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Poker :: It's Moors, you idiot! It's a misprint...
  submitted on July 24, 2007, 10:36 AM

For those of you not witty or clever enough to appreciate the intricacies of Seinfeld, the title of this post would lead one to believe that yes, I was the Bubble Boy at the MATH last night. I've never bubbled a blogger tourney last night, and I'd rather not have it happen again. However, once we got down to the final five, I was in a tough spot, as the 4th place person had me outchipped 3-to-1, while the chipleader was at about 9-to-1, so I was severely shortstacked. Also, with the blinds/antes my M was hovering around 5, so I didn't have much to work with. I think I missed one steal chance in the BB with K10o and a couple limpers, but other than that I didn't mind my play. I ended up getting knocked out when Waffles raised UTG, I pushed with ducks, and he made a crying call with 89 soooooooted. I like the push by me, and he really had to call with the odds. He was getting over 2:1, and it was only about 10% more of his chipstack to call. He flopped an 8 and rivered a 9 and IGH on the bubble.

I liked my play for the most part during the tournament. I laid a couple really nice traps, I thought, and with so many aggro-pushmonkeys (And I mean that in an endearing way) in blogger events, I find trapping can often be an effective way to play. There was one wild hand when the blinds were at 50-100 and I had been on a recent tear and had jumped up to 7500 in chips. EP limped in, columbo min-raised to 200, player after him called, button called, Waffles in the SB pushes for his last 1200, and I have AKo in the BB. I figure it's in my best interest to get all these weak hands out and isolate the Breakfast Man, so I re-pop it up to 2500. Well, turns out columbo's min-raise was code for "I have Aces", as he came back over the top for 4,000+, and a shorty after him called. Well, I knew I was basically drawing dead, so I folded. columbo flips over aces, shorty flips over kings, and Waffles flips over sevens. So of COURSE Waffles hits a set and basically quadruples up. Oi.

I got unlucky several times once we got down to the last two tables, which I think played a large part in me not making the money. I was on a blind steal with a decent hand on the button, only to have a10495827248439 push all-in in the SB. I ended up getting my chips back on a board straight, but got him to donate a decent chunk of his stack since one of my hole cards made a higher straight. So once again a10 is a shorty, and I'm in the SB with A2, so I'm just praying it gets folded around to me so I can put the pressure on. Sure enough it does, I raise, he pushes, I'm obligated to call and he has 33. Of COURSE he does. I don't improve, and he doubles up off of me. I think I was correct in both of my raises, and just got screwed by shitty luck. I also missed a couple races, including my demise at the FT. Just a few hands that didn't work out the way I would have liked, and they ended up being the difference in the end. Oh well, would have been nice to finish up my Mookie win with a MATH win.

Outside of that, I donked out of the satellite to the 50-50, somewhat early, check-raising a better with a flush draw, but of course he flopped 2 pair and wasn't getting away from the hand. I played in the $24k, and made it down to the last 400 or so, but my Jacks were no match for the big stack behind me who decided to play Q-10 sooooooted and flopped top pair. I did, however, finally get myself a $75 token in the Token Frenzy last night. After constantly toting it as the easiest tournament ever, the poker gods felt it was appropriate to screw me over multiple times, and I think this is the first I've won in a few weeks. It was borderline on whether or not I would make it at the break with the blinds just eating up most of the field outside of the top 10, but I was able to double up early in the second hour against a monster stack who tried to knock me out with his flush draw. I actually ended up finishing 2nd overall. Nice to get a big Tier II token, not sure if I'm going to use it for a guaranteed tournament, a S&G, or maybe a FTOPS satellite. I'm leaning towards a guaranteed tournament, but we'll see.

On a side note, I've received some e-mails about my RSS feed (At least in Google Reader) getting all screwed up. It's on my list of things to look at, I was hoping to look at it this weekend, but my new computer and its problems ended up taking up more of my time than expected. I'm hoping to have time this weekend to sit down and try and hammer something out and figure out what the deal is with my code.

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