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Entertainment :: LOST 5.1 Thoughts
  submitted on January 22, 2009, 12:00 PM

Jack. Is. Back.

No, not Bauer. Jack Shephard.

Season 5 of LOST kicked off last night, and the show definitely had a different feel to it. I think that was primarily due to the lack of traditional flashbacks/flashforwards in the sense that we know them; mostly because the show has sort of become a big flashback/flashforward itself. As the island spirals through time, we find ourselves watching the survivors in different time periods, switching between groups.

First we have the Oceanic 6, who look to primarily residing in a time period three years from when they originally left the island, although it looks like we will be seeing the occasional flashback to somewhere between that time period to catch us up on important happenings.

Then we have everyone else still on the island. As for their whereabouts, well, I think for now it's safe to say that they're on the island, and leave it at that. At the moment, they...or the island, is moving through time with no discernible pattern or frequency. Past, present, ...future? Who knows at this point in time. Well, maybe at least one person knows, but we'll discuss her a little later.

We've got the Six (Well, some of them) officially trying to get back to the island, led by Mr. Linus, of course; and on the other side of things, we have Locke and Co. trying to make sense of what the hell is happening on the island and hopefully restore everything to some kind of order. What else did we learn?

-Jack and Ben on the same side...that should be fun. Ben says that he hadn't seen Locke since they were on the island together, which may or may not be true. Jack, on the other hand, had a conversation with Locke, off the island, before he died, which only helped lead Jack to his miserable state of being, apparently. Locke actually managed to get through to Jack, and really did a number on him, to make him want to go back to the island.

-Kate may not need as much convincing to get back to the island as we first suspected, considering she now has an unknown entity trying to disprove her claim that she's the baby mama. She's on the run now, and I would imagine it would be pretty difficult for her to manage to go and hide and start over, as we all know she likes to do, since she's a celebrity these days. However, she hates Ben, and probably won't be as quick to align with him as Jack was, so that may present a problem.

-What do we know about the paternity lawyers? Were they sent by Maury Povich for one of his upcoming shows? Or are their intentions more sinister? Sun brings up an interesting point that they are probably after Aaron, not that they want to discredit Kate with her lie. It would seem that they already suspect/know that Kate is not the mother, so perhaps they are trying to find out more about who Aaron is?

-Sayid is a hired assassin. He kills the people Ben wants him to kill. That seems like a pretty easy way to create enemies. However, when he was attacked back at his hotel room, these men were not trying to kill him. They had tranquilizer darts instead. So again we're left to wonder, who was behind that attack? Charles Widmore would probably be the early favorite in that category, but why does he need Sayid alive? And despite the fact that Sayid is working for Ben, will he be willing to go back to the island? Sayid tends to do what Sayid wants, so if Sayid doesn't want to go back to the island, he's not going back.

-Hurley did a fantastic job of screwing everything up. He escaped from the mental institution, saved Sayid's life, and was this close to agreeing to go back to the island, which is really what he's wanted to do for some time. Then at the last minute he pulls out a huge swerve, follows Sayid's advice of doing the exact opposite of what Ben wants, and turns himself into the police, who suspect him of murder. So now if Ben wants Hurley to go with them, he's going to have to get him out of jail. Fortunately for Ben, this guy's show is about to get canceled, so he might be available to help:

-Sun is...different. Trying to negotiate with Charles Widmore, coming off as just a little vindictive about Jin "dying", definitely a different side of Sun from what we're used to seeing. And aside from a convenient plot device, what "business" does she have in LA? She's a big mystery thus far, but everything about her so far is very cold. Even the hotel she's in, the penthouse suite on the top floor? I know her family has a lot of money, but you would expect someone like Sun to act a little more humble following her experience on the island.

-I don't think we'll ever know how deep Benjamin Linus' network of people goes. He has people all over the place, but who knows what they know, and what they don't. At least Locke will stay nice and crisp in the meat locker.

-Moving on to island stuff, it's long been discussed that Richard Alpert never seems to age, and now he's showing up randomly while Locke is flashing through time, giving him advice, trying to advise him while he can. Clearly he is not moving through time as the survivors are, but what does he know that we don't? How was he able to find Locke, know he had been shot, and help him? And where are the rest of the Others?

-Based on theories I had been reading about in the offseason from Mirror Matter, the popular idea was that the island was moving in time, and that it was entirely possible that it had moved back to the 70s. When the show opened up, and we got to see our TV doctor live and in the flesh, that certainly seemed to be the case, especially when Daniel Faraday showed up at the Orchid. However, as we saw during the show, the survivors have no control over what time period they are in yet, so the flashback of the Orchid being constructed is actually something that's going to happen in the future at some time, well in the survivors' future. So at some point in time, the survivors, or at the very least Faraday, will wind up back at the Orchid when it's being constructed. Just something interesting to think about.

-Desmond acting as a catalyst for Faraday's plans was great. As Faraday had written down in his book, Desmond is his Constant. The idea that he's able to transmit a message to Desmond in the past, and have it show up in Desmond's mind in the future is very intriguing. And as Faraday said, you can't change anything that's already happened, which is why Desmond didn't know of this meeting until he was on a boat with Penny. Clearly Faraday is going to become a lot more important this season.

-Anyone else worried about Charlotte? It almost seems like her mind is regressing for some reason. The nosebleeds she hadn't had since she was a child, the inability to remember her mother's maiden name, a constant headache. There's something up with that, and Faraday knows what it is. Either way, Charlotte just moved up my "Death Watch" List.

-The cool thing about being able to locate dead people? It works on animals too, so you can get food. I was hoping Miles and Sawyer would have a moment there considering the agony those boars have provided Sawyer.

-"It's a compass." "What does it do?" "It points North." Gold. I guess even Locke takes for granted the idea that sometimes things just are what they see on the island.

-Hurley trying to explain the premise of the show to his mother reminds me why I can't describe the show to people and have to resort to "You need to watch the DVDs from Season 1 on."

-So Hurley can talk to dead people, apparently. Or he's just crazy. Or both. Does that mean he'll get a little late night rendezvous from Libby later this season?

-Hey look, it's the old lady from Desmond's deja vu! I bet you forgot about her. Apparently her church/monastery/whatever has a low IT budget and she's stuck using a computer from 1982. So what's she doing down in the basement drawing asterisks every where? I'm guessing she's somehow able to calculate when and where the island is going to appear, allowing Ben to return with the Six (Hence the 70-hour deadline). But ultimately, what's her purpose? Who is she?

-Who is Faraday's mother? I'm hoping for Florence Henderson, personally.

-Do we use Princess Bride rules when determining how dead someone is? Is Locke only 'mostly' dead, which is why Ben wouldn't answer Jack's question? Is he going to come back to life when he gets to the island? I mean, he's not much of a leader if he can't even survive for more than a few years, right?

Man, and this is just after the first episode. There was a lot more going on in this episode than I realized. And I didn't even get to talk about Frogurt and his awesome flaming arrow of death routine.

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