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Poker :: The art of completely lying out of your ass
  submitted on September 4, 2007, 9:01 AM

Nothing really to report on the Hoy last night. 19 runners, I went out in 7th, which I'm grateful for considering how awful my cards were. I can only think of 4 pocket pairs I saw all night. 66 I had to jam with in the SB to a LP raiser, took down the pot. 99 once, same thing, jam to a LP raiser. 99 again, doubled up when I jammed in the sb and the LP raiser felt priced in to call at 2:1 odds with A10o. I probably don't make that call, but whatever, nice double up for me. JJ did me in basically when I pushed UTG and was called by AA. Nice. The final table was pretty passive, if I had been able to accumulate any chips at any point during the tournament I think I could have pushed some of them around. Oh well.

The reason I wanted to post, however, was this guy I was sitting with at a 100NL table yesterday. They seem like nice guys, but I wonder if they realize how stupid they end up looking. Basically, immediately after I sit down, this guy wins a big pot when he flops a boat (4-J-J flop, he's holding 4-4). Didn't see what the other guy had since I hadn't been dealt in yet. But anyways, the guy who lost the pot starts up a conversation with this guy. Turns out this guy says he plays online full time, usually three or four tables at a time, for about 25 hours a week. The other guy seems to buy it, and they continue to converse. Doesn't really make sense to me, since he's playing at a $0.50/$1.00 NL table. Let's say he's pulling in 5 BB/100 on each table (Doubtful considering the way he plays), and let's say he's playing 4 tables (Again, doubtful he could handle that workload and be successful). So we're looking at 20 BB/100 or $40/100 hands. So if he's getting 65 hands in an hour, that works out to be $26/hour, which is fine. But I want to compare this to a normal 40-hour a week job, and since he only plays 25 hours a week, if we extend that out to 40 hours, it shrinks down to $16.25/hour. Now, maybe it's just me, but I don't really want to play poker full time and make $16.25 an hour doing it. That's an entry level job out of college, which might be nice if I'm 18 and living at home.

But I digress, that wasn't even the best part about this guy. Aside from his "I play full-time at 100NL" crap, he had a gem later on. I don't remember the hand history, exactly, but he ended up running his JJ into a guy with a set on an Ace-high board (Ace flopped). Not sure why he didn't just fold the hand at some point, but either way, he told the other guy "nh" and then told him he was holding KK. This his hilarious to me for several reasons. First off, holding KK doesn't make you any less of a retard for not getting out of the hand with the ace on the board, since he was playing back like he had a hand. Second, if you play on here so damn much, are you that ignorant that you don't know everyone at the table can see your hand when you muck after the river?

I didn't bother correcting the guy since he seemed to enjoy his stupid lying, just made a note about how full of crap he is. Hopefully I can end up at his table somewhere down the line.

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