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Entertainment :: LOST Revisited - Season 3 (Part 3)
  submitted on January 31, 2010, 5:23 PM

And here we are, mere days from the Season 6 premiere of LOST. To say I'm excited would be quite the understatement. I'm quite jealous of all of those people in Hawaii who were able to watch the premiere at the beach over the weekend. To pass the time, I've finished my rewatch of Season 3, and I'll give you my thoughts of what went down the second time around. I'm thinking that this will probably be a tad shorter than my other posts, as I noticed myself taking fewer notes during the episodes. I'm not sure what caused that, although I'm guessing it has something to do with me being totally engrossed in the last handful of episodes including the finale, which was just a great, great string of shows put together. I know I completely underappreciated the quality of the storyline looking back. Locke, and his integration into the Others' camp, the seeds being planted for the ongoing feud between Ben & Locke, Ben clearly disturbed and even jealous at how events are progressing, the attack by the Others on the camp, and the whole ensuing hostage situation at the beach, Charlie's inevitable death, Naomi and the freighter, and of course the flash forwards. So many great moments.

Watching the flash forwards the second time around definitely had a different feel to them, which shouldn't be surprising since I knew what they were and what they meant this time. I made a note about how obivious it is that it was a flash forward, hindsight being 20/20. I mean, what else could it be? I had remembered trying to figure out what it all meant at the time, and noticing little things, like Jack's cell phone looking a little too new, and his mentioning of his father seemed a little off, and the fact that Jack was working at the hospital, but his dad wasn't the chief of surgery, or just Jack's mental state in general. None of it added up, but I just couldn't grasp the concept that we were being shown the future. The reveal of Kate was such a mind blower, and what a terrible, terrible tease to have to saddle us with, completely leaving us in shock with the knowledge that we just saw the future, we know they get off the island, they just showed us the lives of Kate & Jack somewhere down the road, and having absolutely no idea what that means, oh and here's 7 months for you to sit and think about it. Enjoy. Brutal.

A recurring thought I had during all of this was how much I missed certain characters, namely Sun and Sayid. As we all know, when everyone got off the island, their lives in the ensuing three years haven't exactly been great. Jack ruined his relationship with Kate, drinks too much, and in general seems to be miserable. Kate had to leave Sawyer behind, and while she probably got the best of it, being exonerated for her crimes, she's still left with the burden of caring for Aaron and doesn't seem to really enjoy her life. Sayid married the love of his life, only to have her be killed, and then spiraled further downward by becoming a hitman for Ben. Hurley talks to dead people from the island, and went back to the mental institution. Sun had her baby, but has to live her life believing that Jin died when the freighter exploded. Bad times all around. Sayid has never recovered, as he didn't really want to go back to the island to begin with, and since Nadia died, he's really had nothing to live for, and just seems to be going through the motions (If he's even still alive). And Sun, while we know her to have a bit of a mean streak in her, she's seemingly become this cold character based on her interactions with both her father and Charles Widmore in various flashbacks/forwards, and everything about her that made her screen time with Jin some of the most memorable in the entire show, is just missing completely. I'm hoping that in Season 6 she will be reunited with Jin and that we can get some of that back, because it was really great to watch in Season 3, and it just hasn't been there in the past two season.

Some other quick hits:

-I wasn't blogging about LOST during Season 3's original airing, and perhaps I wasn't as obsessive about it yet, but I noticed during "Catch-22" that when Desmond is turning in his...robe? to the head monk (Sorry, I'm not knowledgeable about monastery terminology), there's a picture on his desk of him and Eloise Hawking.

Now, obviously this is a poor Photoshop job, but that's not the point. This could be nothing more than playing off of the episode earlier in the season with Eloise and Desmond, but it's certainly interesting that Desmond just happens to meet Penny at the monk's suggestion that he help her load up some cases of wine before he leaves.

-Random question, do Desmond's flashes of the future stop once he gets off the island? We don't see much of him in Seasons 4 or 5, and we see him having some temporal displacement issues when he does leave the island (no doubt due to his proximity during the hatch implosion), but once he gets all of that fixed by talking to Penny, is that it? Is he doing seeing into the future? Something they've never really brought up one way or the other, just curious to know.

-Great line by Mikhail after he helps fix Naomi's lung which was punctured by a branch, and claims that she should be better in about a day. After an incredulous reply by the survivors: "On this island the wounds are a bit different. Maybe a day and a half."

-Thought it was somewhat telling that the writers chose Cindy to utter the line "We've been waiting for you" when Locke shows up to the Others' camp.

-I'm convinced that Richard's "shaggy" look that he has when young Ben wanders into the jungle and meets Richard was just a decision the writers went with, and later changed their mind on when they went forward with the storyline in 1954 and 1977. It really makes no sense, that at that one and only point in time, Richard has long hair, and hasn't shaved in a while, and in every other scene, he looks the same. I've thought way too much about this, and that's the decision I've come up with. I know this will help you sleep better at night.

-Speaking of possible writing mistakes, still wondering about Desmond's vision of seeing Claire and Aaron on the helicopter. I've got a few different ideas on this one. For starters, Desmond screwed everything up by constantly saving Charlie's life anyways. Also, maybe Desmond saw Aaron, not Claire, and just assumed Claire was on the helicopter as well. Or, perhaps Desmond made it all up, and told Charlie that so that he would do what is necessary for Desmond to finally see Penny again. Or maybe we may yet see Claire and Aaron on a helicopter next season. Or maybe the writers just screwed up. I'm still undecided on this one.

-I'm a big fan of Michael Giacchino's music, particularly on LOST, as I'm sure most of us on. By far, his "traveling" music that he loves to play when the Losties are off on a road trip (In this case, their trek to the radio tower) is my favorite. It just has such a great feel to it, and really captures the idea that they're all off on a crazy adventure.

-Knowing what I know now, Ben really leans on "Jacob" as a crutch quite a bit in Season 3. He justifies everything as "this is what Jacob wants." Of course, everyone pretty much believes him (except Locke), so if it's that effective, hey, why not go with it, right?

-Oh Walt. Sigh. He was about 19 when he told Locke to get out of the pit of dead Dharma folks. I'm still convinced it was a contractual issue, or maybe Malcolm David Kelley just didn't want to act anymore, or something like that, otherwise they would have worked him in somehow. On the bright side, Carlton and Damon have hinted that there may be a way to resolve the Walt storyline without using the character, basically putting together a backstory that will explain what the big fuss was with Walt once and for all, so I'm optimistic.

-Sawyer shooting Tom right in the chest after he surrenders? COLD. No one else pulls that off but Sawyer. Not even Sayid. Actually, Sayid shot an unarmed 13-year old kid in the chest, maybe he can pull that off as well.

-Ben had an interesting line, that getting off the island was "the beginning of the end". Was he talking about himself? Those who get off the island? The island itself? Was he right?

That'll about do it for my Season 3 re-watch. I'm putting the finishing touches on my "preview" column for Season 6, which will probably go up Monday, and then expect to see my thoughts on the season premiere (!!!!) on Wednesday. Thanks for reading.

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