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Entertainment :: LOST 6.6 Thoughts
  submitted on March 3, 2010, 8:09 AM

Well, if there's anything this show is good at, it's consolidation. Too many people on the show? Let's kill a bunch of them off. We saw it in Season 4 when Keamy & Co. attacked Locke's crew at the Dharma barracks, we also saw it in Season 5 in the Great Flaming Arrow Attack of 1954 (RIP Frogurt), and so here we have another great cleanse, ridding us of all those no name Others. Our group of islanders has been more clearly defined. We have the Nemesis' crew, which contains crazy Claire, our newly-evil Sayid, any of the Others that didn't have a death wish (including Cindy and the kids), and Kate, who really doesn't belong, but since she's too dumb to up and leave when the smoke monster attacks, she gets to hang out with everyone else. Then we've got Ilana's group, which includes Frank, Miles, and Sun. Finally, we've got Jack, Hurley, and Ben, all of which I would probably put in Jacob's camp, should they end up finding Ilana's group (Well, who knows when it comes to Ben these days). And finally, we've got some random people whose statuses are currently unknown, namely Sawyer, Richard, and Jin. I feel like we've still got a few Ajira 316 survivors on the other island that didn't make the trek with Ilana, since I think she only brought three or four people with her, and while I remember the plane being pretty empty, I think there were more people than that after the plane crash landed. But I'm not too concerned about them. The sides are clearly being formed, and right now it would appear that the Nemesis has the advantage.

I will say this is one of the darker episodes of LOST that we've ever had. From beginning to end it was pretty much everything bad on the island attacking and infiltrating everything good on the island. We had Sayid and Dogen get into a fight, Claire show up in camp, the Nemesis manipulating Sayid by making exorbitant promises, Sayid inciting panic among the Others and giving them an ultimatum of leaving the Temple or dying, Sayid completing his transformation to evil by killing Dogen and Lennon, the Nemesis finally entering the Temple and completely destroying all of the Others that were left inside, and finally we close with the Nemesis leading the surviving Others, along with two of his recruits, Claire and Sayid, off to his next destination. Not a whole lot in there to be too happy about. I guess if we're looking for bright spots, Miles didn't die, which I was a little concerned about,, Kate's stuck with Claire now, who made it clear to all of us that if Kate was the one that took Aaron that she would kill her, so perhaps we have that to look forward to?

Not really sure where all of this is headed, I'm kind of just along for the ride right now. I will say that during all of this, Jacob seems pretty unfazed by everything, although even when he was facing his imminent death, he didn't seem overly concerned, so it could be that's just how he rolls. But it would certainly seem that he's okay with how everything's proceeded so far, and he appears to have a plan of his own that he's in the middle of working on, that at the very least involves Jack and Hurley, and I would imagine involves Ilana at the very least, given her apparent extensive knowledge of the workings of the island (What lies in the shadow of the statue, knowledge of the Candidates, her ability to find the hidden exit in the Temple). The Nemesis has struck the first blow, now I would expect to see some retaliation by Jacob.

Let's get to some quick hits:

-I'm still waiting for Desmond to show up. I remember reading in the off-season how he was being promoted to a permanent member of the cast, so the fact the he's only been on the show for three minutes this season is a little odd to me. They can't keep him away for much longer. Along the same vein, I'm also quite antsy to see what role Charles Widmore ends up playing in all of this.

-Dogen and Lennon are both dead. Only thing is, both of them are lying dead in the pool of murky water. That same pool of murky water that Sayid "died" in, and we all saw how that turned out. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we saw one or both of them again down the road.

-Remember how Locke was supposed to be the leader of the Others? Well, what do you think he's doing now? Sure, he may not be exactly the type of leader they were looking for, but right now he's their only option if they want to live, so there you go. It all came true.

-The look on Ben's face when he found Sayid? Priceless. The 'back up slowly out of the room and hope he doesn't notice me' move was also a great follow up.

-Creepy Claire is creepy. Remind me why Kate thought it was a good idea to try and save her?

-You know, when Dogen told Lennon to put Claire in "the hole", I was thinking it was a prison term for solitary confinement. I was a little disappointed to find out that it was, in fact, just a hole.

