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Poker :: Even a blind squirrel...
  submitted on June 24, 2007, 8:18 PM

Obviously my multiple second-place finishes in blogger tournies this year has had me a little frustrated that I haven't been able to take one down. But, if you told me that I was going to win a BBT event, a freakin' HORSE tournament would have been my absolute last guess. I'm not a bad HORSE player, but I definitely have trouble playing the 'S' and the 'E' well, which tends to get me into trouble when I try playing hands during those levels and end up getting my ass kicked. I can play LHE, I know basic O8 strategy, although I'm far from an expert. Razz is probably my strongest game, and Stud, I try and avoid as much as possible.

So, the reason I think I ended up taking this down is A. I didn't get sucked out on too much, B. I folded, a lot. I tend to get in trouble in HORSE because it's Limit, so calling down bets when you're drawing to a hand is the quick way to the rail. I really tried to assess the situation a lot more with each hand, and figure out if it was worth it to call down, or if I just needed to let the hand go, even if it was only 100 more chips to call, etc. I think in the long run that really paid off, as my showdown stats were pretty solid:

Limit: 2 out of 4 (50%)
Omaha8: 6 out of 9 (66%) [4 scoops, 2 split]
Razz: 2 out of 2 (100%)
Stud Hi: 1 out of 1 (100%)
Stud Hi-Lo: 5 out of 5 (100%) [2 scoops, 3 split]

Total: 16 out of 21 (76%)

I only remember a few hands of note. I had a big Hold Em hand when I had pocket Kings in the CO, and it had already been raised and re-raised to me, so I 3-bet and it was capped off. I flopped a set, all clubs, and I wasn't about to let go of the hand, the first bettor ended up getting out of the hand, but the second stayed in with 55, and ended up all-in drawing dead, but he rivered a 5 just to rub it in. Another hand in Omaha had me capping the betting with someone with concealed Aces, only to find out once I ended up all-in he was concealing Aces as well. Fortunately I went in on fourth street with three to a flush and I ended up hitting the flush and winning a big hand.

All in all I think I played well, and got some hands, won some pots, and I managed to keep my big chip lead once we hit the money, which was something I was worried about. Also, congrats to jeciimd for finally cashing in a BBT event. He's been in the Top 10 in points for a loooooong time, but hasn't managed to hit the cash yet, which is almost more impressive than his spot on the points leaderboard, lol.

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