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Entertainment :: LOST 4.3 Thoughts
  submitted on February 15, 2008, 11:10 AM

Well, the writers of LOST are doing their best to just throw as much information at us as possible to see if we can just live in a perpetual state of shock. Last night was a another pretty fast-paced episode that revealed another member of the Oceanic Six, as well as identifying some huge new character development for a certain Benjamin Linus.

-So, we have Jack, Kate, Hurley, and now Sayid as four of the Oceanic 6 (I guessed they would reveal Sayid this week by the way, whoo!). I loved Sayid's flash forwards, because the idea of him as a hitman was something I had a hard time believing. Granted, Sayid is certainly capable of killing people, but it's not something he willingly goes out of his way to do, so it's certainly not a profession I would expect him to jump into after the plane crash.

The first guy he killed was clearly concerned once Sayid identified himself as a crash survivor, although I didn't really think much of it at the time. The woman that he then killed was interesting, because he spent however long setting her up so that he could (presumably) kill her boss, but it turns out she was expecting it the whole time and almost killed him in the process. I was really looking forward to seeing who her boss was, but I guess that will be revealed at a later date.

That being said, Ben being revealed as Sayid's boss just blew me away. It was a cool reveal, too, letting you hear his voice and make the realization before seeing him. It also helps explain why Sayid is doing what he's doing. It appears that he is killing people that I assume are associated with the boat. Ben says something about Sayid protecting his friends or the others or something, makes me wonder if he's talking about the other Oceanic 6, or if he's talking about everyone on the island. Certainly a very interesting situation, and I'll definitely be looking to some more Sayid flash forwards.

-Speaking of Ben, certainly looks like what he tells the truth about and what he lies about is even more fuzzy than before. When we first met Ben, he claimed to be a guy that found the island after he crashed his hot air balloon. Obviously that was true and he was identified as one of the Others. Then he told us that he was born on the island, and that he had never left it. Well, as we saw from Ben's flashback, he wasn't born on the island, he came to the island when he was about twelve. And from last night's episode, it would appear that he not only has left the island before, but actually seems to travel a lot. This would help explain the picture Miles has of him, because the picture doesn't look like it was taken on the island, and even if it was, how did he obtain it?

The suits, the passports, the money, what does it all mean? It has to explain why these people are after Ben, doesn't it? What is this secret other life that Ben has? I thought that was a HUGE new story to introduce.

-I'm glad Desmond's getting some more screen time. He's a great character, but didn't have much to do last season aside from tell Charlie how he's going to die.

-Very cool, surreal scene with Sayid and the helicopter leaving the island.

-Awesome set up by Hurley to trap Sayid. It's funny, when they untied Hurley and he was stumbling around his words, I was thinking that it was a great idea to leave him, since he wouldn't really be all that useful in giving helpful information.

-I wonder why they made Kate stay at the barracks. Locke didn't really seem to have any interest in the other group, he really only wanted to keep Charlotte for collateral purposes, so I don't see why Kate didn't come back. Sayid said she decided to stay, but that's obviously not true. Maybe she just thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to have sex with Sawyer on an actual bed, probably an upgrade from a cage.

-It took me a little while at first, but once Locke started talking to Sayid I realized Sayid's plan to exchange Charlotte for Miles. I had remembered thinking it was a little odd how explicit Sayid was about setting up a deal with the pilot if he brought back Charlotte, then it all kind of fell into place.

-So Faraday has someone on the boat shoot over a rocket with a stopwatch or some kind of a clock in it, and in some bizarre Back to the Future moment he compares the clock with his watch and realizes the rocket arrived a half hour after it was supposed to land after being shot off from the boat. What the hell was that about? There has been discussion about some kind of effect on time with the island, and we've seen some suspect examples, like Richard not aging over the past twenty or thirty years, possibly Walt's age increase, and now a blatant and real disruption of time involving this rocket. However, the fact that Charlie was able to communicate with Penny in real time, the fact that Mikhail was able to keep up with the outside world in real time, and the fact that the conversations on the sat phones could take place in real time all seem to contradict those time issues, at least from an electronics standpoint.

-One last thing: what's Sayid's fascination with Naomi? He took her bracelet, insisted her body go on the helicopter back to the ship, but it doesn't seem like he's going about it in a caring way, it's like he suspects something, or knows something about her that we don't. I mean, it could be nothing and I could just be looking into it too much, but I got an odd vibe the way he was going about all of that.

We're getting the fifth of six next week, and I can't really think of who it might be. I still don't think Michael is one of them, I don't want to suggest Jin or Sun unless they both get off the island because I hate that idea, Locke leaving doesn't make sense. I'm still kind of up in the air about Sawyer, it seems like the whole thing with Kate makes it too obvious to be Sawyer, plus he seems to want to stay. It could be Claire, but her character's main purpose was Aaron anyways, I don't know how much use she would have post-island. I don't think Rose and Bernard are big enough characters. I think that's everyone. They could throw us for a swerve and re-introduce one of the survivors who was captured. That would be interesting. So, I guess for lack of a better option I'll go with Claire, but I really have no idea who the last two will be.

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