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Entertainment :: LOST 5.13 Thoughts
  submitted on April 16, 2009, 8:20 AM

This week's post will probably be on the brief side, as I'm in the middle of getting ready to head out of town for a wedding this weekend.

There were a couple quick ideas that I wanted to discuss that came up during last night's episode. The first is regarding Ilana and this group in the black van that grabbed Miles during one of his flashbacks. Whoever these people represent, it's still largely a mystery to all of us, and for the most part we've speculated that they work for Widmore or possibly Ben. I had heard the idea that they were actually representing a third party, something which I dismissed since I didn't feel like the show had enough time to introduce another faction into the show. After last night, though...I'm not really sure who these people are.

It would seem that these people do not work for Charles Widmore, based on their discussion with Miles in the van. If anything, they oppose Widmore and his cause, as they considered their team "the side that's going to win". So that leaves us with two options: Either they work for Ben, or they work for someone else that we haven't considered yet.

Personally, I've never really had the impression that they were working for Ben. I know Ben is big on secrecy, and scheming, and deception, and all of that, but when he spoke with Ilana on the beach, she didn't seem to know him, and if he did know her and her team, he made no attempt to interject himself. So for this group to be working for Ben, they would have to be doing so not actually knowing who it is that they are working for. And on top of that, Ben wants to keep his identity a secret from them (for now, at least).

So that leaves us with the possibility that there is a third party involved. There isn't much to speculate about with this option, as we have no idea who it could be or what their purpose is. I still don't know how likely this option is, because as I said, they have 21 episodes left, with everything they already have left to do, adding a brand new group into the mix seems a little overwhelming.

One other thing to keep in mind about this group is that whatever their purpose is, they've been at it for a while. Miles was approached after accepting the job from Naomi. We learned about Ilana after the Ajira flight landed on the island. Those two events are over three years apart from each other. So at the very least, this group has been operating in some capacity during that entire time. I imagine we'll find out the group's true intentions by the end of the season to set up the stretch run, for now, your guess is as good as mine.

The other thing I wanted to discuss briefly was our cast members and their relationships with their fathers. I remember the episode entitled "All Cowboys Have Daddy Issues", which was a Sawyer episode, but thinking about it a little more, every person on this show has some serious daddy issues, don't they? I mean, let's take a look at the list:

-Jack: Father drank too much, put too much pressure on his son from a young age, his constant disappointment directed at Jack put a permanent strain on their relationship. Not to mention he died and is now wandering around the island giving people advice.

-Kate: Discovered her drunk abusive step-father was her real father, so she blew him up. That one's pretty obvious.

-Locke: His real father conned him into donating a kidney, then later pushed him out of a high-rise window, paralyzing him from the waist down.

-Sawyer: After his father found out his mother was having an affair with a con man, he killed her, then killed himself.

-Jin: He actually doesn't have real bad daddy issues, although he did pretend his father was dead because he was ashamed that he was only a lowly fisherman.

-Sun: Her father is a powerful, dangerous business man. He basically forced her husband into indentured servitude with his company in order for them to get married, where Jin had to partake in...questionable business practices.

-Hurley: Father abandoned him when he was 10, only showed back up after Hurley won the lottery; although to be fair, they did work out some of their issues.

-Sayid: We don't know much about Sayid, other than he seemed to disapprove of his older brother.

-Miles: As was clearly discussed last night, his mother left with him when he was just a baby, so he has no relationship whatsoever with his father.

-Penny: Her father is Charles Widmore. That's about all I need to say about that.

-Ben: Mother died giving birth to him, and his father spent the rest of his life blaming Ben for it, and in general making his life miserable.

-Faraday: Still speculation, but his father might be Charles Widmore too. See Penny for that one.

I don't have any ultimate point to any of that, I just thought it was crazy how screwed up everyone's relationship is with their fathers.

Some quick hits:

-I was disappointed that there wasn't more significance to Miles and his demand from Ben for $3.2 million. Miles was to be paid $1.6 million from Widmore to do his job, and Miles asked for double that from our mystery group to not work for Widmore. So does that mean Miles thinks that group works for Ben? Is that a hint to us that maybe they work for Ben? I'm not so sure since the mystery group had no intention of paying him anything.

-From now on, any time Miles or Hurley are written into a scene, the other has to be standing next to them. For the rest of the show. I'm serious about this, their dialogue is hilarious.

-This week's episode was called "Some Like it Hoth", so I was waiting to see what the Star Wars reference was that they were going to make. I love the idea that Hurley wanted to give Lucas the idea for Empire Strikes Back, only with some improvements. This is what George Lucas does to people; despite how much they may like his movies, he still screws stuff up so that people want to fix what he's done.

-The numbers on the hatch are just a serial number? Hmm, so why were they broadcast over the radio tower?

-For those of you unaware of Miles' previous film work, here he is in the movie Hook:

Seriously, what was with that hair?

-Jack's passiveness is becoming a little unnerving to me. He's just so complacent and...I don't know, accepting of this idea that he can't change what happens and he's just along for the ride.

-I'm sure Sawyer's enjoying himself right now. I guess you can only take a con so far before it becomes too big to handle. The system is very close to completely breaking down.

-Everyone was pretty excited when Phil got punched in the face, right? It couldn't have just been me.

-I'm pretty sure I saw Rose & Bernard working with the crew at the Swan. No, really.

-So it seems pretty clear that the Swan was built specifically because of the electromagnetic anomaly. That's why Dharma is willing to risk going out into "Others" territory to have it built.

-I loved Juliet's lame ass attempt to cover up that Ben was gone.

Roger: Hey, where's my son? His bed is empty!

Juliet: Um...yeah, what's up with that? I went in the other room for ten minutes and then...I just got back right when you walked in and then...I was just about to go tell someone that he was missing, but then you got here and saw he was gone, and...I think someone took him?

Good one.

-Nice to see Kate's back to her old ways of screwing stuff up.

-So when Miles was a kid, was his mother unaware of his abilities? Did something happen on the island that caused her to leave Dr. Chang? Did something happen to Miles that she blamed him for? It's pretty clear to me that Miles' mother left his father, not the other way around. And it's also pretty clear to me that Miles wasn't just born with this ability to see the dead, especially considering he was born on the island. No, I think something happened, and that caused him to have this ability, and whatever happened is the reason his mother left.

Well, 1,500 words. Yeah, I guess I ended up making this real brief.

ABC is screwing us with our second (but last!) week off. So in two weeks hopefully we can get some information about a returning Dr. Faraday, where he's been, why he left, all of that good stuff. At least that helps explain our first flashback of the season with Dr. Chang and Daniel, clearly it hasn't happened yet, but will be happening soon. Maybe it will be shown again in the "present" in the season finale, just so that everything can come full circle. That would be kind of neat.

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