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Entertainment :: LOST 4.9 Thoughts
  submitted on April 29, 2008, 1:37 PM

By 'later today' I meant 'tomorrow', of course.

So, LOST is finally back for another 5 episodes (Although I don't know how many hours that translates to because I heard the finale is something like 3 hours). Let's all do a happy dance!

They certainly kicked off the return with a bang, giving us one of the biggest, most significant episodes we've had in quite some time. I'm glad my other respected LOST buddies also appreciated the episode's importance. LOST has always been about more than just people stranded on an island trying to get off, that's been clear since the first episode. However, getting off the island has always been the overall primary purpose of the show. Until this season, that is. With the introduction of the flash forward concept, we now understand that there are survivors who get off the island, and there are others who do not. We are still learning bits and pieces of everyone's fate, but now that we know that there are in fact survivors who are rescued and taken off the island, that aspect of the show has really ceased to be its primary driver.

Benjamin Linus, and really, the island, have taken over the show. This is now what LOST is about. It's about the island, it's about Ben, and it's about Charles Widmore. It's Ben vs. Charles in a war over the island. The survivors are still present, and they still play a role in the story, but the focus is no longer on them. Will they ever get the focus back? I'm guessing not, but it's possible. Last week's episode really hammered home the point that this new path is what the show is going to be until its story is completed. The episode featured Ben, and we saw our second fast-forward involving Ben (We previously saw that Sayid was working for Ben in the future as some kind of hired gunman). The fast-forward opened many questions, but also served to provide us with some much needed exposition regarding the afore mentioned battle between Ben and Charles.

I really feel like this episode was the foundation for the rest of the show. Just something to keep in mind going forward.

-It appears that Mr. Keamy is, in fact, one bad dude. As we learned from Ben, the guy is a textbook mercenary, and appears to be a pretty good one at that. I've always referred to him as Test, because he reminds me a lot of ex-WWE wrestler Andrew "Test" Martin:

although I like Goat referring to him as a roided up Matthew Lillard:

We find out his team was responsible for offing Karl and Rousseau last week, not the Others as I had speculated, and then to really put him over the evil edge, he executes Ben's daughter right in front of Ben. That's some cold-blooded stuff right there. It looks like Keamy's not done yet, so it'll be interesting to see going forward just how much of a bad guy he turns out to be. All I know is that I hope Ben gets the opportunity to mess him up.

-Okay, I don't know what the LOST writers were going for during Sawyer's big heroic scene, but it ended up being completely hilarious. The endless stream of people coming out of the house to see what was going on, only to get shot in the chest, followed by Sawyer taking cover behind a fence post, reminiscent of Tom Arnold hiding behind a street light in True Lies (Which was meant to be a joke, by the way), and then saving Claire (Who did not die when her house exploded), all without getting nary a scratch on him. So...yeah. I know Ben said that the mercs wanted Sawyer to throw Ben out of the house, which is why he was still alive, but come on, I'm not buying it. Just an odd over-the-top action scene that seemed out of character for the show.

-Jack, tired of everyone lying to him (Because they figure if he's going to be an asshole either way, why tell the truth?), gets Dr. McCoy to help interpret some Morse code so that we can find out that Daniel Faraday isn't telling the truth (I know, I'm shocked too). Faraday lets us know that they were never there to rescue the survivors (Shocker #2). So we know why Keamy & Co. were recruited...still trying to figure out what the 4 weirdos are doing there.

-Enough about everyone else, let's talk about Ben. First, I hope everyone is okay with the idea that Ben's a good guy. As I said, this show has moved past the survivors, where Ben was a bad guy. It's now about the island, and in that story, Widmore is the bad guy, Linus is the good guy. Yes, Ben is creepy, deceptive, manipulative, and dangerous. He also cares about the integrity of the island, and will do whatever it takes to protect it, and that makes him the good guy.

-So, Ben can time travel. Neat. He also seems to be able to go to "arrive" at different places in the world. Again, going under the assumption that this theory is some semblance of the truth, it certainly seems feasible for Ben to be able to do these things. It would also explain the Dharma polar bar in the Tunisian Desert. Now, how he goes about doing these things remains to be seen, but the key thing right now is that he can. Also, depending on what his options are as far as traveling through time goes, it would certainly explain his seemingly endless wealth. It would also explain why a greedy millionaire like Charles Widmore might be so interested in Ben's island.

-Didn't take much to recruit Sayid, did it? I don't know how strongly I should feel about this, but my initial impressions are that Ben could have easily hired this guy to kill Sayid's wife, all so he could ultimately recruit Sayid to help him. What motivation does Widmore have to kill his wife? Anyways, nothing to base that on but speculation, just something that made sense to me.

-We get our first Ben vs. Charles showdown in the episode, which appears to be their first face-to-face meeting ever, and I doubt will be their last. Ben "can't" kill Charles for some reason, he mostly seems to be there to let him know that he's pissed about Keamy killing Alex, and he's going to kill Penny in a turn of sweet revenge. I thought the show did a great job of making you feel the magnitude of this scene. Reminds me of Carnivale (*tear*), when Ben and Brother Justin had their first (and sadly, only) encounter. It just 'felt' big. That's how this felt.

-Then of course there is the smoke monster. We discover that Ben has some ability to control the smoke monster, although we don't know to what extent. When he left to summon the monster, he definitely came back looking noticeably disheveled and dirtier, which is odd. So the smoke monster is still a big mystery, but at least we have been given our first clue as to its operation. Also makes sense why we haven't seen it for a while.

I think that's it for this week. Next week's preview looked beyond lame, with a big "Oh no Jack is sick and dying" teaser. I really hope that doesn't take up too much of the episode, because it really does look awful. Especially since I know there's no chance of him dying.

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