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Entertainment :: LOST 5.7 Thoughts
  submitted on February 26, 2009, 6:46 AM

I was watching Pop-Up LOST last night before the new episode, and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach when it mentioned Ben's promise to Widmore when he told Jack about a "loose end" he needed to tie up. I'm very nervous about the well-being of Penny & Desmond.

Also, I noticed something odd about Kate when they went back to the island; she was all wet, as if she had been in the lake. But she hadn't (at least not completely); she was laid out on the rocks. It's probably just a continuity error, I just thought it was strange.

So last night, as expected, we saw the story of Locke from when he got off the island up until he got back to the island, to complement last week's episode where we learned how the Five got back on the island. Seemed like a fairly dark episode all around, don't you think?

-I have some island stuff to discuss, but I'll save it for the end. First thing we get introduced to is Locke, in Tunisia, right where Ben showed up two years earlier. Why do we know it's the same spot? Because Charles Widmore had a camera installed right there.

-So, Charlotte found a DHARMA polar bear skeleton in Tunisia...does that mean the polar bear used to be the leader of the Others as well, but he too had to turn the wheel and get kicked off the island?

-If LOST has done anything consistently over the course of the show, it's been the idea that every character on this show is both good, and bad. They have their character strengths, and their character flaws. And I think that concept has been very apparent with how Charles Widmore and Benjamin Linus have been portrayed this season. We have seen a much softer side of Widmore (Asking Desmond about Penny, taking care of Faraday's girlfriend, meeting him on the island, his scene with Locke), while on the flip side we have started to see a lot more of the "evil" Ben that was much more reminiscent of the Ben we knew when we first met him.

-While we're talking about Widmore and Ben, boy, do they love to lie their asses off or what? You really can't take anything they say seriously, because who knows if they're ever actually telling the truth? Widmore claims he wants Locke and the Six to go back to the island, he wants to help Locke achieve that goal. Somewhat of a change in plans from when he sent a freighter full of mercenaries to kill everyone on the island, no? He seemed pretty genuine, although the one thing that bothered me is that he seemed unfazed when Locke told him that Richard said Locke had to die. Widmore said he wasn't going to let that happen. Widmore knows Richard, shouldn't he take what he has to say a lot more seriously? That made me wonder just how honest Widmore was being with Locke.

-Nice knowing you Abbadon. I'm glad you could take some time during Fringe's American Idol hiatus to grace us with your presence. I'm so used to him being an FBI agent now, it threw me off to see him so casual.

-It's interesting to me that Locke was back for such a short time before he died; I guess I had just assumed that he was back for much longer.

-Not only was Sayid no longer an assassin, but Ben managed to drive him to the point where he joined up with Habitat for Humanity! But then, the next time we see Sayid, he's putting a bullet in someone and helping Hurley break out from the mental institution. I'm curious to see how all that played out.

-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT! I have a conspiracy theory that the whole reason the writers skipped the three years after The Six got off the island is so that they could logically write Walt back into the show. "Look, it's the future, so it's okay that he looks like he's 25!" Seriously, puberty hit that kid hard. I'm not gonna lie, I'll be disappointed if this is the end of the Walt character, because it certainly felt that way to me. He was always much more significant than we ever got to see him be, for whatever reason.

-Kate thinks Locke wants to go back to the island because he has no one to love, and apparently Kate loves someone which is why she won't go back to the island. However, the person that she loves is already on the island, so...

-I'd like to think it was Locke's inspiring speech on his hospital bed that got Jack hopping flights across the Pacific trying to find the island again, but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it was the mention of Christian, and his conversation with Locke, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

-I wonder if Locke was planning on killing himself because he knew he had to die in order to get everyone back, or if he was telling Ben the truth with his little speech about his failures. Because if it's the former, that takes some balls to follow through on something like that. Quite the leap of faith.

-Ben is quite the interesting guy. Shows up in Locke's hotel room, pleads with him not to kill himself, talks him into it, then kills him two minutes later, and makes it look like suicide anyways. It would appear that Ben wasn't actually going to kill Locke, and only seemed to snap after Locke mentioned Eloise Hawking, which leads to some speculation:

*What was Ben's relationship with Hawking before this moment? Did he have one?

*Was Ben looking for a way back onto the island, and once Locke mentioned that Hawking was supposed to help him, did he then decide he didn't need Locke's help any more? We all know Ben has felt threatened by Locke and the fact that Locke replaced him as leader (Actually, very similar to the relationship between Ben and Widmore if you think about it)

*Did Ben know about the Lamp Post DHARMA station? He had left the island before, but how much of DHARMA's off-island activities was he aware of?

I just can't help but get the feeling that Ben thought Locke could help him get back to the island, but that he didn't know when or how to do it himself, but when Locke mentioned Eloise Hawking (Who Ben probably was at least familiar with from the island), he decided he could do the rest on his own, and got rid of Locke.

-One more thing I wanted to bring up was Widmore's discussion with Locke about a "war" that was coming. Is this a war with Ben? Didn't that war already start when he invaded the island? Where is it going to take place? Who's going to be involved? Is the island the ultimate prize?

-Moving onto island stuff, in the short time we were on the island, I thought we actually learned quite a bit:

*Locke's leg is all better. I know he came back from the dead, so that's not really a big deal, just something I wanted to point out.

*The plane ended up crashing. Without The Five, apparently. So what does that mean?

*The Five went back in time. Everyone else on the plane, did not. Oceanic crashed and left people in two different places. Ajira crashed and left people in two different times. That's what I'm banking on.

*Think about it. When the Survivors on the island were flashing through time, at one point in time they were back at the beach where their old shelter was, only everything was cleared out, gone, as if they were at some point in time in the future. We also saw the Ajira water bottle, and the two boats (That we also saw at the scene of the plane crash). So the plane crash happened in the "present", and not in the past. The only question is, when is the "present"? Are they three years in the future from when Locke was last there?

*Which island did the plane crash on? If it crashed on the main island, then it was far away from where Oceanic crashed, since you can clearly see another island from the beach. Or did it crash on the other island, and Locke was looking at the main island? The hatch, or building, or whatever Cesar was in, I don't remember seeing it before, so who knows where they are, exactly.

*Frank took one of the boats and left. But he took some woman with him. Frank has been to the island, so he's not a fool. So who is this woman that went with him? And where did Frank go? Very curious stuff.

*Why did The Five disappear and go to the past and no one else did? Ben is from the island, but he left, and he didn't disappear. Locke was a survivor of Oceanic, but he left the island, then died, and he didn't disappear. Frank has been to the island before, and he didn't disappear. Everyone else who (I assume) hasn't been to the island didn't disappear. But why? What made those five in particular special from everyone else?

Things are definitely starting to get complicated on the island. If we really have two groups of people stuck in two different time periods, then that opens up a whole set of questions regarding how the people in the past are going to get back to the present, what the people in the present are going to do now that they've crashed on the island, have the Others just been chilling out for three years waiting for Locke to come back, stuff like that. Next week should be pretty emotional, since it's only been 8 episodes for us, but it's been three years for everyone else since they've seen each other. I wonder if Jin's going to be pissed that Sun left their kid back in Korea.

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