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Poker :: A Reflection on the BBT...
  submitted on July 2, 2007, 10:53 PM

Well, the BBT is at an end. I ended up finishing 9th, which I'm happy with. I could have done better, but it is what it is. I really missed out on a top 5 finish with a couple stretches where I missed the points in 5 out of 6 events and another where I missed in 5 straight events. On a positive note, I final tabled 7 tournaments, and on each final table I cashed, including 3 second place finishes and 1 win. I think that's also an indication that maybe my heads up game needs some work. I think I get too impatient in heads up and need to do a better job of picking my spots.

I think the stat that I'm happiest with is my ROI. Total buy-in for the events I played in was $728.00. However, since a large number of those events were token events, and I won a token for every single tourney save one, I adjusted my ROI accordingly (If it took me a couple token tournaments to win a token to the Hoy, my buy-in was only $18 instead of $26). So, my actual buy-in amount was actually $433.00 (Mostly due to the fact that the $75 token frenzy's are the easiest tournaments out there, and I ended up only spending $15 on each Big Game). My total earnings during the BBT were $1,652.82, resulting in an ROI of 382%. My best ROI event by far was the first Big Game, where I bought in for $15 and netted $786, for an ROI of 5,240%. My lowest ROI event was obviously the Mookie event where I busted out in 8th for only a $20 cash on an $11 buy-in for an ROI of only 188%.

To be honest, I didn't really know what to expect at the beginning of the BBT. I did not have a large bankroll when this started (Ha, like I do now), and considering before the BBT I had never cashed in a blogger tournament, there was some concern on my part about how many of these I would be able to play in from a pure financial standpoint. To think that not only did I break even during this experience, but I was able to quadruple my investment is very satisfying to me. I still had some ugly red marks in my personal budget from previous poker deposits that had never been replenished, and I have been able to knock those out in one fell swoop. I feel like my play over the BBT and in 2007 in general has improved significantly over my play in 2005 and 2006, where I was overall a losing player. I wouldn't say I'm quite over the hump, but I do feel a lot more comfortable with my play, and I think my results are indicative of my playing better. Obviously I still have lots and lots of work to do, but I'm encouraged that I've been able to move up in levels, even if it is only 50NL and $10 S&Gs.

Well, I guess this turned into a bit of introspective onto my poker playing in general there at the end, but needless to say I'm happy with my play in the BBT, and I hope we get it going again some time in the future. I like the points structure for the most part, but maybe the points either need to be more exclusive, or maybe money won should come into play some how. I never really understood the argument that tourneys like the Big Game singled out people with lower bankrolls. People can pay $11 for the Mookie but can't pay $15 for a gimme Tier II token in the Token Frenzy? I played in 3 Big Games, all cost me $15. And it's not like I'm exaggerating on how easy these tournaments are; they're really the easiest tournaments I've ever played in. So yeah, I'll get off my soap box now, but I think the people that cash need to be rewarded more, because in the end, the important part of a poker tournament is finishing in the money.

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