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Poker :: We're sorry, all lines are currently down...
  submitted on July 26, 2007, 9:56 AM

Hey look, here's me in the $24k last night:

Looks like I'm almost a lock to cash, with some definite possibilities of another deep finish. Oh, but wait, what's that?

That was the message I got after Full Tilt's servers were down for about an hour. So rigged. I got bumped from the 50-50 and the BBT Freeroll as well.

It wasn't a total loss, as my chip count in the $24k and the 50-50 netted me about $200 plus my original buy-ins, but it was still a little annoying to play that well and to have another good shot of making some noise in an MTT, only to have the site crash and burn. Le sigh.

I did have this one hand in the $75 Token Frenzy which I thought was just hilarious. I'm in the SB, and there's a limper in the CO+1 seat. It's folded to me, and I have AQo. I go ahead and mix it up a bit and raise it 4x to 160. BB folds and the limper calls. Flop comes Q-high with a couple diamonds. I make a strong bet for about 85% of the pot and he cold calls. Turn is another diamond. I'm not exactly thrilled by the third diamond, but I do have the queen of diamonds, so I may have some outs if he did hit a flush. There was about 1000 chips in the pot, and I had around 1100 left in my stack, so I just pushed, in case he had an ace-high flush draw I could get him off of. He calls, and flip over...Q4. Of spades. Rivers a blank and I double up, laughing all the way.

I was stunned. So many retarded moves by this guy. First, he's retarded enough to limp in with Q4 in LP. Yes, I know they're sooooted, but it's still Queen-fawking-four. So then, after limping in, he calls my 4x raise, I guess because he figured he had position? The flop comes, and he hits top pair (4 kicker, mind you), and what does he do with my bet? He smooth calls it. So, you were dumb enough to play the hand, you then actually hit top pair, your only hope is that I don't have a queen. I bet strong, I either have a queen and you're screwed, or I'm just c-betting and you're ahead. In the first situation, you fold. In the second, you raise. There is no calling here. Then we have the turn, which brings another diamond, or in other words, a suit that you do not have. Now, here I am pushing the rest of my chips in. You still have top pair, FOUR kicker, there are three diamonds on the board, you have all spades. Does this really look like a situation that you would call off your entire stack for? OF COURSE NOT!

My favorite part of the hand was afterwards, where I typed in 'Q4?' into the chat window, only to have another player at the table respond with something along the lines of "Give him a break, it's not like you've never made a bad call before." So this genius actually defends his unbelievably awful play, and then gives me a hard time for even questioning the stupidity of his decision. Sooooo funny.

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