-It was nice of the Nemesis to wait until just after everyone from the beach had made it back to the Temple to kill everyone. I mean, it has to make his life easier to have everyone in the same place, right?

-So, last week we had Sawyer inexplicably absent from the Nemesis' side, now this week we have Jin inexplicably absent from Claire's side. Neither of these people seem to be in danger of dying at the moment, but both were viewed as being useful by both of their (captives?). It's a little odd that they are both now missing. Maybe they're hanging out with Rose and Bernard somewhere (I guess I forgot to include them in the random people wandering the island list above).

-I see Miles has a fetish for dirty, unkept, insane, Australian jungle women. Maybe he just likes the way she handles an ax.

-The Nemesis gave Ben a knife to stab Jacob. Ben stabs Jacob. Jacob dies. Dogen gives Sayid a knife to stab the Nemesis. Sayid stabs the Nemesis. The Nemesis looks mildly annoyed. What's the difference here?

-Now, the Nemesis is all about getting what he wants by manipulation. As I've said before, this is very reminiscent of how Ben would get people to do things. He was very good at manipulation, exploiting the weaknesses of others for his own gain (or the island's gain, depending on how you want to look at it). With Ben, his constant manipulation made him less than popular with certain people, and led to several ass kickings. I'll be curious to see how the Nemesis handles this same situation. He's very big on making promises to people, he told Sawyer he would take him off the island, he told Claire he would get her baby back (ribs), he told the Others they could leave with him, or they could die otherwise, he told Sayid that he could be with Nadia once again (and yes, I realize that he loved Shannon and she also died in his arms, but that's not who he was talking about). So he clearly needs these people for something, if he could do this all himself he would. But is he planning on fulfilling any of these promises? Why would he take anyone off the island with him? How is he supposed to give Aaron to Claire? Nadia's dead, is he capable of resurrection all of a sudden?

Now, another way to look at this is through the flash-sideways. In that storyline, Sayid has Nadia back in his life again (although he is not with her), Sawyer is off the island, Claire still has her baby. None of that means anything, but it's interesting to think that the Nemesis' promises are fulfilled in the other storyline.

-Speaking of off-island storyline, Keamy! I'm sad he was only around for five minutes, he was a great antagonist on the show. Nice to see he's still a douchebag, although apparently a slightly more successful one in this life. In the end, though, he's dead either way. The appearance of Jin certainly raises some questions about who he was delivering that watch to and what all that money in his bag was for.

-I do like the recurring theme of Sayid episodes focused on him trying to face who he is, what he's done in the past, and his attempts to break away from himself. It's a little sad how he never seems to be able to get away from it (torturing Sawyer, shooting Ben, working for Ben and killing anyone Ben wants, killing Dogen and Lennon). In the end, his story always ends up the same way it began, with him being a killer.

-Lennon getting his throat cut was extremely appropriate, considering the actor playing his character is most known for his role on Deadwood, a show that features the throat slash as the preferred method of execution.

-The Nemesis can't cross the ring of ash, apparently. Even after Jacob died, he can't cross the ring of ash (And who knows, perhaps all this ash is from when Jacob died previously, so him dying may not matter). And yet, in the Temple, when Dogen died, the Nemesis was able to change into the smoke monster and attack. Per Lennon, Dogen was the only one keeping it out. So what changed there? What does Dogen have to do with allowing the Nemesis to cross over the ring of ash? As we learned from Dogen, there's nothing terribly special about him. He was a regular guy off the island, and Jacob brought him there, and he's presumably the leader of the Temple. But him dying apparently changed something.

-I didn't notice much in the way of "hidden stuff", or random easter eggs, outside of Jack's brief appearance at the same hospital that Sayid was at. If anyone else noticed something let me know.

I think that's all I've got for this week. Despite a lot of craziness going down, particularly at the end of the episode, I thought there was surprisingly little to discuss today. Probably because it wasn't much of a "mythology" episode, although we did get some of that, and more of a "further the current storyline" episode. ABC's teaser for next week made me cry a little bit when it said there were only 10 more episodes until the series finale. Sad. See you next week, thanks for reading.

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