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Poker :: MTT Action
  submitted on July 21, 2008, 10:47 AM

Melissa was out of town this weekend, so I decided to try and play a bunch of MTTs. Well, a bunch for me, it was still probably a below average number for people like sucko. It ended up being a -EV experience for my bankroll, but a +EV probably in the long term as I was able to sit down and get a lot of exposure to MTT play. Outside of the occasional MTT here and there, I haven't played with a lot of frequency in 2008, so I definitely think it helped to sit in on as many as possible. Plus, I was able to play in some higher buy-in tourneys, like yesterday's $69+6 $65k, and Friday's $150+13 $65k (I think, don't remember the exact guarantee number).

As I said, I didn't have much success in any of them, but felt okay about my play. Most of my bustouts involved me getting in my money ahead, or a few were racing, so sometimes that's just the way things work out. I don't care too much when I'm in ahead and lose, it's when I get it all-in and am behind that makes me mad, because it usually means I made a poor play. It was a tough weekend for me when it came to races, as it seemed like I could win the races when someone else was all-in, but never when I was the one all-in. I think my favorite bust out was in the 50-50 last night, around 250-300 left with 150 getting paid, I'm probably around average stack or so, maybe a little under, and I was trying to make a move on the button with A-x against a LP raiser. The SB ends up flat calling instead and the LP raiser folds, which is not exactly what I was looking for. Flop comes K-Q-J with two suited, SB checks, I tank and ultimately shove, thinking it's a scary enough board that I can shove with a lot of hands, a pair, two pair, even a set. SB thinks, and then calls with...Q-10! Sunday tournament poker, gotta love it. I'm more appalled at his preflop call than anything. But, they were sooted, so obviously you can't fold.

That reminds me, I ran into so many aggrotards and calling stations, it was ridiculous. I felt like I had so many steal attempts go wrong, so many 3-bets go wrong, all my bluff attempts were getting check-raised, it was quite bizarre.

I think the good news to come out of the weekend is that I was able to have success in pretty much every tournament I played in, frequently finding myself in very good shape at some point in time in the first couple of hours at a lot of my tables. Although I need to work on my endgame in sats/token tourneys. I had some very disappointing bubble finishes that really got under my skin, as that's not something I find myself doing often. And it wasn't even that I was clinging onto a short stack and just couldn't quite stay in long enough, each time I had a healthy stack and made some poor, poor plays near or on the bubble that ended up costing me. It really caught me off guard, and I will have to work on preventing that kind of crap from happening in the future.

I've decided that I really like those $15 sats to the 50-50, and I think I'm going to try and play them more often, whether I want to play in the tournament that night or not, because it gives you a good shot of picking up some T$, and the play is pretty bad, so if you can get a double up or two you're usually in pretty good shape. I'm also looking for some good rebuy sats...the $3R for the 50/50 actually ended up giving you some pretty decent equity, I think. If anyone has any other sat suggestions I'd love to hear them.

I think that's all I've got for now. I'll probably get more cash in this week, since sitting down at a cash game is much more flexible than playing in a tournament, but I might have a couple days this week where I can get some more tourneys in.

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