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Entertainment :: LOST: Season 2 Revisited (Part 1)
  submitted on February 26, 2008, 10:41 AM

-You know what? Michael sure is an awfully big whiny baby when his son gets taken away considering he didn't even want to take the kid with him, and tried pawning him off to his mom while they were at the airport in Sydney. Don't get me wrong, I expect him to be upset, concerned, whatever, but man, kid's been back in his life for a month and the guy's flipping his lid any time anyone even remotely hints at a suggestion that might somehow cause an inconvenience in his search for his son. Yeesh.

-I really liked the title of the season premiere, "Man of Science, Man of Faith". When I initially saw the title, I just went on the assumption that it was about Jack and Locke, since in the season finale Locke went so far as to label them such. And after watching the episode it's still probably that that's who the title was describing. However, the interesting thing is that there were several "Men of Faith" that interacted with Jack in this episode.

First was his father, Christian, for a brief time. Now, I wouldn't go so far as to say Christian Shepard is a man of faith, but he did speak to Jack about the importance of hope when dealing with patients.

Second was Desmond. When Jack first meets Desmond, he speaks of faith and hope in response to Jack's story of Sarah in the hospital. Jack, being a man of science, says it's impossible for Sarah to ever walk again, and that if she were to walk again, it would be a miracle. Desmond, as a man of faith, believes this is a possibility. So, fast forward several years, and here is Desmond, the man of faith, pushing a button every 108 minutes for who knows how long, with no concrete explanation, no absolute knowledge in the consequences of not pushing the button, and really the only thing that continues to drive him is faith.

Third is Locke, who we don't need to go into, but given his faith in the island, his faith in the hatch, his immediate faith in the button, it's very clear that he is indeed a man of faith.

I just thought it was interesting to see Jack having to fight all those characters of faith.

We also managed to see a possible transformation in Jack. Being a man of science, he felt the button-pushing was ludicrous, the explanation ridiculous, and pretty much refused to take part in the whole issue. But there was one thing he couldn't get past, the thing that makes me think perhaps the title of the premiere wasn't about Locke after all: Desmond. Desmond and Jack had met before, in the real world, and not only that, but their previous conversation surrounded around miracles, the impossible, faith and hope. So now, Jack survives a plane crash on a deserted island, finds a hatch within the island, and goes down there to find the very same Desmond in it, pushing a button every 108 minutes to 'save the world'.

He wants to pass the whole button situation off as something stupid and arbitrary, but the science in him can't get past the fact that Desmond is there. Someone that he has actually met before has somehow appeared in this hatch on a deserted island. This causes him to maybe let his guard down just a bit, and come to terms with what the hatch is, so much so that he is actually willing to press the button. I can't remember for sure, but I hope this leads to a little bit more of an open-minded Jack and a little bit less of asshole Jack.

-Just something I've been keeping an eye out ever since my LOST blogger buddy brought it up is the character Sayid. From Goat:

**Contains thoughts from last week's LOST episode**

"Let's also take a moment to appreciate Sayid, probably the most under-rated character on the show. With all the back and forth for leadership between Jack and Locke, I've always wondered why the most resourceful, practical, and sensible person, not to mention the least easily distracted (that's Sayid) hasn't been in charge. This is the episode where I realized that he actually is in charge. He never asks permission for his actions, he always just does what he thinks needs to be done. Alone among the crash survivors, he's the only one who doesn't need leadership, and thus doesn't look for it. He's the guy you most want with you on a mission. He's the professor, and Jack and Locke are just arguing over who has the Gilligan hat and who has the Skipper hat. (Sawyer is Ginger, of course.) He's not the Economist of the title, but he always knows what the math is, and he almost always makes the right play."

It's an excellent point, and something I've decided to keep an eye on as I re-watch these old episodes. He's not always perfect (His incident with Sawyer in the first season springs to mind), but he really is his own man. Jack is the man in charge, Locke is the man who knows things about the island, and everyone else follows, but Sayid is kind of just there, not leading anyone, not following anyone, fairly neutral in what he does unless he has a concrete opinion on it.

