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Entertainment :: LOST 6.3 Thoughts
  submitted on February 10, 2010, 7:29 AM

What Kate does? I'll tell you what Kate does, she drags down every episode she's a part of, which was even more of a problem this week as she played a significant role in the storylines in both timelines.

Okay, I'm being a little harsh, it wasn't a terrible episode by any stretch of the imagination, but it was definitely a slower-paced episode, and I'm not totally convinced that the writers made the most of the episode, with the story in the Temple in particular dragging a bit, waiting as long as possible to reveal information to us. I also think it's probably our natural reaction to feel a little disappointed due to the fact that the beach storyline involving the Nemesis and the rest of the Others was absent this week, and right now the Nemesis is probably the primary plot on the show. Now, despite all of that, I think we were given some very interesting scenes, and there was definitely a lot of good character development as well.

Quick tangent, I had a scare last night as we were in the middle of a two-day snow storm, which had knocked out the signal to the satellite dish on top of the roof of our building. Fortunately, with mere minutes to spare, I was able to harness the power of the internet and find a kind soul that was streaming the episode online (and with surprisingly good quality, too). If that hadn't worked out, I'm sure I would have been up waiting for the episode to show up on a torrent somewhere for me to download during the late hours of the evening, so I'm glad the crisis was averted.

Anyways, I wanted to start off with the off-island timeline. I don't have much to say about it, because as I mentioned last week, it's just not clear to anyone right now what this story has to do with the on-island timeline, so it's hard to get real invested in what's going on, or speculate a whole lot as to what any of it means, because we just don't know anything. Damon and Carlton have said that we just need to be patient and trust them, and so I will continue to do so. Now, that doesn't mean that the timeline is completely without merit. I do find it fascinating to watch the story of our characters play out if things had happened a little different. Another parallel scene that was written really well this week was the scene in the hospital with Ethan Goodspeed. Creepy Ethan now appears to be a legitimate doctor at a hospital in L.A., and still has his original birth name, and is not the Ethan Rom that we once knew him to be. We also had Kate appear to experience some deja vu of her own, after Jack went through something similar last week. When Kate was in the taxi, she looked back and saw Jack and seemed to have a memory of him (and not like she just recognized him from the plane ride earlier). Also, when Claire said her baby's name was Aaron, that too seemed to ring familiar with Kate. I'm sure these recognitions will play an important role down the road, we just don't know what that role will be yet.

Back on the island, we had an episode without Ben, Richard, or Locke, which is a little surprising if you think about it, and is no doubt part of the reason why the episode left everyone a little lacking, as those are three of the strongest and most intriguing characters on the show. We learned a little bit more about Sayid's condition, namely that he is not Jacob, as some of us were quick to speculate. He seems to be himself, for now, but apparently is "infected" with...well, something that came from the Nemesis. I wonder where he got this infection. My first guess would be the pool where they tried to save him. The water being cloudy certainly didn't appear to be a good thing as far as the Others were concerned, perhaps its effects on the sick and dying are also less than desirable. It does answer the question of what exactly happened to Sayid, and how it's different than the Nemesis appearing as, say, Yemi, or Christian. We are still left with the question of what the Nemesis is currently if Locke's body is still on the beach, but at least we have a better understanding of how all of this crazy manifesting, possessing, and infecting works. Plus, Claire's back! Kind of.

If Sayid isn't killed, then, according to Dogen, he will become like Claire. But what does that mean, exactly? What is Claire? Is she a minion of the Nemesis? When did she become infected? The last time we saw Claire, she told Locke that she was "with him", referring to Christian, which I believe to be the Nemesis. I can't help but feel like the Nemesis is trying to recruit people for his side, for this war that we have been hearing about for the past couple of seasons. Then, if I think back, to what Widmore said to Locke, about the war, about needing to get Locke back to the island, because if he doesn't, the wrong side will win. Now that we know that Locke getting back to the island was all part of the Nemesis' plan, it certainly appears that Charles Widmore has chosen his side in the battle.

Last thing about Claire, we only saw her for a few seconds at the end of the episode, but the similarities (intentional, no doubt) between her and Rousseau were striking. Actually, the episode in general had a Rousseau feel to it. We had the electric torture of Sayid, exactly as Rousseau did to Sayid when she first met him. We had the booby traps around the island, presumably set up by Claire. And we finally had Claire standing there, rifle in hand, looking very frazzled and a little grizzly. I do wonder why the writers chose to present Claire to us in that way, knowing full well that she was acting just like Rousseau, and right after Dogen told us about the "darkness" that had consumed Claire. Makes me think more about Rousseau killing the rest of her crew because they got sick, or even Justin (the Other that was with Kate and Jin) and his choice of words saying that the French woman died "years ago", even though it was only three years. I don't know, maybe it's nothing, I just got a weird vibe from the whole way that they went about presenting Claire to us.

Quick hits:

-Kudos to Josh Holloway on yet another fantastic episode, he's really been hitting them out of the ballpark. His scene with Kate on the dock was heartbreaking to say the least, and I thought he did a fantastic job of really displaying the emotion and affection he had for Juliet, and at the same time was able to show us that Juliet was wrong in worrying about Kate's return to the island. Sawyer's dedication was only to Juliet, and that was made even clearer in her death, as he almost completely discarded Kate at the barracks and at the dock.

-Oceanic 815 crashed on September 22, 2004. The date on Claire's sonogram was October 22, 2004. Hmm.

-Curious to know what Horace Goodspeed is doing with himself these days. Wherever Ethan was born, it was not around the influence of the Others, as he kept his name, became a doctor, etc.

-Jack didn't take much time in reverting back to his stubborn asshole persona. Because we all know that being a douche to anyone that disagrees with you has always been one of his more endearing qualities.

-Anyone else think of The Empire Strikes Back when Sayid was getting tortured? My buddy Julius Goat came up with a clever Princess Bride comment on Twitter, but all I could think of was Han Solo after Vader tortures him, telling Leia "They didn't even ask me any questions."

-I thought it was nice to see that despite shunning most forms of technology that the Others are still well versed in the ways of the Heimlich Maneuver

-I read on Lostpedia that the character of Aldo went 50 episodes between appearances. 50! That's basically half of the entire run of the show. I think it's great that they brought back a completely random one off character like that from three seasons ago, even if his return was short-lived. Maybe we can sneak in a Danny DeVito guest spot while we're at it.

-I've been trying to figure out where Sawyer got a ring so that he could propose to Juliet. I don't think Dharma had a jewelry store on the island (or a pawn shop as Melissa quipped last night), so my thoughts are that there was a 'Red'-like character on the island who was good at getting things (That's Morgan Freeman's character from The Shawshank Redemption for the ignorant). You tell this guy that you need a rock hammer, or an engagement ring, and he uses his connections to make sure that whatever you want is on the next sub over. Or maybe Eloise Hawking makes house calls.

-The woman who was Aaron's nanny in the original off-island timeline is the same woman who admitted Claire to the hospital.

-"We'll be at the food court." Love it.

Alright, that's all I've got for this week. Little bit shorter this time around, probably because there was not much in the way of theories or mythology on the episode to discuss. Next week we've got more Nemesis in store, so I expect things to pick up. Before I go, I want to leave you with a couple of awesome LOST videos that if you have not already seen (hopefully you have), you should really watch.

First we've got a very well-edited video recreating the original 815 plane crash in real time:

Then we've got a quick side-by-side comparison of the original opening shot of Jack on Oceanic 815, and Jack on Oceanic 815 in the new timeline:

Thanks for reading, see you next week.

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