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Entertainment :: Lost 4.2 Thoughts
  submitted on February 8, 2008, 9:50 AM

I didn't post much in the way of thoughts on LOST from last week, due to the fact that I believe if the show was able to give us a full season as was previously expected, the season premiere would have been two hours, but due to the writer's strike it was split up into two episodes to lengthen the season as much as possible (Hopefully with news that the strike may be ending soon we might even get to see more than eight episodes this year; I guess one of the fortunate things about only planning 16 episodes for the season is that there are only 8 more they have to film). So I decided to wait until both episodes were aired before giving my two cents.

On a side note, I have three more hours (2 episodes) left in Season 1, so I'm hoping to finish that up this weekend or early next week and then post some more observations.

But, back to the topic at hand, the start to Season 4. LOST is back to doing what it does best, coming up with new ways to confuse the hell out of you and get you to stare dumbly at the TV screen. We've got four new characters on the show, and they brought with them a whole lot of questions for the viewers.

-First off, who the hell are these people? I had read that Season 4 was going to feature both flash forwards and flashbacks, and I'm really glad they did it that way. The flash forwards are certainly a nice change of pace from three seasons of flashbacks, but I never felt like they should abandon them completely. It was nice to see some brief flashbacks for all four crew members, although we didn't get a ton of answers from them. We do know that they were seemingly recruited by the creepy guy in the black suit who visited Hurley last week. We know that they're not professionally trained for their mission, and that it doesn't appear that they even knew each other before they were assigned to this project.

Daniel Faraday got very emotional when he found out about the wreckage of Flight 815 (more on that later), but we don't know why. Miles is some sort of ghost whisperer, we don't know of any connection to the flight. Charlotte's an interesting case, we saw her track down the skeleton of a polar bear in Tunisia with a Dharma collar(!) next to it. Can't remember the pilot's name off the top of my head, but he claims that he was originally supposed to be the pilot for Flight 815, but wasn't for some reason. So we learn little tidbits about each one, but still no idea on their true purpose, or their motivation for each even being a part of this project.

-Okay, I guess we know a little about their true purpose: they're after Ben. Bet Jack's wishing he hadn't let him go with Locke right about now. Charlotte is currently a semi-captive with Locke's party, the other three are with Jack. All Jack/Kate/Sayid/Juliette know is that Miles has a picture of Ben and that he's why they're there. Locke's party has discovered that Ben, as usual, is just full of all kinds of information, and in this case seems to know every little detail regarding Charlotte's life, including the fact that she is here to find him.

-Ben is an interesting case himself. You can never tell with him when he's lying and when he's telling the truth. He knows a lot about many things, but that doesn't always mean he's going to tell you the truth about them; it really all depends on what the impact of knowing that information means in the big picture. For example, he says the people on the freighter are not who they say they are and they bring danger to the island. Now, while it's true that they're not who they say they are, was Ben saying that to protect the island, or was he saying that to protect himself, since they seem to be there because of him? He did shoot Charlotte after all, who was fortunately wearing a bulletproof vest (Speaking of which, what the hell was that about?), so he must honestly believe they present some danger.

Locke asked him about the smoke monster, Ben said he didn't know what it is. Again, is that the truth, or is it just in his best interest to not tell? And if he really doesn't know what it is, who does? Jacob, perhaps? I just think it's interesting that Ben knows so much, because of Locke's curiosity, it would be pretty tough for John to just kill him.

-Ben said he had a spy on the freighter. Can't help but wonder who that might be. It could just be someone we don't even know, or it could be a recurring character. Michael? Walt? Penny? Jack's dad, just so we can give him another role on the show?