-I really liked the way the tail section was introduced. We were swerved and led to believe they were Others for the first few episodes, but I don't even care, because it was a great swerve. The image of Mr. Eko without his shirt on coming at you with a big ass stick in his hands was intense! After Jin ran out of the jungle and Sawyer and Michael look up to see this dark group of figures all holding pointy weapons with Eko leading the way, that's just a great visual. Now, of course the Others don't really look that tough, and really Ben just looks like a geek, but that's not really the point.

-I'll have to revisit this at the end of the season, but I know Season 2 is regarded as fairly weak overall by most LOST viewers. I have that in the back of my head as I watch so that I can try and formulate some ideas as to why that might be. So far, there are a couple things that seem apparent to me:

*The entire tail section save Bernard is either captured or killed by the end of Season 3. What does that mean? It means that most of the characters introduced end up being fairly meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Ana Lucia serves as a sympathetic death given the way that she was killed, but other than that, what purpose did her character serve as far as the LOST story goes? None, really. Libby was an interesting character, and seemed to have some kind of a backstory with Hurley at the mental hospital, and Desmond with the boat, but neither of those two stories went anywhere, and unless they do somewhere down the road, she too is a wasted character. Bernard is still alive, but not worthwhile enough to really matter. The important part of the couple is Rose, who had cancer but is now in remission on the island. Mr. Eko was along the lines of Libby, very interesting backstory, and a seemingly deeper understanding of the island, kind of like Locke, only he died fairly abruptly, and so his story, along with the story of the beachcraft that his brother was in, faded away. So in the end, you are left with a number of flashbacks, and a number of episodes dedicated to these people that ultimately end up dead and insignificant.

*A lot of flashbacks in the first season really gave us some insight into the history of the characters on the island. We learned about where they come from, what brought them here, and sometimes, how they knew each other previously. Knowing all that, the flashbacks in the second season so far don't seem to have that same 'source of important information' feel to them. Everyone Hates Hugo spent most of the episode with Hurley trying to figure out what to do with the food, and his flashbacks were nothing but him keeping his lottery ticket a secret from his family and friends, because he doesn't like change. Okay, we get it. Don't need to spend an entire episode focusing on that. The episode with Locke, where he dates Peg Bundy and has issues with staying away from his father's house, that didn't tell us anything new about Locke. We know he has abandonment issues and that he can't stop thinking about his father used him, we don't need to spend an entire episode of flashbacks on it. Basically, the flashbacks that were new and interesting in Season 1 turned into flashbacks that just rehashed and reinforced what we already knew about the characters in Season 2.

-I had forgotten what a crazy psychobitch Ana Lucia is. I remember that she was a pretty hatable character right off the bat, and over time she warmed up to everyone else and you saw a likable side to her, and then of course she died. But man, when she kills Shannon, she really goes off the deep end. First she knocks out Sayid while he's fighting with Eko, then takes his gun, and starts pointing it at everyone, including the other members of the tail section. Then she decides that no one can leave, and that they have to tie Sayid up, instead of continuing on to their camp. She contemplates killing Sayid, because killing him on purpose would certainly be much more understandable to all the other survivors than the fact that she killed Shannon on accident. Finally, she comes up with her grand plan: She'll let Sayid go in return for supplies so that she can go off and survive on the island by herself. I swear, if Eko wasn't around that whole group would have been dead by now.

Speaking of Eko, I can't get over their relationship. She's the dictator in charge, and she certainly leads by force. Eko is the passive guy behind the scenes, who lets her do what she wants, until she goes too far. Then he speaks up, and she pretty much always does what he says.

-Eko's first interaction with Jack is priceless. First Jack has this complete look of bewilderment on his face when Eko comes rumbling through the jungle with Sawyer over his back. Then, back in the hatch, Jack goes through his normal 'flipping out when angry' routine because Sayid is being held captive and Shannon is dead, instead of acting in a normal, rational manner, and Eko won't talk to him because "Anything I say will only make you more upset". See Jack, guy's known you for five minutes and he already knows how you tick.

-How the hell is Kate a better golfer than a doctor? I can't possibly think of how this would make sense.

That's all for now. I've made it through the first third of the season. Pretty good so far, but definitely a slower pace. I'm mostly just biding my time until Ben shows up.

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