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Entertainment :: LOST 4.7 Thoughts
  submitted on March 14, 2008, 10:28 AM

While last night's episode wasn't terribly active as far as storyline advancement goes, I thought there were a number of areas of interest to discuss.

-The list of the Oceanic Six is out, and it looks like it's Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Aaron, and Sun. Now, that doesn't mean that there aren't other people from the island who get off of it, and it really doesn't even mean that there aren't other survivors that get off the island, it just means the public doesn't know about them.

-Sun is the last member of the Six, although the flashforwards confused the hell out of me. We see Sun is pregnant, and goes into labor. Meanwhile we see Jin rushing around trying to get a big stuffed panda bear so he can get to the hospital. It seemed like a bit of a swerve at the end when it turned out Jin was at the hospital to deliver the panda to a potential business partner (And was he in China?), but it didn't really seem like Jin was aware that Sun was in labor during his scenes, so I wasn't too surprised when he showed up somewhere else.

But...that's obviously not the big story here. Sun has her baby (Which I'm happy about, I was a little worried that she might die because she conceived on the island, so that it might not matter where she went after that, she would die anyways), and Hurley shows up at her place later, so they can go see Jin. At the cemetery. Whoops. Didn't see that one coming.

So that brings up a couple significant issues:

1. The date of death on Jin's tombstone is 9/22/04, aka the day of the plane crash. So, in the grand scheme of things, the lie from the survivors is that only 8 survived the crash and 6 made it out alive, clearly Jin was not counted among the 8.

2. Is Jin really dead? Were we not also watching a flashforward of Jin? It couldn't have been a flashback. He said he had only been married for two months at the very end of the episode, but we know he works for some auto parts company or something along those lines. Well, when Jin and Sun were married, Jin worked for her father, so whatever time period we're watching Jin in, it's not then. And he seemed to have little trouble throwing around money, so it really couldn't have been any time before he met Sun. Therefore it seems like it pretty much has to be in the future. But what does that mean? It would seem that the general public does not know that Jin is alive. Does Sun know? Is Jin working undercover? Could this possibly have something to do with Ben? Does he have another employee? Very mysterious stuff that I'm sure we'll get more pieces to down the road.

(EDIT: In discussing with other people, they seem to be under the assumption that the clips of Jin were a flashback, not a flashforward. It seems very bait-and-switch to me if that's the case, kind of a cheap swerve from the writers. I hope that's not the case, because it was incredibly pointless to include if it was. They could have made Jin dying a surprise just as well with Sun constantly asking for Jin like she did.)

-I think Jin would have felt better about the whole "Sun cheated on you" bit if he had known it was the same guy he threw out of a window. Man, Juliet can be an ice cold bitch when she wants.

-My big 'WTF' moment on the show was when Desmond and Sayid met with the Captain. He talked about Mr. Widmore, how it's his boat, how he funded a salvage operation to recover the flight data recorder from the plane, etc. But here's the big one for me...he talked about how the crash was obviously staged, and wondered where someone like Ben would get 300 dead bodies to stage something like that.

Ben? How did I not think of that before? I've been operating under the assumption that Widmore staged this whole thing, because he has the resources, and it would allow him to focus on finding the island without people worry about what happened to flight 815, etc. But Ben? That actually makes a lot more sense when I think about it, because Ben has more to gain from faking the crash. He wants the island kept a secret, if people find the crash, then that case can be closed and the danger of the island being found/exposed lowers dramatically.

That being said, there is some serious money involved in putting something like that together. And there's the question that the captain asked: Where do you find 300 dead bodies to stick at the bottom of the ocean?

-Michael's the spy on the boat after all. In retrospect, now that we know the plane crash wasn't Widmore's idea, it seems a little more plausible that someone like Michael could work undercover without being discovered.

If Michael's working for Ben, it makes you wonder if this was Ben's plan all along when he let he and Walt go. I can only assume Ben is in control of Walt, which is why Michael is doing what he's doing. God knows he's not doing to try and save the other survivors, it's not really how he rolls. Did he open the sickbay door? Did he give Sayid and Desmond the note about not trusting the captain? Initial guesses would be yes, but you never know with this show.

-Where'd Frank go? Back to the island I assume (Where the hell else is he going to go?), but did he go by himself?

-So first we have this chick reading a book upside down, next scene she has a bunch of chains wrapped around her and she jumps off the side of the boat and kills herself. Doesn't really seem like the same symptoms as the time distortion Desmond encountered, does it? What's her story?

-Speaking of people dying, what's with the big blood stain on the wall of the room where Sayid and Desmond are staying? Looks like a shotgun blast through the back of the head if I had to guess. Definitely more going on aboard this ship than we know.

Next week I believe is our semi-finale before the break (*tear*), but at least it's only for a few weeks. ABC tells us someone's gonna die, so now we get to play the guessing game of who it is. We can already rule out the Six, plus Ben. Claire has to be a prime suspect, since Kate has to gain possession of the baby some how, and what better way than to have Claire die and Sawyer, Hurley and Locke standing around awkwardly trying to figure out what to do with the baby before dropping it off in front of Kate's tent, ringing the doorbell and then running away. Sawyer's another good candidate, because we know he's not one of the Six, and ever since he killed Locke's dad (You know, the one driving goal he had in his life) I've always worried about his longevity. Along those lines I worry about Desmond's future as well after his big reunion he had with Penny (Although I'm not as worried about him because I feel like there is still some unresolved business with Widmore). Michael's certainly a possibility, considering most of the survivors probably wouldn't mind seeing him dead, and Sayid has easy access to him. Not to mention the crew that's going to be very pissed off if/when they find out that Michael's a spy.

I think it's going to be one of those four. Claire's gotta be the frontrunner, but any of the other three would make sense as well. Or maybe Miles will finally drop that grenade and blow himself up.

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