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Entertainment :: LOST: Season 1 Revisited
  submitted on January 22, 2008, 11:07 AM

I feel like I need a new category of posts. When I want to talk about television, or movies, or video games, should that really go under 'Personal'? I think not. 'Entertainment' is probably a better tag to use I suppose that means I have to go back and change all of my old posts now. Hooray.

Anyways, I've been re-watching Season 1 of LOST lately, usually an episode before I go to bed. There's so much that goes on in this show, I felt like I needed to get reacquainted with the overall story, as well as refresh myself on any details I may have forgotten.

I've made it through the first 8 episodes (Well, 7 I guess since the pilot was one 2-hour episode), and my first thought is that Sawyer is really a much more sympathetic character right off the bat than I remember. Yeah, the guy's an asshole sometimes, immediately starting a fight with the Middle Eastern guy on the plane, and not really going out of his way to help people (like Jack), but overall, it doesn't even matter, because no one gives the guy a chance anyways.

It's funny, because you get this negative first impression of him when he starts the fight with Sayid (Redneck going after a 'terrorist'), which is due to his stereotyping. However, that action causes everyone else in the group to reinforce their own stereotypes about what kind of person Sawyer is. This leads to him becoming an outcast, someone unwanted by the rest of the group despite his attributes and potential contributions to their society (A role he seeks out due to his character flaws, but that's not really the point).

Early on, Sawyer goes through the fuselage, collecting items of interest. People collect clothes, the doctor finds whatever medical supplies he can, and Sawyer looks for the rest. People act like he is despicable for doing this, so much so that when they need something that he has, they never even think to ask nicely for it. For example, Kate needed a laptop battery, instead of asking Sawyer nicely if he had one, she goes around demanding things. Sawyer in turn gives her a hard time, and eventually gives her the battery.

Then, Shannon had an asthma attack because her inhaler was empty. What's the first attempted solution? Boone starts going through Sawyer's stuff without his permission (Because he assumes Sawyer has the extra inhaler meds since he was reading a book that was in Boone's luggage), and then Sawyer is made out to look like the bad guy when they end up getting into a fight about it. So this leads Jack to go on a holy crusade and demand that Sawyer give him the meds. Of course this is never the way to get anything from Sawyer, so Kate tries to talk to him, since she seems to be the only one who understands how to communicate with him (And even then she is awful at it sometimes too). He actually agrees to give it to her for a kiss, which she doesn't go for. Jack eventually lets Sayid talk him into the idea of torturing Sawyer, which leads us all to discover that Sawyer doesn't actually have the meds everyone assumed he had. He gets stabbed by Sayid in the process and almost bleeds to death. Now, again, Sawyer was obviously being difficult about the whole process, but no one even ever bothered to ask him if he had the meds, and if he did, if they could use them.

There are other instances, too. Charlie asked Sawyer to tell Kate about Jack being trapped in one of the caves, so when Sawyer tracks her down to tell her she responds by telling him that he doesn't have anything to tell her that she could possibly want to know. Or when Sayid is knocked out trying to set up the transponder, he is easily persuaded by Locke that Sawyer was able to knock him out despite having to be 2 km away seconds earlier to set off a bottle rocket (If he really wanted to sabotage the operation he could have just destroyed the equipment he was supposed to be activating), which is what led to Sayid torturing Sawyer. He also couldn't be trusted with their only gun despite using it to save everyone's lives by killing a polar bear.

I'll be very interested to see at what point in time people start to change their stance on him. The latest episode ended with he and Kate kissing (Although Kate elbowed him the face shortly thereafter), but she's been coming around on him for a little while now. I think Jack's moment is when Sawyer realizes he met Jack's father in Australia. It's just an interesting situation, because Sawyer is set up to be the bad guy from day one, but looking back on it now, he's easily the most misunderstood and sympathetic character of the bunch, and it amazes me the hatred everyone dishes out to him, then seem appalled when he doesn't jump at the chance to help anyone.

So, enough about Sawyer. Let's talk about the most worthless character on the show, Boone. I definitely didn't realize it at the time, but making him the first casualty of the show seems completely necessary. I might feel a little more sympathetic towards his cause when I get to his flashback episode, but for right now, he totally sucks. I think when I originally watched this season, I hated Shannon more than anyone. While she is overall pretty worthless as a character, she does have some redeeming moments (Her French translation, taking care of Vincent when Michael and Walt take off).

What does Boone ever do on the show? He almost drowns until Jack saves him, which in turn causes a woman to drown because Jack didn't have time to save them both. Boone went in to save her, but since he's bad at everything he does, he just gets in the way. Then he steals the rest of the water without telling anyone. Again, he's trying to be helpful, but ends up causing a witch hunt while everyone suspects people of taking the water (On a side note, this also leads to people assuming Sawyer took it). Then there was the asthma incident, where he just feels like he has a right to go through Sawyer's stuff, which results in him getting beat up, and everyone ends up more pissed off at Sawyer than they needed to be.

I know he ends up doing something worthwhile when they find the plane, and there's the hatch, etc. But it's not like that isn't something that anyone else could have helped Locke with (ie. Charlie in particular). I'm just surprised at how completely incompetent his character is, and how little he adds to show outside of increasing the tempers of everyone around him.

Just a few other quick hits:

-I forgot how early on we realized Sun spoke English. I thought the first time was when she had to save Jin after the raft incident, not when she had to save Jin after the handcuff incident.

-Locke is a really dangerous character. He embraces his new role as the 'wilderness' expert, but he doesn't have much regard for the lives of others. He put untrained lives in danger when they went boar hunting, he used Charlie unknowingly as bait to catch a different boar, obviously we all know what happens to Boone later. I know he gets pretty stubborn later on when dealing with Jack, but even in the beginning he was in that mindset.

-I wonder if it was Rousseau that hit Sayid, or if it was one of the Others. I don't remember if Rousseau reveals that or not, I guess I'll have to wait and see. If she doesn't, I like the theory that it was one of the Others. Makes sense.

-It's sad knowing that Claire's abduction is coming up. I really liked the relationship she had with Charlie, and it's never really the same again after that.

I think that's about all I have. Really fun watching the show again for the second time to see how things that happen in the beginning build up to later events, knowing now how some things happen. I'll probably try and do this again once I get through another chunk of episodes or once something else pops into my head that I need to talk about.

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