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Entertainment :: LOST 5.5 Thoughts
  submitted on February 12, 2009, 9:48 AM

I hope wherever Charlotte is now she has lots of Geronimo Jackson to listen to. That is a screenshot from Season 2, when Charlie and Hurley were in the hatch discussing their women troubles. When she mentioned the band I knew they had been discussed before, so I browsed through my DVDs and hunted down the scene.

We had a much faster paced episode last night, no doubt due to the fact that the time flashes were starting to make everyone's brain melt, so our island survivors were in a bit of a hurry. Meanwhile in the "real" world, Sun brought a gun into the equation, which is usually an effective way to get everyone to move a little more quickly. So, what all did we learn last night?

-Sayid's kind of annoying me at the moment. He's been working for Ben for the better part of two years (During last night's Pop Up LOST episode beforehand, they mentioned that Ben was sent about ten months into the future after turning the wheel, and shortly thereafter he found Sayid, who then started working for him as an assassin, which he continued to do up until recently at least, which is about two years), but apparently now he doesn't trust Ben anymore (assuming he ever did), but he also is going out of his way to try and protect Hurley, but he doesn't want to go back to the island. It just seems like he's without a purpose at the moment, and Sayid is a much more effective character when he's got some kind of motivation. Hopefully he finds some soon.

-One of the things Ben does really well is keep a very even keel almost all of the time. No matter how things are going, he has a very calm demeanor. What that means, is when he actually gets mad about something (Or at least acts like he's mad), it's very effective in shutting people up.

-Speaking of Ben, how twisted and wrapped up in himself is this guy? Maybe it's just me, but is there ever a time where you take anything he says at face value? Even when he's facing death and has a gun pointed at him, I have no expectations of him whatsoever to tell the truth. It's like he saves the truth only for when he really needs it. And you never really know what he actually knows. Take Jin, for example. Did Locke actually give him Jin's ring, or did Ben just find it on him after Locke died? If Locke did give it to him, does Ben know that Jin is actually alive, despite him wanting Sun to think he's dead? I can guarantee you if he knew Jin didn't want Sun to come back, there's no way he's telling Sun that.

-One more note on Ben, again because of how he always acts, and because of how smart he is, most of what goes on around him is part of the plan, or at least he can pretend it is. So I love his reaction when something genuinely surprises him. He definitely had no clue what Desmond was doing in L.A., and was certainly not expecting to see him again, and his reaction was priceless. And no, this man still hasn't won an Emmy yet for this show.

-Not that this is news to anyone, but we now know that Ms. Eloise Hawking is Daniel Faraday's mother, was the woman in Desmond's deja vu, is working with Ben to find the island, etc. I'd also say there is now a 95% chance she was the woman on the island during the time flash in the 50s with the hydrogen bomb. I did enjoy Desmond's "wtf" face when he recognized who she was.

-Where does the Oceanic Six stand now in getting back to the island? Jack: He's in, he's been in for a while. Sayid: He's out at the moment, but as I said, he has no purpose, so I can't see any good reason why he wouldn't go back. Kate: She's out at the moment, but for no other reason than because she's completely irrational (kind of like Jack, actually). She's mostly pissed off at the moment because Jack tried to manipulate her and lie to her (Ironic that she would get mad about something like that), but ultimately she's not a strong enough person to go against the group. Hurley: In jail at the moment, but that's a minor setback. If there's anyone in this group that gives into peer pressure, it's Hurley. Plus, he actually wants to go back to the island, he just doesn't want to go with Ben. Sun: She's in. Being able to see Jin again made that a pretty easy decision. Aaron: I'm sure he'll bitch about how much he hates to travel, doesn't like tropical locations, etc., but ultimately he's three years old, so you can probably just tell him there's a bunch of candy on the island and he'll be onboard.

-Back on the island, we get a little bit more insight into the life of Danielle Rousseau. When we first meet her on the show, she is a worn out, paranoid person who has had everyone that was originally a part of her team taken or killed, and so we got to see how she got that way. First, we had the smoke monster do what he does best, and that's kill people and throw them up into the trees. Then, we got to see the smoke monster drag someone down one of his holes, then apparently use that person as bait to get the others to go down to try and help him. But here's the interesting part. Rousseau told Sayid that the other members of her team got "sick", but we never really knew what that meant. Well, it would seem that the smoke monster did something to her team members, because she killed two of them, and ultimately killed the third as well, her boyfriend/husband/lover no less, after he tried to kill her. I don't know that we've seen the smoke monster do that before, brainwashing, or somehow infecting people to behave differently.

