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Poker :: Fun with MTTs...
  submitted on June 28, 2007, 9:50 AM

Last night was a pretty busy night for me poker-wise. First off, it was Wednesday, aka The Mookie. Now I've made it no secret that my performance in the Mookie during the BBT has been crap. I had only hit one final table, where I went out in seventh I believe, and often struggled to even make it into the points. Well, that changed in a big way as I made another final table, picked up $45 in cash and finished 6th. I obviously would have liked to have finished higher, but once we got down to the FT I really didn't see many cards, and quickly got knocked towards the bottom of the leaderboard, and with the blinds escalating I re-raised/jammed from the blinds against WilWonka's LP raise with A9o, which is a play I think I'm okay with, since WW seems to have a wider range when raising from LP, because it's something he does frequently. I had pushed him off a hand earlier in the tournament doing the same thing with 44 when I figured he was weak and would fold if I jammed. He tanked, then called with...A10o. Doh! No improvement for me and IGH. Oh well. All my hand histories are at home, but I will try and find some good ones from this and my other tourneys to post later.

So, before the Mookie started, I signed up for a $75 Token Frenzy. This was my 5th time playing in one of these, and 3 out of my previous 4 attempts resulted in me locking down a token. These tournaments are a piece of cake, really. It's way too easy to double up in these things. I like to just sit back in the beginning and wait for solid hand or an opportunity for a donkey to give me all their chips, sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes slowly but it always happens. On Monday I doubled up on the first hand of the tournament when some retard thought his AJ was goot on a J-high flop against my Queens. So yesterday I had to wait a bit before I had any opportunities, but I did end up getting involved a hand that I will definitely put up if I can find it. It was a big hand for me and put me way up on the leaderboard. I had a bit of trouble near the bubble though, because the blinds get f'n ridiculous in this thing, being a turbo and all. But thankfully I had some retarded big stacks who wanted to let me double with hands like KK against their 10 9 sooooted. Idiots. Once the bubble finally came I was probably Top 10 in chips, and actually ended up finish second in the whole thing for what it's worth. Bayne and Wawfuls both picked up tokens as well, and it looks like smokkee was the lone casualty of the night.

So, since apparently I felt two MTTs at the same time wasn't enough, I played in my first 26k tournament last night as well. To be honest, I don't think I've played in a straight up large field MTT since I started at Full Tilt. I used to play them at PokerRoom, but I was a donkey back then, so any time I cashed it was more luck than anything. There were about 1200 runners, and I was a little leery about the tournament since we just started with a regular 1500 chipstack. However, I didn't realize how small the level increses were on the blinds. There were lots of additional levels (i.e. 10/20 is the first level, not 15/30), which was fantastic. I chipped up above 3000 in the first hour, with a double up coming pretty early on when I found 99 UTG, raised it up, and was re-raised by someone who almost certainly had a big PP, i.e. AA-QQ, maybe AK, but probablynot much more than that. Well, I flop my set on a 9-high board, do the c-bet/call raise move on the flop, then the turn brought a Jack, so I made it seem like that card was gold for me and I pushed, and he made the instacall with his Aces. They just make it so easy sometimes. I then hovered around that amount for a bit. I won a big hand later and jumped up to 5500 or so, and was as high as 6600 at one point in time, which put me in the top 50 on the leaderboard. Unfortunately I horribly misplayed a hand later on where I called a guy's all-in push with TP and an 8 kicker, somehow convincing myself he was pushing with a draw, since it was a pretty big overbet. That hit me pretty bad, and I spent the rest of the tournament floating around the bottom of the list, getting a few opportunities, and making it far enough to cash, but I ended up dropping out in 137th for $40. Considering where I was and how I was playing, I would have liked a better finish. However, I am happy that I cashed in my first attempt at this tourney, and I love the structure and how quickly we got down to the money without feeling pressure to play pushmonkey poker, so I'll definitely be playing this again down the road.

Well, trying to play three tournaments was a bit of a stretch, and I was glad when the Token Frenzy was finally over. Unfortunately, a mere few minutes later another window opened up on my screen, as it was time for The Dookie. Oi. The game was PLO8, which is a great game to donk around in. O8 is just a crazy game to begin with, and making it PL allows for some crazy pots. I think I played fine in it, but I was hitting some nice flops early on as well, which helped. I doubled up right off the bat when I limped in then called a raise preflop. I flopped a draw to the nut low and a nut flush draw. I bet out, was re-raised all in, and figured I had so many outs that I should call. I ended up scooping the pot and winning a big hand. That was more or less how the tourney went for me down the final four, and I had a big chiplead at the FT. jjok built his stack, though, and I actually almost busted out in 4th place (Top 3 were paid). But I hung in there with a key double up, and ended up going out in 3rd. Not much I can do about the 3rd place finish, Turbo PLO8 3-handed is a bit of a crapshoot when your short-stacked and the big stack is just raising every hand. But I won $25 for my efforts, so I'm not complaining.

So, four MTTs, four cashes. I'm very happy with that, even if I missed the real big money in the 26k. Lately my bankroll has been increasing from cash games mostly, or maybe the occasional S&G, so it's nice to get some ROI from some MTTs.

No Riverchasers for me tonight, so I've just got the Big Game left on Sunday in the BBT. Ideally I'd like to finish in the money and take my money lead back from Bayne that I've had for almost all of the BBT before he took over this week since he won three straight tournaments, but that will obviously be a tough challenge. I've got a couple $75 tokens sitting around that I won from the uber-easy Token Frenzy; I'm thinking I might try a $75 S&G, and see if there are any good DS MTTs I can use the other token on.

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