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Entertainment :: LOST 5.14 Thoughts
  submitted on April 30, 2009, 8:07 AM

Hey look, it's a plot! I mentioned several weeks ago after The Six arrived back on the island that the show seemed to be lacking in overall purpose. The main story of the survivors trying to get back to the island was concluded (Not completely, since they ended up in two different time periods, but for the most part). There wasn't really anything for them to do in 1977 except for the challenge of integrating into society on the island. And obviously there was some kind of end game that the show was ultimately working towards, but we weren't there yet. So the drive of the show was a little bit in limbo. This turned out to not be such a bad thing, as we were given some further exposition regarding the island, as well as its inhabitants. But still, in the back of my head I've been waiting for the show to find some kind of purpose to work with. Locke's primary goal in 2007 seems to be reuniting with the other survivors, or at the very least helping Sun find Jin again. A nice side story, but probably not enough to drive the show. Now, trying to stop the Incident from happening? There's a storyline I can get behind.

It's probably not a long storyline arc, since the season finale will most likely be dealing with the Incident, but even still, it gives the audience something to be engaged in. Even if we don't believe that anyone can prevent the Incident from happening (and I don't), Faraday had to have left just a little bit of doubt in your minds when talking about themselves as "variables", capable of changing things, didn't he? Can they actually do anything to stop the Incident? Or is this all the way things are supposed to play out? Everything goes on as planned, the Incident happens, Dr. Chang loses his arm, things at Dharma go back to normal, Radzinski operates the Swan, and Ben grows up and wipes the Dharma Initiative out.

Perhaps the only real variable on the show is what happens to the survivors, although that's only a mystery to us. The powers that be on the island already know their fate, at least to a certain extent. But as far as we're concerned, just like Daniel said, any one of them could die. We don't know who lives, who dies, where everyone will end up, when everyone will end up. It's all a big mystery thus far.

Some quick hits:

-I know this was technically a Faraday-centric episode, but I felt like we learned more about Eloise Hawking than we did about Daniel Faraday. And we certainly learned quite a lot about her, didn't we? As screwed up as the whole situation is, how determined does she have to be to raise her child, and push him his whole life into a career in physics, solely because she knows it is ultimately his destiny to go back to the island she grew up on and eventually be shot and killed by her. That's some heavy stuff to have to hold on to.

Now, obviously Daniel's destiny was more than to go back in time and get killed by his mother. We don't know yet entirely what his ultimate purpose; I've speculated that he built the pendulum in the Lamp Post, and who knows what else he was able to accomplish.

Either way, this goes back to the broad idea of destiny, something that Eloise clearly believes in strongly. So the question has to be asked: when and why did she develop such a strong conviction to fate, and destiny? We saw it before with Desmond during his deja vu/flashback/life flashing before his yes/whatever. And we see it now with Faraday. She is absolutely committed to this idea that you can't change what happened, and that things must play out the way they're supposed to (Remember the man in the red shoes who she let die during Desmond's deja vu?). But where did this idea come from? She must have seen something, or encountered some kind of evidence to sway her towards this idea.

-I'm about 99.5% sure that Faraday is dead. And if he's not dead, he's going to die eventually. Eloise Hawking made it very clear during her flashback that she was very distraught about Daniel going to the island. She wouldn't have been so distraught if she knew he got shot and then survived. The only, only reason I would speculate that he might not be dead yet is because last year at a Comic Convention, they showed a video of Dr. Pierre Chang going on about the fate of the island, the Purge, what happens in the future, etc., and Daniel Faraday was the one taping it. It had to have been filmed after the episode we saw last night, given Dr. Chang's reaction to Faraday's idea regarding time travel. However...there is no definitive say whether or not that video is supposed to be considered part of the "official" LOST story, or if it was just some fan fiction to get everyone excited at the convention. But that's it. That's the only reason I can think of why Faraday would not be dead.

-Back to Eloise briefly, towards the end of the episode she told Penny that she doesn't know what's going to happen anymore. Is that because the extent of her knowledge of the future was limited to when The Six went back to the island? After that, there is no more past/present interactions, so there is nothing more to know? Or is there more to it than that?

-Daniel is Widmore's kid, too. I know it's been speculated on so much that it's not exactly surprising now that he's admitted it, but I was pretty happy about it since I threw that crazy theory out there after the second episode of the season. So go me. That makes me 1 for 374 on crazy theories thus far.

-Did you notice when Faraday was a kid playing the piano that Eloise had one black earring and one white earring? It's been a while since we've had some good black/white imagery, hasn't it?

-When Faraday went to the Swan and waited for Chang to show up, he commented "right on time". What was that about? How did he know that was going to happen? I guess he must have just watched the season premiere. In all seriousness, though, Faraday knew when Chang was going to show up, knew exactly when the Incident was going to happen, knew exactly what happened to Oceanic 815...but he didn't know that he was going to be shot. How does he find out about this information?

-All the best scientists have mommy issues? Sorry, I'll stop now.

-It was kind of refreshing to see Jack finally have a purpose in his life. He had pretty much been riding the wave, waiting to see where it would take him, but Daniel's return seems to have inspired him to help change the future (Even if he can't). He has a purpose now. Daniel said Eloise was wrong when she told Jack it was his destiny to go back. Given that Jack is about to meet young Eloise, I think she might not be so wrong after all.

-Phil sucks. Always screwing everything up. I feel bad for Sawyer and Juliet, getting caught in the mess Kate & Jack started.

-Looks like the bomb isn't buried inside the Swan after all. The cement was used to contain the massive pocket of energy under the Swan, "like Chernobyl".

-This was totally one of those weeks where I kept making notes about things, and then they would invalidate the note I just made five minutes later. After Faraday had lunch with his mother in his flashback, I made a note to go back and watch the first flashback we saw of Daniel, when he was crying watching the crash, to see if it was Theresa in the house with him. And just like that, we get to see that scene again. Then I made a note when Widmore came to visit him about going to the island, and I wondered if that's what fixed his mind, and then right away Widmore says the island would heal him. Finally, when Hawking was trying to get Daniel to go back to the island, I noted how bothered she was by it and questioned if that meant he was going to die. Well, we know how that one worked out.

-Oh, and it's now super-official that Charles Widmore planted the fake Oceanic 815. It had long been speculated, it was even casually stated during the clip show last week, but now we have it coming from the mouth of Charles Widmore himself. So we can stop hypothesizing that it might have been Ben.

-Richard didn't really look all that worried that Daniel had a gun pointed at him. Do you think that's because Richard's just a bad ass and isn't scared of puny scientists with pistols...or because there's no point in threatening to shoot Richard because it wouldn't do anything anyways?

I have a quasi-prediction/train of thought about something that I wanted to get out there. Faraday's plan was to blow up the Swan/the energy source with the hydrogen bomb that the Others' were supposed to bury. Obviously he didn't get around to doing that. I could see Jack getting behind this idea and trying to make it work himself. But I don't think he can do it in the past, just because he can't change anything. But what if they made it back into the present? The bomb should still be there. The hatch won't be, but that doesn't matter. I'm thinking more in terms of the "war" we're still waiting to see. If that bomb isn't used to destroy the hatch, I could certainly see it playing a significant role in the upcoming battle that we'll (I assume) get to see next season.

Only two more weeks left. I'm hoping for some Hurley flashbacks next week (or at the very least during the finale) so we can find out his story on coming back to the island. Until then, I'm going to go brush up on my Korean and find out what swear word Jin was using when the alarm was going off at the barracks.

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