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Entertainment :: LOST 5.13 Follow Up
  submitted on April 23, 2009, 8:36 AM

I have some additional thoughts on last week's episode, and the show in general, so since there's no new episode this week I thought I'd put up a short follow up post.

-First, I would like to thank Anne for her comment regarding being able to exist on the island with your younger self. I responded to her question, but I figured I would go ahead and bring it up in here since not everyone reads the comments on here.

As is the case with man of my theories, this one ultimately turned out to be 100% wrong. Apparently the idea of occupying the same time period as your previous self was not exclusive to when the island was jumping around through time, it also applies in 1977. So that means Daniel was telling the truth when he said Charlotte stopped jumping with them because she died, and that means Miles is able to exist along with his younger self.

That also means that the reason Sun didn't travel back was not because she was already on the island as a child. We still don't know why she didn't, but I guess we have one more theory that we can cross off the list.

Now, one idea I heard on a podcast that has some merit is regarding speculation on what happens if you were to come in contact with your younger self. As of right now, the only person we know of that exists twice in the same time is Miles. We also know that Miles has some extraordinary ability to speak with the dead. I don't know what happens when you come in contact with yourself (I do know that we're not going by Timecop rules where you will simply cease to exist). I had speculated that Miles' abilities might have something to do with "The Incident", but perhaps him coming into contact with himself had something to do with it as well.

-Remember when the island was jumping, and Sawyer and Co. was on that boat, being shot at. I'd say there's a very good chance that Ilana's crew was shooting at them. We saw the boats in the present, plus the Ajira water bottles, it didn't make sense for Ben, Locke, Sun, or Lapidus to be shooting at them, but Ilana, now that we know she has some other purpose?

-Daniel has to be the one who built the pendulum in the Lamp Post. What do we know? We know that the Lamp Post was built in L.A. by Dharma over a pocket of electromagnetic energy. We know, from Eloise Hawking, that a "very clever fellow" added the pendulum to the station to find when and where the island was. We also know that after arriving in 1974, Daniel went...somewhere. After seeing him arrive in the sub at the end of this week's episode, he is apparently a scientist in Dharma, coming to the island from Ann Arbor. Therefore, it is very easy to assume that he built the pendulum at the Lamp Post, and is the "fellow" Hawking was referring to.

Obviously we don't know any of this for sure, but I'd say it's pretty likely at this point.

-So we know that the Others, and the island seem to be wrapped in lots of Egyptian mythology. Lately I have found myself wondering how much about the island Dharma knew when they decided to set up there. The fact that Ben's house (and probably Horace's before that?) in the barracks had a secret door leading to a tunnel filled with hieroglyphics, not to mention that the timer in the Swan changed to some hieroglyphics as well when the button isn't pushed, leads us to believe that they knew something of the island's history. Also, in last week's episode, the chalkboard that Jack was erasing contained some teachings on ancient Egypt:

-What led to Dharma deciding to set up shop on this island? Did they find out about the island from the military? And if so, how did the military find the island, and did they attempt to relocate it once their team and hydrogen bomb went missing? All questions my friend Justin and I were poring over and I would love answers to.

A few things that I thought of during the clipshow last night:

-First, really good clipshow, simply because it was mostly composed of flashforwards and flashbacks, only we got to see them in chronological order for the most part, which was cool.

-I remembered Kate seeing Claire in Aaron's room, but I didn't remember her telling Kate not to take Aaron back to the island. I wonder how much of that played a part in her leaving Aaron with Miss Littleton.

-So these guys that were going after Sayid when he helped Hurley escape from the mental institution, I guess we're to assume that they were part of Ilana's crew? I guess I had initially assumed they were Widmore's men, but our last Sayid flashback showed us that he had killed everyone that posed a threat to them, so why all of a sudden would Widmore have more people go after Sayid? Especially since Widmore knew he was in (Costa Rica?) building houses, and let him be while he was down there. Plus, these guys weren't trying to kill Sayid, they just wanted to capture him.

That being said, why was one of them waiting outside of Hurley's mental institution?

There are lots of blurry lines here with who is working with/for who, and what everyone's motivation is right now.

Everything's set up nicely now for the last three episodes of the season (tear). I expect there to be some major chaos in the Dharma Initiative, and I'm hoping next week will focus on Daniel so we can learn about how he's been spending his time, as well as learning more about how the island works.

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