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Poker :: Mookie Recap
  submitted on June 19, 2008, 10:15 AM

I played the Mookie last night, first blogger tournament that I've played in quite a while. I don't have any specific hand histories to cover, because really it was a fairly mundane tournament for me. I didn't get much in the way of cards, but I also didn't get much in the way of opportunities, meaning I really didn't have many chances to play position at all. I think I 3-bet columbo once, and I stole from the button a couple times, but not much else other than that. So the result was me playing super tight, I think my flop percentage for the tournament was at about 8%.

First significant hand for me was actually a laydown. It was probably during the 40/80 or 50/100 level, I raised in MP/LP with JJ and had a player to my left jam for about 3,000 (I was a little below the starting stack, 2,700 or 2,800). The player had been fairly loose in his range, so I thought there was a good chance I was ahead. I tanked and ended up folding because it was still early on in the tournament. I think that's the right play there, because I only want to call if I'm fairly certain he's holding a mid-pocket pair, and honestly I wasn't totally sure. I think it's equally likely that he has AK/AQ, maybe QQ, probably not KK or AA though. I dunno, I just didn't think Jacks were very strong there.

I chipped up a bit when I got it all-in on the flop with Fuel, who was a short stack at the time. I raised in MP with 99, and the two blinds called (Fuel was in the SB with about 650 left). Flop was K-6-8, and Fuel checked, which really bothered me since he called the preflop raise for about 25-30% of his stack, then he just checks the flop. But, with a third person in the hand, and it checked around to me, I felt like I had to bet there. Fuel jammed, and I was already priced in to call, so he flipped over 6-8 for two pair. However, I think we hit runner runner fours to send Fuel home. Wheeeeeeeee!

Second big hand was when I had As Ks in MP and raised it up, only to get re-raised from the button. I raised up to 300, he re-raised to 1,000, which was a third of his stack, so he seemed to be pretty committed. I thought about it, and decided this was a good time to take a stand and pushed. He actually called pretty quickly, but only had AQo, which I think is a bad hand to play that hard. If I had been very loose with my preflop raises then I get the desire to play back, but I had been very tight. Anyways, my AK held up and I was up to around 6,000 in chips.

I pretty much stayed around that level for a while, although I did get up to 8,000 or so after re-stealing in the SB with A-x. This led to the next significant hand, I think blinds were at 150/300. CO+1 raises up to 900, I'm in the CO with JJ, so I re-raise up to 2700. I thought about pushing, but didn't. CO+1 flat calls, then jams the flop which comes down Q-A-Q. Pretty much a bad flop for me, but is there any way you call that jam here? I couldn't justify it, so I ended up folding and losing a third of my stack. That was a tough hand, as I went from a top 10 stack to down near the bottom of the pile. I ended up trying to re-steal in the SB with A-4, but I didn't have the fold equity that I was hoping for, and the button called with K-J. Flop was Q-10-x, turn was a J, and the river was an Ace to give him the straight, and IGH in 20th.

Tough way to go out, but as I said, didn't get much to work with, card-wise or position-wise, so my opportunities were limited. There were some sick hands last night, though, I forgot how brutal these things are sometimes. LJ had a hand where she got it in preflop with A8 against KK. Opponent flops a set, LJ pairs her A, turn is an 8, river is an A for the better full house. So crazy.

I felt like I saw too many people getting it all-in with TPTK. It's like, once people see that TP drop, they completely forget about how the rest of the hand played out, and they just can't fathom that they might not be ahead. I also saw someone call off over half their stack, then fold the river on what appears to be an obvious busted flush draw. Lots of -EV plays, with people not being careful enough with their stacks, and willing to give up large portions of their stacks with draws, or TP. Gotta be smarter than that.

It was nice to get back into the blonkaments, and I even got a couple bounties, which was nice, as I do not appear to be very conducive to picking up bounties in knockout tourneys for whatever reason.

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