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Entertainment :: LOST 5.6 Thoughts
  submitted on February 19, 2009, 11:30 AM

Wow. LOST took a fairly large step forward last night in terms of plot progression, which has led to a lot of new questions and information to be discovered somewhere down the road. I think most of us were probably under the assumption that the show would spend most of the season working on getting The Six back to the island. Instead, they throw us for a loop and end up bringing everyone back in a third of the time. What's funny to me is that so far I would say The Six have been the less interesting of the two groups thus far this season, and yet this week featured them exclusively, and ended up being wildly entertaining. So, what did we learn?

-First, I was thinking a little bit last week about what Charlotte said to Jin about telling him not to have her come back, and I was pondering what that meant, exactly. Was she talking about Sun? Was she talking about their child? Was she talking about Sun under the assumption she's still pregnant? It was a very vague and cryptic warning, so I just wonder what she meant by that.

-Locke's note. I'm trying to remember if Sawyer was reading his note when the plane hit turbulence on 815. Either way, I like the parallel. I also thought it was interesting that Jack only had a piece of the letter when he got back to the island. More on that later.

-Sorry, let's talk pre-island stuff first. So DHARMA had a station in Los Angeles called the Lamp Post. Which makes me wonder, what happened to it when the DHARMA people were killed off on the island? When did Eloise Hawking get there? I'm very curious to know more about the history of that station. But, what we do know is that it helps find when the island will be in a certain point, and for how long. Because the island is constantly physically moving, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who reads The Best LOST Blog out there. So thanks to the large chalk pendulum and some funky math, they can all go back.

-Well, not Desmond, who is obviously none too happy to see Ms. Hawking again, nor is he thrilled at the idea of going back to the island. But as is usually the case with Desmond, I doubt it's the last we've seen of him.

-So the plan for The Six to return to the island is an interesting one. They had to recreate the original situation as much as possible to increase the chance of it working. But they didn't really go any further into it than that. But it kind of set my mind racing regarding how you "find" the island. First, the original crash of 815 was different than this. That crash was caused by Desmond not pushing the button, which led to some electromagnetic issues which crashed the plane. This time around, it wasn't even so much that they crashed as...transported to the island. Jack, Kate, it seemed more like they had been sleeping than anything. Plus, there was the bright light on the plane, and no one remembers actually crashing. So this was a different method. I was trying to remember if there was a light on the helicopter right before Desmond started freaking out last season, perhaps that signifies passage into the island. I'll stop rambling on about what that all meant, but I thought it was all very curious.

-I loved the scene of Jack at the bar, I was just waiting for that blond to strike up a conversation and discover they were on the same flight together. I don't know how much I cared for the scene with his grandfather. I think it kind of threw me off because it was this idea that Jack has a normal life now that he's been off the island for three years, and that involves taking care of your crazy old grandfather, but it just seemed very...random.

-Ah, evil Kate, how I have missed thee. I completely agree with Julius that Kate trying to play Suzy Homemaker and raising a child and all that was all very out of place, and not something you would expect from Kate. Kate, at her core, is not a good person, despite what she would like you to believe. She's selfish, dangerous, and is incapable of just "settling down" and living a normal life. So the fact that she just dumped Aaron, and doesn't want to talk about it with Jack, EVER, sounds much more like the Kate I've come to expect.

That being said, wtf? She's beyond upset that someone wants to take Aaron away (Although I wonder how much of that is because of Aaron and how much of that is her not wanting to get caught), and is appalled at the idea of going back to the island, and yet within 24 hours, she dumps the kid, won't talk about it, and is now ready and willing to go back to the island. So clearly someone said something or did something to her. And it had to be pretty impressive, because Kate is very stubborn and irrational. Something she said really stuck with me. When Jack told her that the shoes he had belonged to his father, she said "Why hold onto something that makes you sad?" Couldn't help but wonder if this was in reference to Aaron at all. I look forward to a flashback on this.

-Fun theory I've heard mentioned by a couple people and I think it pretty awesome: Kate's sudden love-making session with Jack has something to do with her wanting to get pregnant. I don't know if this is so she can parallel Claire on the flight, or if there's some other ulterior motive, but it would make sense why she would do that, and then act all weird around him the rest of the time (Aside from the fact she's about as emotionally unstable as they come).

