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Entertainment :: LOST : Season 1 Revisited (Part 2)
  submitted on February 12, 2008, 11:59 PM

Well, I started watching the first part of "Exodus" last night, and ended up getting sucked into watching the whole damn thing and didn't get to bed until about 12:30. What a fantastic season finale. But I'll touch on that more later. Some of the major plot points touched on the last 16 episodes involved Ethan, Locke/Boone/the Hatch, Michael & the raft, and I suppose related to Ethan, Claire/Walt/the Others.

Upon re-watching the whole Ethan Rom angle, I thought it held up pretty well and was a great introduction to The Others. Creepy, very dangerous, with some mysterious ulterior motives that leaves the audience baffled. The one thing I wasn't really a fan of was when Ethan came back for Claire. So, Ethan tells Charlie that Claire has to be alone and he will take her, otherwise people will die, etc. But...doesn't it seem kind of dumb on Ethan's part to actually show up by himself, completely unarmed? Is he actually expecting Claire to be there by herself? It just seems like a blatant setup for Ethan, and he's come across as a very intelligent villain so far, so I don't like the blatant character misstep. But that's a pretty minor thing overall.

So I ranted a bit last time about what a worthless character Boone was and how it was pretty obvious that if anyone needed to die, it was him. His only foil on the show was Shannon, and Shannon ended up finding Sayid. So he assumed the role of Locke's lackey, really contributing nothing to the show and just acting as an extension of John, and ultimately, a sacrifice. Really, Boone's greatest contribution was the rift he created between Locke and Jack when Jack was unable to properly treat Boone (He would have died anyways, but whatever) because Locke disappeared right after the accident. Oh, sorry, he "lied" about what happened to Boone (Not really, he did fall off a cliff, he just neglected to mention that he was in an airplane when it happened). But I'll refrain on that for now, I have a big Jack rant saved up for later.

I love the idea of the hatch. The discovery and subsequent excavation just led to a great "wtf" moment for the show (Because they don't have enough of those). It also was a good opportunity for some character development for Locke, as we learned a little bit more about his connection with the island. But I think my favorite part of it is how completely baffled everyone is when they come in contact with it. Sayid and Jack don't know what to do with it, hell, even Rousseau, who's been on the island for sixteen years, A. has no idea what it is, and B. looks totally perplexed when she sees it. I mean, I would have to imagine that after all this time it would take quite a bit for her to get surprised by anything. Also, great end to the first season with Jack and Locke staring, bewildered, down the open hatch after they just blew it open with dynamite.

Switching gears, I can't get over how much of an asshole Michael was for the first half or two thirds of the season. He has his moments, helping get Jack out of the caves, the idea about creating showers, etc., but man, that guy is as stubborn as anyone, and if you do anything that he disagrees with, he will be all up in your face about it, and god forbid he actually listen to what anyone else has to say. Remember how I said no one ever even gave Sawyer a chance? That's pretty much how Michael is with everyone, particularly Locke. Although they did have a bit of a reconciliation when Locke helped him save Walt from the gigantic polar bear. That's polar bear #2, by the way.

The funny thing is that the thing that ended up really calming Michael down, was Jin. Jin, who has been public enemy #1 in Michael's eyes since, oh, like the third or fourth episode of the season. Michael was convinced that Jin burned down the first version of the raft, which led to Sun revealing to everyone that she speaks English. In an interesting chain of events, this led to Jin separating himself from Sun, effectively isolating himself from everyone, and eventually, to him helping Michael build the new raft. For whatever reason, the two formed quite a team, working well together, and eventually building a bit of a friendship. Michael was noticeably less of a jackass for the remainder of the season, although he still had his moments with Sawyer (Shocker!).

Speaking of Michael, I had forgot what an awesome character Walt is. Season 2, the only time we see him is briefly at The Others' "camp", and the rest he appears in the woods briefly speaking backwards or whatever. Then he leaves, and I think we see him all of twice during all of Season 3. During that time, you tend to forget about the things that make him special. Of course there's the bird that flies into a window and dies while he's reading about birds, because his parents won't listen to him while he's trying to talk. Then there's the polar bear that manages to show up after Walt was reading Hurley's comic book with the polar bear in it, only Walt got mad after Michael threw the book into the fire. Then he was talking to Locke, and Locke touched his arm, which caused Walt to urgently tell John not to open the hatch, which of course Walt didn't even know anything about. He's just a really fascinating person, and honestly, I hope that he comes back and has a significant role on the show.

So, something I've come to realize is how unlikable Jack is. I talked a bit about Michael's stubbornness, well, Jack's got it in spades. He is a man very set in his beliefs, and it takes a hell of a lot of him to change his views on anything. This results in very unfriendly interactions with those that don't share the same views as him (Sawyer, Locke, Kate on occasion...but she gets a pass because Jack wants to see her naked). When I talked about the treatment Sawyer receives from people, it all begins with Jack and his attitude. Then later, after the whole Boone incident, Jack goes off the handle angry at Locke, and it has a ripple effect on everyone else. And it doesn't really matter whether Jack is right or wrong, he's just so dead set in his ways that there's no other way around it. The situation with Boone was a perfect example. I mean, really, Boone was going to die. His leg was screwed, his lung collapsed, he lost a ton of blood, not to mention he was on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, as opposed to a hospital. But because Jack is such a control freak, and because he has to fix everything and everyone that he can, when he fails, beware his wrath. He goes so far as to call Locke a murderer. The funny thing about his hatred for Locke is how similar the two are in many aspects. I love the parallel they pulled with Locke on several occasions yelling at people not to tell him what he can't do, only to have Jack bust out the exact same line later on. I mean, I'm glad Jack is there, because he is a doctor, and his knowledge and abilities are great to have. However, he often times is a stubborn asshole who ends up picking fights with people unnecessarily and does what he says, despite it probably being a good idea to listen to what others have to say. I'd like to think it gets better as the show goes on, but we all know that's not true.

Okay, this is starting to get long-winded, just a few more points I wanted to make:

-I've been looking forward to seeing Arzt explode pretty much since I started watching the season. Honestly, next to the meteor blowing up Hurley's chicken restaurant and the reporter in front of it, this scene is the funniest damn thing this show has done. It's just so over-the-top shocking that it is completely hilarious. I freakin' love it.

-I want more of the smoke monster. I want to know who controls it, where it came from, what it does, the works. That thing was a tour-de-force in the first season, and I want more.

-I thought the numbers were great, but honestly, I don't see why everyone thinks they should have some ultimate meaning. They keep showing up because the overall theme in the show is about how many different things are related to each other. The numbers were technically explained as part of the Valenzetti equation, so really I don't know what else people are looking for. I do like how they tied into things in Season 1, and it'd be fun to see them pop up from time to time, but really, what else do people want?

-There were some amazingly touching moments during the finale. First was a shirtless Sawyer and a teary-eyed Jack. Honestly though, it was a great moment with Sawyer telling Jack of his encounter with his father, and what Christian had to say about Jack. I'm sure it helped their relationship in the future, but it was just nice to see them connect on that personal level. The other moment was Jin and Sun reconciling. What a tear-jerking scene. Jin and Sun have always been my favorite characters, and I just thought the whole dialog between them was amazing.

I think that's all I've got. I'm going to try and split my thoughts up evenly for next season, it got too hard to try and remember the little things I wanted to talk about after 16 episodes. I'll probably try and start Season 2 later this week. I'm excited for this week's episode, along with news that the writer's strike is over and we may end up getting a total of 13 episodes this season instead of just the 8 that have been filmed so far! Whoo!

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