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Poker :: Anna Kournikova screws me again
  submitted on November 8, 2007, 9:39 AM

Not the good kind, though. Showed up for The Mookie last night, and actually made an excellent poker decision and napped through the first 40 minutes of it. Brilliant move on my part, as it allowed me to last for at least 40 minutes, while only losing about 25% of my stack, which is probably an improvement over what would have happened if I had played during that time.

So, once I started going it didn't take too long for me to double up off of some genius who tried to jam my semi-steal attempt. I had AJ in LP and raised it up, AJ's legit so it's not a total steal attempt. SB or BB decides to jam, and I tank a bit trying to figure out if the call is worth it here. I decide that I have the JackAce, so even if I'm dominated I will suck out. Of course, it turns out that I don't have to worry about such things, because he jammed with some crap like 8-10o or something along those lines. And actually, the same thing happened to me later, where I had A9 I think, and was raised by the button, so I repopped in the SB. Button pushes, and I was getting a pretty good price to call, turns out the button decided to re-jam with K-10o. I tell ya I get no respect [/Rodney Dangerfield].

I'm not going to go real deep into a lot of hands, but I thought I played really well, including a nice slow play with Kings where I limped UTG+1 because the table had been pretty aggro with the preflop raising, and sure enough I got someone to raise me in LP (Turns out he had QJo, lol). J-high flop comes down, I check-call his push (He was a bit of a shorty) and that was it for him.

I ended up at the final table second in chips, and woke up with Kings in the CO. It's folded around to me, I raise it up (Probably about 5400 or 3x the BB), the SB, who is also the chip leader, re-raises for 13,000 or so (He started the hand with about 75k. I go into the tank like I'm thinking about it, then push my last 45,000 into the pot. He insta-calls with AK (You really want to insta-call 80% of your stack with AK at the final table when you're the chipleader and you're undoubtedly no better than a coinflip? Whatever). Unfortunately, despite being a 70% favorite, I could not dodge one of the 19 aces in the deck, and instead of winning a 130,000 pot and controlling about 45% of the chips in play and enjoying a 3:1 chip advantage over the second place player, I go home in 7th place.

I got unlucky, which is unfortunate, and it's even more unfortunate that it happened against the one guy who had the chips to knock me out. That was a great opportunity for me to take a huge chip lead and gain a really good shot at winning the Mookie and gaining entry into the TOC. But, I played well, and got all my chips in way ahead, so there's really nothing I can be upset about. Just disappointed at the missed opportunity. Hopefully I can keep my focus and eventually take one of these down.

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