role in the flash sideways world. And he can be doing whatever he wants on the island for that to play out. But, while he is most likely still alive, he's at the bottom of a well on the island, where no one but the Nemesis knows where he is. Certainly a dangerous place to be, and the fact that he was so closely guarded by Widmore means he's probably still of some use to Charles. Something that should be interesting in the next episode is the fact that Charles Widmore is on Hydra Island. The airplane is on Hydra Island. Richard, Ben, and Miles are going to blow up the plane, on Hydra Island. Which means it is only a matter of time until Charles is not only reunited with Richard, but with Ben as well. Two mortal enemies, seemingly fighting for the same cause. I don't know about you, but I'm very excited for that encounter.

Let's do some quick hits:

-Okay, yeah, this idea of "love" being the thing that shows people the truth in the flash sideways world is a tad lame. I get that. But at the same time, one of the things I've always felt that LOST did well was it's love stories (Well, except for the Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle, but that's mostly because Kate is awful). Desmond and Penny have had great moments on screen together, same with Jin and Sun, and even Libby & Hurley for the brief time they were together. So I'll go along with it. I am curious to see who all Desmond is going to try and "wake up", and if he has to use some kind of a romantic tie-in for everyone. Also, so far the people that have been aware of memories from the other world have been Charlie (dead), Daniel (dead), and Libby (dead). I can't imagine this is just a coincidence (I'm excluding Eloise since she's clearly an exception and knows more than anyone about all of this).

-Sucks to be Locke, doesn't it? That was a pretty brutal hit that he took. I'm not sure what Desmond's intention is here. If he's trying to jog Locke's memory, you'd think there would be a less painful way to do it. And if he's trying to kill him, you'd think there would be a more effective way to do it. If the flash sideways world has something to do with the real world, and in the real world Locke is the Nemesis, maybe incapacitating Locke in the sideways world has some carry over effect? Or maybe it hinders whatever it is the Nemesis is trying to do to escape?

-Hurley did tell his mother that he had an awards banquet for The Human Fund, right? Am I just making this up? I went back and watched it again and I swear that's what he said. I hope so, you can never have enough Seinfeld references in your life.

-Desmond's acting very Jacob-like in the flash sideways world, isn't he? Making small talk, trying to influence the lives of others into making choices that will get them to where he wants them to be. But not forcing people to get to that point, but just helping them along the path.

-Ilana's Arzt moment was, wow. It was one of those completely unexpected moments that just had me sitting there in utter disbelief. Just a very quick, shocking, out of nowhere death for what was thought to be one of the more main characters on the show this year. I understand it more now from a story perspective, this way Ben and Richard can go off to Widmore's camp, Hurley can take his people to the Nemesis' camp, instead of everyone falling under Ilana's umbrella. Plus, it's not like had any clue what she was supposed to do outside of "protect the Candidates". But still, that's a pretty raw deal. Jacob tasks her with protecting the Candidates, very important thing that she spends a lot of time preparing for, and then just like that, boom, blowed up.

-Have we learned our lesson yet about handling unstable dynamite? It's dangerous. You can't just be putting sticks of it in a bag, and tossing your water bottles in there and casually tossing the bag onto the ground. That's why it's unstable. Geez.

-Jack rules now. I've been waiting all series to see Jack be all that he can be. Jack knows that he's out of his element, he has no control over what's going on, but unlike Season 5, he feels like he has a purpose. So he's willing to be engaged, to help out, but at the same time isn't demanding that things be done his way. If Hurley's the one that knows how to get things done, then he will follow Hurley and go from there. Love it.

-Also, Sayid's starting to grow on me as a bad guy henchman (as opposed to the good guy henchmen, I suppose). I wish he didn't have to deadpan everything, but he's a pretty big bad ass, so this is an appropriate role for him.

-I thought it was appropriate that Desmond be pushed down the well by the Nemesis, since not only is Locke the only other person that we've seen fall down a well, but Desmond also hit him with his car in the flash sideways world.

-You may now check "What are the whispers on the island?" off your master list of unanswered LOST questions. 1 down, 3,876 to go.

-Hurley went through Ilana's things, found the bag of Jacob's ashes, and then kept them. Seems like he knew what they were, didn't he?

-We see a mysterious kid in the jungle. The Nemesis can see him. Richard cannot. The boy tells the Nemesis that he can't kill 'him', that it's against the rules. The next time we see the kid, the Nemesis is with Desmond, who can also see him. This is right before Desmond gets pushed down a well. I'm not saying Desmond was the 'him' the boy was referring to, but...well, yes, that's what I'm saying.

-Desmond's on island calmness is a little unnerving. I get him being Mr. Cool in the flash sideways world, because ultimately he's trying to bring people back from there. But on the island, he still has a wife and kid, it would certainly behoove him to try and stay alive, wouldn't it? Shouldn't he at least be concerned about that?

Okay, I think that's all I've got for this week. If you haven't seen the promo for next week, I encourage you to check it out, because it has a creepy Willy Wonka audio clip playing over it for whatever reason (Willy Wonka is Jacob~!!), and it's totally awesome. Also, sorry to be a buzkill, but in case you haven't heard, LOST is taking a one week break after next week's episode. At least now you have some time to come to terms with it. My wife and I discovered last night that the number of weeks left didn't quite add up, I thought that they were just going to take the Tuesday before the series finale off since the finale's on a Sunday, but I guess not. Suck. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next week.

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