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Entertainment :: LOST 5.11 Thoughts
  submitted on April 2, 2009, 6:36 AM

I know I griped a couple weeks ago about the overall story arc of the show, and how it seemed to have lost its momentum. I don't think it's completely back up to speed yet, but I do think it's getting there. Besides, last night's episode I thought was a tremendous character episode that went a long way in making us care about everyone who is seemingly just wandering about in 1977.

Yes, that's right, I'm actually praising a Kate episode.

It's no secret that I have had a strong dislike for Kate since...well, since the show started. One of our first impressions of Kate came to us from the US Marshall that was extraditing her back to the States from Australia. He told Jack (and all of us) way back then that she was bad news. It was certainly good advice. Kate is not a "good" person. She may do good things, but often times it's for her own self-serving needs. And there are plenty of bad things she does, too. Basically, Kate is probably the most selfish person on the show, but it's very easy for people to overlook that because she's quite attractive. I thought Cassidy did a nice job of calling out Kate on why she kept Aaron; she did it for herself, in typical Kate fashion.

But here's where things changed. She not only came to terms with that, but she then resolved to fix what had been done. She gave Aaron to Claire's mother, which ultimately is where he belongs (Well, he might belong on the island, but you know what I mean), and then Kate told her she was going back to the island to find Claire. Wow, a surprisingly selfless act from Kate. But it doesn't stop there. Once on the island, she goes out of her way, to no benefit of her own (If anything it's quite detrimental to her future on the island) and helps save Benjamin Linus' life, even with knowing who Ben is and what he will do when he grows up. I was...impressed. There was no "doing this for me" attitude during the entire episode. By far, this was the best thing Kate has ever done on this show. So if this his her new attitude on life, bring it on.

On the flip side, we have Jack "What's the Hippocratic Oath?" Shepherd. The man has been ousted from his leadership role, and contrary to what I may have said before, does seem to be enjoying it a little. But not enough to want to save a 12-year old's life.

I think it's interesting to look at this situation from both sides. I do think Jack brought up some interesting points. They can't change the past, so Ben doesn't die from this, so let the island figure it out. (Hmm, talking about the island like it's an entity, sounds like John Locke to me) Jack channels his inner Locke a little bit more when he tells Juliet he came back to the island because he was supposed to. He seems to be taking a very passive approach to everything, possibly becoming more accepting of this idea of fate, and destiny.

On the other hand, Jack is a doctor, and doctor's do have an oath to help people. I honestly couldn't care less what Ben grows up to be or to or anything like that, you're a doctor, and he's twelve, he hasn't killed anyone, go help him. Plus, if you do believe this idea that you can't change what happened, then why refuse to help save his life? If you know he lives, then why fight it for your own petty reasons? I just get annoyed by Jack's stubborn selfishness sometimes. And now he's passive about it, which I think dislike even more.

Some quick hits about this week's show:

-I think it's funny that LOST fans (myself included) spend all week debating the mysteries of the previous episode, when it's all going to be explained to us in the first ten minutes of next week's show anyways. Take Ben, for example. All everyone has been talking about is if Ben is alive or not, what it means for the future, changing the past, etc. In the first 30 seconds of this week's episode, we find out Ben is alive. In the first fifteen minutes, Miles explains to us that you can't change the past, Sayid always shot Ben, and so on. See? Easy enough. But we're all so impatient and want all the answers, so we shall continue to talk and talk, because it's fun like that.

-Speaking of Miles, his conversation with Hurley was quite hilarious. I have no doubt that the writers wrote that conversation that way on purpose, just to try and emulate the fans (Which is doubly impressive since they wrote and filmed this months ago). I hope we get more interaction with the two of them, they have good comedic chemistry together.

-Kudos to the writers again on their handling of Jack/Juliet/Sawyer/Kate. That thing had bad soap opera drama written all over it when Jack and Kate got back to the island, and they've really dealt with the whole situation quite well. Sawyer and Kate have sort of come to terms with their old relationship, while Sawyer has also reaffirmed his relationship with Juliet. And not that there was ever a relationship there, but Juliet sort of put Jack in his place after the whole Ben incident.

-I think there are going to be some serious repercussions from Kate & Sawyer taking Ben to the Others. I mean, ideally it would be great to get this all fixed and sweep it under the rug so that no one's the wiser, but do I honestly think that's going to happen? Not so much. Horace is going to be none too thrilled.

-Aaron is not a good fake sleeper. Just wanted to mention that.

-Anyone else think that woman walking with Aaron in the grocery store looked a whole lot like Claire from the back? Such a tease.

-Richard is going to fix Ben, but there are some consequences. He says Ben won't remember any of this, and that he will always be "one of us". What exactly won't he remember? Being healed? Being brought into the jungle? Being shot? His whole life? What does that mean, exactly? Very vague statement by Richard.

-I gotta admit, I like the idea of the Oceanic Survivors being the reason Ben is who he is.

-So Richard took Ben to the Temple. I'm tired of the mystery of the Temple, GIVE ME ANSWERS!

-How priceless was the look on Ben's face when he woke up and Locke was just sitting there, grinning at him? Hell, I bet Locke would even agree it was worth dying to have that moment.

Short(er) post this week, it looks like. Next week looks like it could be quite the episode. Ben episodes are always great because so much of what he does is a mystery, so his flashbacks always help explain a lot, and by the looks of the preview, his flashbacks look to be very all-encompassing. I've decided this Sunday to sit down and try and watch Season 3 all day, no real reason other than I've already re-watched the first two seasons, and Sunday is a relatively chill day in the world of sports. Maybe if I find myself picking up on a lot of stuff that I had forgotten I'll jot it down and post it on here.

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