-One complaint I had here. The time flashes, I thought they were a neat way to see the history of the island. I thought the show had done a nice job with them. However, the second flash during the Rousseau scenes felt...forced. It was the first time where I felt like it was simply being used as a plot device. Jin was there, Jin saw the whole team besides Rousseau disappear, convenient time flash forward a couple weeks so we can see that Rousseau was right about her team getting sick, then once we see that, convenient time flash again out of there. It really rubbed me the wrong way. And it's not that I didn't feel like we should have seen that scene, because I do think it was important, I just didn't like the way we got there.

-Anyone else feel bad for Jin for a second there when Sawyer pulled a gun on him? Poor guy can't catch a break, everyone wants to shoot him.

-Those time flashes certainly started getting a lot more painful, didn't they? I wonder if we were supposed to look at that from the perspective of the survivors, or if they were actually getting more intense from the instability of the wheel.

-Nice knowing you Charlotte. I imagine we'll see here again, albeit at a much younger age. In all honesty, the writing has been on the wall for her for a while now, so her death is not terribly unexpected. That being said, she went out with a bang, revealing a few interesting things about herself and the island.

-First off, she speaks Korean. Not only does she speak Korean, Jin knew she spoke Korean. I'd love to go back and rewatch Season 4 and see if there's some point in time where he or Sun are clued into the fact that she understood them, because otherwise how would he know?

-She grew up on the island. She didn't say she was born there (She probably wasn't, considering women can't give birth to babies on the island), but she did grow up there, and left with her mom when she was still a child. She was vague about who her father was, but implied that he too was on the island, perhaps also working for DHARMA. That was why in her flashback we saw her working on the skeleton of the DHARMA polar bear, she's been trying to get back to the island.

-Daniel told her, when she was a child, to leave and never come back to the island. It was a memory she had but had forgotten, but because of the time shifts her brain was pulling memories from all over her life, which is how she remembered Daniel. We saw Daniel working for DHARMA during the season premiere, so clearly we're still waiting to see him end up in the past. I do think it's interesting that he told her to stay away from the island, even though he should know that he can't go back and change what's already happened.

-She told Jin that Sun should stay away. Why? Foreshadowing for the future of our survivors?

-I don't think Charlotte is the baby with Dr. Chang in the season premiere. First off, based on screen shots it's much more likely that it's a boy. Second, it doesn't work up with the timing for Faraday to be there and Charlotte to be a baby. I suppose it's possible that he's there for a while and tells her later when she's older, but I don't think that's likely. Miles is still a good possibility, since he had to have been on the island before.

-You'd think someone who was paralyzed and in a wheel chair but can now walk again would appreciate his legs a little more than John Locke does. The man is getting shot, stabbed, breaking his legs, whatever. Show some respect, already.

-Christian Shepard is such a cool character. I don't know what it is about him, but I'm always fascinated when he's around. I loved his line about Locke needing to move the island, not Ben.

-Speaking of Ben, do you think he knew that Locke was supposed to move the island, and that he went ahead and did it on purpose? Ben had been supplanted as leader of the Others by Locke, and didn't seem to thrilled about it, given he tried to kill Locke, so is it far-fetched to think that he used the wheel as a way to get off the island? Kind of makes you wonder how Locke actually died. Did Ben finally end up killing him? Is he attempting some kind of a coup to lead the Others once again? Or is that a futile attempt, since ultimately it's all about what Jacob wants?

-Real quick thoughts on the would appear that Locke has it back on track, so now the question is...when are they? Assuming the island has stopped "skipping", when did it pick back up? I believe that they have arrived at the time we saw during Dr. Chang's flashback. I believe that's how Faraday came into employment with DHARMA, and it will be interesting to see what happens with everyone else, not to mention what that means for the Six trying to find the island, as well as how the survivors already on the island can get...back to the future.

-Oh, and because I keep forgetting to mention it, I just wanted to say how great the chemistry between Juliet and Sawyer is. Sawyer might be the best character on the show, the range of emotions he goes through is massive, and those scenes where we get to see the sensitive side of him are absolutely priceless. And Juliet is great at getting to that side of him, which provides for some genuinely great dialogue.

Hope I didn't forget anything too important to talk about, there was quite a bit going on this week. Next week looks to be crazy too, as we're going to learn a bit about how the island operates, which is always valuable information.

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