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Entertainment :: LOST 5.4 Thoughts
  submitted on February 5, 2009, 7:22 AM

Quick link for you all to check out, it's the "official" site for Ajira Airways, which was mentioned during yesterday's episode: Ajira Airways. Some interesting tidbits on there, although I don't know how much of an impact the airline company will be playing during the rest of the show, it's still another site to add to the list of many other LOST-related sites that have popped up over the years. For what it's worth, Ajira is Hindi for "island".

Last night's episode was certainly on a slower pace than what we've seen so far this season (Which is not unexpected, I can't imagine the show being able to throw that much information into an episode every single week), but we were still privy to some new information, and got hit with a wild last fifteen minutes or so as we were reunited with some old characters.

-Let's get into off the island stuff first. Sun now has a gun that someone delivered to her (Charles Widmore, I would assume). And a box of chocolates. I'm sure there's a metaphor for that out there that I'm just not remembering. It's a pretty safe bet based on what we've seen that the gun is meant for a confrontation with Ben. As has been alluded to in previous flash-forwards/episodes, Sun seems to hold Ben responsible for the death of her husband (As she should, since it really was his fault), which is the motivation behind her apparent alliance with Charles Widmore. I'm going to assume Ben knows this, just because it seems like the kind of thing a well-informed person like Ben would know.

-Jack:"Who was that?" Ben:"My lawyer". Nice.

-So what was Claire's mother doing there in LA? And why was Ben's lawyer going to talk to her? She has to have been there as more than just a red herring for Kate to discover, right? And why was it pouring rain there? It's Los Angeles. Sunny, 80 degrees every day, isn't that the stereotype for LA weather? I might buy it being cloudy, or maybe even a light drizzle, but a full on downpour? C'mon.

-We end the episode with five of the six together, with Hurley seemingly soon to follow (My wife made the comment that he looked like an Oompa Loompa in his clearly too small orange jumpsuit, I like the comparison, but I actually thought he looked more like an orange version of Violet in Willy Wonka after she filled up with blueberry juice). Some are ready to go back to the island, some are not. However we can always count on Ben to manipulate everyone to do what he wants when it's all said and done.

-Back on the island, we see that Charlotte's not dead. Yet. I also retract my previous off-the-wall theory regarding any kind of family-type relationship she might have with Faraday, as I re-watched last week's episode and Daniel did in fact say he was "in love" with her, not that he "loved" her.

-Miles has been on the island before, which should lead to an interesting story later on down the road. Daniel's theory is that the temporal sickness Charlotte had, and that Miles and Juliet are developing is related to how much exposure they have had to the island. So that probably means they should try and hurry up and figure out how to stop shifting through time.

-Quick slightly off-topic tangent: Their temporal sickness reminds me a little of Michael Crichton's book Timeline (Yes, the crappy Paul Walker movie, if that helps you). The book dealt with time travel, and basically what happened is when you went back in time, you suffered minor "transcription errors", or defects to your body. They were so minor that they didn't affect you at all, nor could you really know they're there. However, after so many trips back, they add up, and can cause some damage. So after a certain point, you were no longer allowed to travel back in time. LOST seems to follow a similar idea when it comes to people getting sick. End tangent.

-What happened to the rest of the survivors? They couldn't have all fit on that boat, could they? And even if they did, where would they go? Eh, nevermind, I don't really care that much.

-I love being able to see the island at different points in time. It's just so cool to be able to see so many different events that have happened on the island, it's literally like pieces of a puzzle being revealed.

-Any thoughts on who those people were in the other boat shooting at the survivors? Because I don't have a damn clue.

-Jin's alive!!!! Such a great reveal. I had always held out hope that he didn't die, but not much. And I didn't even realize it was him until they turned him over. So glad he's still alive!

-Still, gotta feel bad for the guy. Once again, he is on a ship that gets blown up, he's separated from everyone else, floating alone out at sea, only to be discovered by a group of people who speaks a different language than him. I think the guy just needs to stay on the island.

-Actually, the real reason I feel bad for him is because he has no clue that he's moving through time, although he certainly knows who Danielle Rousseau is, so you could see the gears in his head turning when she told him her name. Even still, he doesn't know what's going on. At least he can get by with his English, and Rousseau's crew seems slightly more friendly than the tail section was.

-Based on next week's preview, Ben knows Jin is alive. How the hell does he know this? No one else knows he's alive except for the group of French sailors from 1988. The guy knows everything!

I think that's all I've got. Shorter write up this week, but that's because there wasn't as much going on. Still, we found out Jin was still alive, which is completely awesome.

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