-Touching back on last week's episode, we met a creepy guy in a black suit. He was in one of Hurley's flash forwards after Hurley got himself back into a mental hospital. He claimed to be from Oceanic, but Hurley got a bad vibe from him and got him to leave, but not before the man asked him if they were still alive. Cryptic, and it makes you wonder who "they" are. Now, with this week's episode, we see him in a flashback, with Naomi, going over the four crew members. We still don't know who he's working for, but he seems to indicate to Naomi that there were no survivors from Flight 815. Whether he actually believes that or not I have no idea. However, since this crew was his idea, it makes me wonder if "they" isn't the other survivors as most originally thought, but possibly his crew instead. It also makes me wonder what Hurley and the other "six" aren't telling people. Clearly the man in the black suit knows Hurley is hiding something, Jack even checked on him to make sure he didn't talk.

-I don't want to speculate too much about the "Oceanic 6", because I honestly have no idea who they are all going to be. We don't really even know what that means, although it would be fair to assume that there are only 6 of them that leave the island. It would also seem that the 6 were all from the plane, hence the nickname. So far we've got Jack, Kate, and Hurley, which only leaves three spots for a lot of people that seem to want to get off the island. Kind of depressing to think about, really, and it makes you wonder what happens to the non-plane island inhabitants.

-The plane wreckage was very interesting. One of the big question marks for people (one of many) is how the rest of the world reacted to the plane crash. When Naomi was first introduced last season, we discovered that the public opinion was that the flight crashed, everyone died, and that they saw the wreckage, bodies, etc. Well, last night we saw some video footage of the wreckage, and the body of the pilot. Now as the crew pilot hinted at, the footage he saw of the airplane's pilot's body, he didn't believe that was really the pilot due to a lack of a wedding ring. So this leads to speculation that this is some kind of coverup. But by whom? Oceanic? The creepy guy in the black suit? Why would you fake a plane crash? Why not just say you never found the plane?

-It was nice of Locke to bring up his lack of a kidney saving his life. It was discussed amongst the fans, glad the writers just threw in a brief acknowledgment.

-Yeah, did I mention a Dharma polar bear in fucking Tunisia? Last time I checked, Tunisia was nowhere near the Pacific ocean. Not to mention, it's a skeleton, which would imply it's most likely been there for a while. So...what the hell? How many Dharma polar bears are there anyways? We know Sawyer killed one, another one attacked Walt, the Others used to keep them (or Dharma) in cages, but who knows how many there actually were. This one is just baffling to me.

-I still think it's a little odd that Desmond didn't go with Locke's group. He was the first one to get Charlie's message, but he stuck around anyways. I wonder if it's due to the fact that Naomi had Penny's picture, and is too curious to leave. I also thought some more about what this guy had to say about how he doesn't understand why any of the survivors would ever go with Locke. I said it made sense, considering they were going with him because of Charlie, not because of Locke. On top of that, some people obviously don't trust Locke because of what he's done. But I don't think that includes everyone. Just because we know the whole story with Locke doesn't mean everyone does. Think about it. Sayid, Kate, Jack, all probably feel they have valid reasons to not trust or go with Locke. And none of them did. Hurley, Sawyer, Claire, what reasons do they have not to trust him? Anyways, just something I wanted to touch on.

-Anyone else think that they've been putting Michael's name in the credits the past two weeks just to screw with us? I initially thought he was in the credits last week and didn't appear because he was going to show up this week, and since I think this was originally going to be a two hour episode, etc...But now? I wouldn't put it past JJ Abrams & co. to think it would be hilarious to mess with everyone's heads since we all get way too obsessive with the show as it is to sit there and get us to speculate about the return of Michael, only to not even have him show up. Sneaky bastards if that's why.

-I still can't believe Jack tried to kill Locke last week. What an asshole. Actually, I have some more thoughts on Jack and his often ridiculous behavior, but I'll save that for my Season 1 thoughts.

Well, I think that's all I've got for now. Next week I guess we get to find out the fourth member of the Oceanic 6. Like I said, I don't have a clue who it will be, but just for kicks I'll say Sayid. I almost said Sawyer, but since he's accomplished his big purpose in life, I'm still not convinced he's going to be alive by the time everyone's ready to leave the island.

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