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Entertainment :: LOST 5.3 Thoughts
  submitted on January 29, 2009, 6:34 AM

LOST is one of those shows that loves to ask question after question after question, to the point that when you finally get some answers, you feel immense satisfaction. Last night's episode gave us some answers, some insight into possible answers, and plenty of evidence to form speculations about even more answers. I actually thought the most interesting thing about the episode was how much I enjoyed, while at the same time Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, and Sun didn't even make an appearance. I'm impressed that the show can pull that off as well as it did.

So, what did we learn this week?

-Desmond didn't waste any time in knocking Penny up, did he? Considering how old their kid looked, and if we're supposed to be somewhere around three years post-rescue, then they must have gotten busy in a hurry. I like them naming the kid Charlie, that's a nice touch. One of my friends threw out the idea that Desmond & Penny could be the "Adam & Eve" skeletons in the caves on the island, and that "Charlie" is actually Charles Widmore. A little too paradoxical for me.

-So Penny didn't want to go back to England because her father is there. Desmond says he'll be careful. So what does he do? Why, barge right into his office, of course! Very interesting turn of events here. Faraday screwed up his research at Oxford, and severely injured someone he worked with/loved(?), and that person is now mentally and spatially unstable, seemingly drifting through time. But that's not all. Who is now taking care of this woman? Charles Widmore. Who was funding Faraday's research? Charles Widmore. Who knows where Faraday's mother can be found? Charles Widmore. Now, it's not like we didn't know that Widmore already knew Faraday, he was recruited to go on the freighter after all. But it seems like they have quite a history together. I have some theories about how much history they might have when I discuss the island later.

-So, Faraday's mother is in Los Angeles, which is conveniently enough where the mysterious Mrs. Hawking is as well. Unless the writers are trying to throw us a curve ball (Which wouldn't surprise me), I'm going to assume that the two women are the same person. Which should be fun for Desmond when he realizes that he's met her before.

-Alright, let's talk about the island. First off, we get some perspective on when our survivors currently are. Richard tells John that they are in 1954. We also find out that a team of US soldiers arrived on the island 18 months ago. We don't know who sent them, or for what purpose. However, they brought with them a little present. A hydrogen bomb. And not just any hydrogen bomb. See, the first hydrogen bomb testing done by the US was done in 1952, in the "IvyMike" test. Later, in 1954, the US first tested what was called a dry fuel thermonuclear hydrogen bomb, called "Castle Bravo". However, the US had created a second, smaller bomb as a backup in the event that the first one didn't work. The code name for this test was "Castle Yankee", and the code name of the bomb itself? Why, Jughead of course. Just to put things into perspective, Castle Bravo produced a bomb that was 1,200 times more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped in Japan during WWII. So that's fun.

-So we've got a bomb that's apparently leaking, or damaged in some way, Daniel's big solution is to bury it in concrete or lead. One would assume (or hope) that this was done at some point in time, although keeping an active hydrogen bomb on the island probably isn't a great idea. The existence of the bomb leads to a couple of questions, though: Does Widmore's desire to get back to the island have anything to do with the bomb, and could Rousseau's crew's deaths have anything to do with radiation exposure from the bomb?

-Speaking of Widmore, hey, looks who's on the island in 1954, as "an Other". Why, it's Charles Widmore! The guy that Locke almost shot, the guy that Sawyer tried to shoot. Of course, knowing what we know now, obviously they wouldn't have been able to kill him, since that's against the rules. Looking forward, now it's not so much a case of Widmore trying to find the island as it is a case of Widmore trying to get back to the island. Changes your perspective on things just a little bit. And it also makes you wonder; was Widmore born on the island? Why did he leave? What has happened since then to put him on opposing sides with Benjamin Linus and all of the Others, considering he was once part of them?

-Since the best part of LOST is being able to speculate, let's speculate about our female friend with the rifle that Faraday finds so...familiar. Could it be that he finds her so familiar because that is...his mother? *Cue dramatic soap opera music* Think about it. Given how old Widmore is at the time, whoever that woman is, she's 50 years older in the present, which would conceivably put her around Mrs. Hawking's age. And Mrs. Hawking clearly knows about the island, considering she's working with Ben. So why not? Why else would Daniel think she looked so familiar?

-But wait, let's take things one step further. Let's assume that the woman on the island is in fact a young Mrs. Hawking. We know that she and Charles Widmore are on the island at the same time. We know that she and Charles Widmore will leave the island at some point in time. Both will spend some amount of time living in the United Kingdom. Charles Widmore funds Daniel Faraday's research on space-time at Oxford, where his mother also works. Dare we suggest that Charles Widmore is Daniel's...father? *Cue uber-dramatic soap opera music* Obviously I don't have much to go on with this theory at the moment, but it's something to keep in mind.

-Richard Alpert is alive and well in the 1950s. This shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone, considering he visited John Locke when he was a child. Although here's the messed up part: He visited Locke when he was a kid, because Locke told him to two years before he was born. Let that one sink in.

-A few things we learned about the Others: Richard is always there, Juliet remarked that he's very old; they all speak Latin; Richard reports to Jacob, even in 1954. I thought their uniforms were interesting...did they just take those from the dead soldiers? Uniforms with name patches reminds me a lot of Dharma, not something the Others would normally wear.

-It's not looking good for Charlotte. I wonder what's wrong with her. She's displaying signs of the temporal displacement sickness Desmond had when they left the island, only she didn't leave the island, and she isn't phasing through time periods like Desmond was. Daniel seems concerned, but he wasn't concerned enough to do anything to try and prevent it, or at least he didn't know of anything he could do to prevent it.

-Miles and Sawyer need more interaction. I don't care in what capacity, just make it happen.

-Someone brought up a great point to me regarding the compass. Richard gave John the compass to use the next time he sees Richard, since Richard won't know who he is. So John gives him the compass in 1954. Which Richard then uses later on to give to John. Which John gives to Richard in 1954. Rinse and repeat. So where did the compass actually come from? Has it always been in this temporal loop? I think my head just exploded.

-Oh yeah, quick follow up regarding the US military that I saw mentioned...Ana Lucia commented way back in...Season 2 or so, that she came across a knife on the island, and it was a US Military-grade knife. So now we know where that came from.

Alright, I think that's everything I can remember for the moment. Next week we should get some more progression in the Oceanic Six's attempt to get back to the island, and hopefully we'll discover when our survivor friends are now.

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