-Speaking of flashbacks I'm looking forward to, I really, really want to know how Hurley and Sayid ended up on the flight. Hurley got on the flight, seemed totally okay with it (Although I question the idea that 73 tickets are available for purchase the day before a flight), but clearly didn't know Ben was also going to be on the flight. So how did he get there? And Sayid managed to get himself arrested, yet still was able to get on the flight in handcuffs. When Kate was on the plane, she was being extradited back to the US. So what's Sayid's excuse? Being extradited to Guam? I actually wonder if perhaps he was arrested for a crime he committed overseas and was being extradited there (Asia, Australia, etc.) and they had to stopover in Guam. If that's the case, I'd be willing to bet Ben turned him in. But who knows. He also seemed a little surprised to see Ben.

-Speaking of Ben, what the hell happened to him? As we've seen in the past, Ben can be very effective in a physical confrontation, and the only time we've really seen him get his ass kicked was when he was basically defenseless in the hatch, and when Jack beat the crap out of him after he though Jin, Sayid and Bernard were dead. There has been speculation that he killed Penny, and his injuries were from Desmond. I'm not sold on that idea yet. I know Ben told Widmore that he was going to get revenge for Widmore having Alex killed, but I'm just not sure killing Penny makes sense right now. But I'm sure we'll find out what happened soon enough.

-Looks like we have a new regular on the show. Currently without a name, he gave Jack his condolences for Locke's death at the airport, then was sitting across from Hurley on the plane. I am guessing we will see more of him.

-Well, I guess we know where that Ajira Airways water bottle came from, eh? Although I'm still a little wary of the timing of it all, since that water bottle looked to be in the future, while it looks like The Six have appeared in (What I'm assuming is) the past with the other survivors. So maybe the water bottle is related to something else. Like the still mysterious people on the other boat with guns.

-As I said, Jack, Kate and Hurley were all shown back on the island. But they didn't seem to crash, they were just sort of...there. It makes me wonder what happened to the plane, who made it off the plane and who didn't, etc.

-Frank cleans up nicely, don't you think? Loved his line "We're not going to Guam, are we?" Line of the show, easy.

-Let's talk briefly about the timing of the show. Here's what we know:

*At the beginning of the season, we saw The Six three years in the future, that has been their focal time period so far. The survivors we saw pick up right where Season 4 left off (I mean in real time according to them, since obviously they have been flashing all through time on the island).
*When Ben left the island he moved ten months into the future and appeared in the desert.
*When Locke left the island, he moved to an indeterminable time and place.
*The Six (Well, The Five) returned to the island (as was mentioned) three years after leaving it, arriving in a currently unknown year, although it's most likely in the past some time.

Now, all that being considered, someone mentioned to me that it seemed to take Jin a second to recognize everyone. I believe the reason for that is it's three years later for the survivors. Remember, all the time flash that we saw occurred directly after The Six left the island. But The Six didn't return for another three years, so I believe that three years have also passed for the survivors since Locke left. It might not be exactly three years, since time on the island and time everywhere else doesn't seem to match up quite right, but I do think that Locke left, and they never heard from him or anyone again until just then when Jin saw Jack, Kate and Hurley. So I think that's why it took him a second to realize what the hell was going on.

The idea that we've skipped over three years on the island, and a pivotal few moments from The Six leads me to believe we have plenty of ammunition for some flashbacks.

-Jin's working for DHARMA now. That fits with the idea of Faraday working for Dharma in the early 80s, as we saw at the beginning of the season. It would also put us at a time when Charlotte was a child on the island, allowing Faraday to go all Twelve Monkeys on us and try to warn someone in the past of a dire situation in the future, only it's futile.

See, I told you there was a lot to talk about.

Next week looks ridiculously awesome, as we get to see the resurrection of John Locke (I can't believe they aren't even keeping it a secret anymore!), and I assume we will pick up from him leaving the island, and follow him through his death, to his arrival back on the island. Which means we'll have to wait an extra week to see what happens to The Five now that they're back on the island, but that's nothing new with LOST.

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