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Entertainment :: LOST 4.10 Thoughts
  submitted on May 2, 2008, 11:02 AM

So I got my copy of Grand Theft Auto IV on Wednesday. To say it's very engrossing is a mild understatement. I was so into it that when I stopped playing to eat dinner, Melissa mentioned something about LOST and I had completely forgotten it was going to be on last night. Yikes. Melissa's birthday is at the end of the month, let's hope I don't forget that too.

Well, I did manage to catch LOST last night, and it was about what I expected, although there were some nice bonuses placed throughout the episode. The 'Jack is sick' plot line was one of the weaker stories they've had going this season. One of the drawbacks to having flash forwards is that you can't tease the audience with character deaths anymore. We know Jack survives. We've seen it. So you can't have him develop appendicitis and try and draw any drama out of having to perform this life-saving surgery on him, because everyone knows he's going to survive. And the story didn't serve as a vehicle to deliver some side bit of information, aside from dealing with the Jack/Kate love affair, which, again, not really that important. It wasn't as over the top dramatic as the previews made it out to be, but it was still a pretty lame story to put in the show. But, we had other stuff that did a better job of piquing my interest:

-Christian's back. Whoo! Easily one of my favorite characters, the way he is seemingly intertwined with so many people on this show, and is constantly showing up in the most random of places, despite, ya know, dying. Too bad those bastard writers just teased his appearance, having him appear for all of ten seconds on the show. I guess they still know how to reel me in.

-So first we have Christian showing up to haunt Jack after Hurley tells him that Charlie said someone was going to visit Jack. Interesting that he and Charlie have regular conversations, as opposed to just the one off that we saw in the season premiere. He also mentioned that Jack "shouldn't raise him", presumably talking about Aaron. Interesting tidbit, and could go back to the fortune teller's warning to Claire about how she must raise Aaron, and that he can't be raised by another (Unless he said an Other, which carries a whole different meaning to it).

-Our other Jack flash forward showed Jack as a depressed, drug-addicted, alcoholic, etc. doctor, contemplating suicide and clearly wanting to go back to the island. After seeing him at Kate's trial, it seemed as though this was significantly further into the future. However, after watching this episode, it might not be as far ahead as I thought. I like the irony of his father of all people driving him into this drunken downward spiral. Obviously this thing with Kate isn't going to last, but I'll be interested to see what it takes for him to find his desire to return to the island. Whatever it is, it better involve Christian Shepard.

-Jack mentioned that Sawyer made the choice to stay on the island. So perhaps he's not dead?

-Claire is now officially recognized as Christian's daughter. We've been lead to believe that ever since Christian went with Ana Lucia to a house in Australia to see his daughter, but now we have some confirmation. Some very interesting things about that brief confrontation:

*Claire recognizes who her father is, despite the fact that Christian lived and worked in Los Angeles. Australia isn't exactly a quick trip around the block, and yet he must have had some semi-frequent contact with Claire. I had just assumed that he hadn't seen her since she was an infant.

*It would seem that the drama behind who is the baby's daddy is going to be revealed to Jack and Claire (or at least Jack) at some point in time, since he seems to be aware that Aaron is his half-nephew.

*Here's the real kicker: Miles saw Claire walk off with Christian in the middle of the night! Now, we have to remember that Miles has some weird mental ability that we don't completely understand, so this may have something to do with that, but still, the fact that he actually saw Christian, wow. I don't even know what to make of that.

-As I mention constantly, Sawyer is totally under appreciated and is a totally awesome character. He's a very protective guy, despite what people may want to think of him. It's very endearing to see him protect Claire and Aaron the way that he did. Of course, Claire's gone now, so I guess he's not that great at it.

-I wonder if we'll ever see Claire again. There has to be some kind of resolution to her story, you can't just go from her wandering off into the jungle with her father and leaving her baby behind to Kate claiming the child and raising it as her own.

-Last week we discovered that Dr. Bernard knows Morse code, this week we learn that Charlotte knows Korean. Oh, snap. Nice job by Jin to totally call her out on it. It also looks like we're setting up our separation of Sun and Jin, with Sun getting off the island, and Jin...well, not. As long as I can still hold out hope that he survives on the island, and doesn't die.

-Kate looks completely out of character trying to be Suzy Homemaker. It's probably because I've grown to distrust her so much over the course of the show, but she just looks like someone who is always on the run (And given her flashbacks, they certainly seem to back that theory up), so the idea of her just hangin' at home with her kid is amusing to say the least. Jack trying to read a kid bedtime stories is almost as awkward, but not quite.

That's everything I can think of for now. Next week's episode looked bizarre. Was that guy they showed Ben's father? Or was it Jacob? Whoever it is, no wonder poor Hurley ends up in the nuthouse when he gets rescued.

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