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Poker :: OmaDraw
  submitted on January 23, 2008, 9:40 AM

How is it possible for me to have gone this long without anyone telling me how completely and totally awful players are at the O8 cash tables? In anticipation for Chad's "Skillz" Series last night, I sat down at a couple $0.50/$1 Limit O8 cash tables to warm up my brain. I think I ended up about $40 after playing for 90 minutes or so, and I don't even know that I played all that well.

There were some truly bad players, actually most of them were pretty bad. I remember I had one guy on my left whose only requirement to raise preflop involved him holding A2. The other two cards were irrelevant, if he had A2 he was raising it up. I would win some pots, or at least chop them, and look to see what my opponents were holding, and I was just stunned that they would ever even bother playing that hand to begin with. On more than one occasion I would shockingly scoop a pot instead of just picking up the high because I have A4 and there are people calling my river bets with nothing for the high and A7 for the low thinking that it's good. Sets are gold in a 4-way pot with three flush cards out, apparently, as people had no problem betting into me and calling my raises after I flop the nut flush and the board never pairs. Really, the only bothersome part of my session was running into quads twice when I had AA. I didn't play it hard, but I feel like even in Omaha it's tough to put someone on quads. Maybe that's something I should look out for a bit more.

I ended up busting out in 12th in Chad's game. This came about due to me getting my ass handed to me about 20-30 minutes earlier when my flopped set of jacks ran into a flopped full house (threes over jacks) and I just overplayed my set. So I just hovered with around 2,000 in chips as the blinds escalated, and finally tried to play back with a measly TP holding against a button who had been raising my blinds pretty frequently. He had flopped a set, and that's all for me. Not a good finish for me, but I thought I played okay the rest of the time. I didn't get to see nearly as many flops as I would have liked, as I felt like my starting cards were particularly awful (Especially compared to what I was getting at the cash game). However, I also think my tourney play needs some work, as I have trouble keeping my range wide as the blinds escalate, causing me to wait too long for hands at times.

It didn't seem like there were a lot of people who had a real solid grasp on how to play O8. There were definitely those people who were quick to fold as well as those people who don't necessarily know when to fold as opposed to trying to draw out on their opponent. Still, I had a pretty good time 'grinding it out' in a limit game, and it was nice to finally make some kind of a decent showing at one of these games, even if it's just a 12th place finish. I might have to try some more $0.50/$1 Limit O8, and if that continues to be as easy as it's been, maybe I'll check out the $1/$2 tables.

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