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Poker :: Getting away from a hand...
  submitted on August 6, 2007, 10:06 AM

Well, apparently the Big Game was last night, to the surprise of...well, me. I guess I forgot to mark it down in my calendar, because I just randomly happened to be logging on to Full Tilt at 9:15 last night to play a little poker while I watched the Cubs lose to the Mets again. As I logged on, a tournament window immediately popped up, leaving me to wonder for a few seconds what the hell I had previously registered for. I then realized the Big Game had been going on for about 45 minutes, and I was down to about 2300 in chips. I didn't have much going on, and I hovered around 1700 or so to the final table. At one time I was down to 1000 chips when three people limped in with the blinds at 100/200, I pushed on the button with 88 and everyone folded, so that was a nice little double up.

Anyways, the only hand of note was the hand I busted on. I'm actually wondering how I should have gone about playing this differently, because I think I played it wrong, but I don't necessarily like my other options, either.

Here's the situation. Blinds are 100/200, I have 1900 in chips, and am the short stack at the final table (9-handed). I pick up 88 UTG+1. What do I do here? Limp, fold, raise, push? I figure, limping in this spot is tough, because if someone raises after me, do I fold? My M is 6 and I'm the shorty, so I don't have a lot of chips to sit and limp in with. Do I fold a pocket pair here? Should I just push and hope someone calls with two overs? I don't know that I like any of those options. I opted to raise, which again, I don't know if I like that, either. I put 700 in the pot, leaving 1200 behind.

Everyone folds to the SB, who comes over the top all-in for 9,000 or something like that. This to me is a clear isolation move to get the BB out of the hand. So now what do I do? It's 1200 to call into a pot of about 3000. The re-raise by the SB leads me to believe he's got QQ-AA or AK. I know I'm probably way behind, and maybe have a coinflip. So do I fold here and leave myself with 1200 chips to push with down the line? I feel like I probably should have, but I got a case of the Fuckitols and ended up calling and running into KK.

So, I don't know, maybe I should have just limped or folded preflop so I wasn't committing so much of my stack with 88 in EP.

Mondays at the Hoy tonight, along with the $24k, the 50-50, and maybe I'll give that $10 rebuy satellite to FTOPS #1 a try. As long as I remember all that.

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