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Entertainment :: The Dark Knight (No Spoilers)
  submitted on July 21, 2008, 11:05 AM

I went and checked out The Dark Knight at the IMAX at Navy Pier on Saturday. Originally, I was going to go with Melissa to the 9AM show on Saturday. She ended up going to Minnesota last weekend, however, and I discovered that the seating at the IMAX is actually numbered, and not GA, which I was not aware of. That was the primary reason for the 9AM time, since I figured you wouldn't have to wait in line for 4 hours to get good seats. So, by the time I realized this, any of the decent times over the weekend were either sold out or only had seats on the edges or in the front, so I ended up getting a ticket for the 6:00AM show on Saturday. It was kind of surreal getting up at 4:30 in the morning on a Saturday to go to a movie, but I certainly enjoyed the visual of hundreds of people heading to Navy Pier at dawn all with the same purpose.

I won't spend a lot of time on the movie, because anyone who has spent any time online knows what great reviews it's received so far. I really enjoyed it, and I know everyone's talking about how great Heath Ledger's performance was (And it was great, guy was beyond creepy at times), but man, I thought Gary Oldman was simply superb. I loved him in Batman Begins, and thought he was even better in the sequel. He'll undoubtedly continue to fly under the radar due to Ledger and Aaron Eckhart, but the guy was great.

The other thing I wanted to mention was how great Chicago looked in the film. In Begins, a lot of the movie was spent elsewhere, either at Wayne Manor or during Bruce's training in Asia, so there wasn't a ton of Chicago footage, and a lot of the city shots featured the Narrows, which was all CGI. This time around, the film really spent most of its time within Gotham City limits, so we ended up seeing a lot of Chicago, which I thought was really cool. There was a scene with Bruce Wayne in a Lamborghini, which was actually filmed right outside our old apartment over a weekend, so it was neat to see what the finished product looked like. Overall it was neat to recognize all the different locations from the city.

Oh yeah, one last thing; if you have an IMAX near you, I really encourage you to go see the movie there instead of a regular movie theater. Not only is the screen bigger, but there are some scenes that Christopher Nolan shot with IMAX cameras. The opening scene is in IMAX, and most of the city skyline shots are all in IMAX, which they integrated very well into the rest of the movie, and it creates some breathtaking moments. Very impressive stuff.

I'm excited that I get to go see the movie again, as I'm going this Friday with Melissa since she couldn't see it over the weekend. I was willing to be a good sport and go see it again.

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