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Poker :: Less suckage...
  submitted on June 4, 2007, 10:21 AM

Well, after being a complete donkey in the past two BBT events, I'm ready to start a new week with a solid showing in the MATH tonight (Password: hammer). Not much to tell about in last week's Riverchasers. Just for kicks I decided to try something completely different, and that involved raising with ATC on the button or in the CO if the pot was unopened to me, and just try to be a lot more aggressive than usual.

Yeah, well, that worked out fine for about 20 minutes.

So in the CO I have J4 soooted. CO+1 limps in for 40 chips, I figure what the hell, let's play like we have a big hand. I re-raise to 160, he calls. Flop comes a 9-high rainbow, and I have middle pair and a backdoor flush draw. He min. bets, and I continue to represent a strong hand and re-raised to I think 400. He thinks about it and just calls. So, at this point, I either put him on top pair or a straight draw. Considering he limped in then called my re-raise out of position, suited connectors seemed possible, or maybe even a slow-played set. Well, the turn was a (seemingly) harmless K, which I figured couldn't have helped him, so I went ahead and pushed in my last 1100 chips. Sorry, I forgot to mention the king gave me a flush draw, so I figured I had 14 outs if he called (9 outs, 3 Jacks, 2 fours), but I thought he would fold because I had projected strength entire hand. Looking back, maybe the push looked a little week, and maybe I should have just bet 900 or so, as I think the implication of me putting in 85% of my stack might have come across stronger. But back to the hand, he ends up calling and flips over...K9o. Are you effing kidding me? First, he limps in with that crap hand, then, and this is what kills me, he smooth calls a 4x re-raise out of position. With King-nine offsuit. And then like a total luckbox he flops top pair and turns two pair, which is impossible for me to know since I would never put someone in that position on that kind of hand. I might expect something like that against the normal FT brethren, but in a blonkament I do have slightly higher expectations. So needless to say I don't improve on the river and IGH as Gigli+1.

Now, I get that I'm sitting here ranting about getting knocked out of a hand in which I pushed all-in with a pair of fours and a flush draw. And really, that's not what my problem was with the hand at all. I played the enter hand as a bluff. I gave off the impression that I was strong all hand. I re-raised big pre-flop, I re-raised big on the flop, I pushed on the turn. I think it's perfectly reasonable to look at my play and assume I have a big pocket pair. And I think it's the fact that I did manage to give off that image, and that if he doesn't pair his king on the turn I probably get him to fold that makes me so mad. Just that someone would honestly try and make such an awful play like that with K9o. My cards in this hand don't really matter. I could have actually had Tens or Jacks in this hand like I was representing and I would have written the exact same rant. Just a bad play all around. I really hope I get seated at a table with that guy again in the future.

So that was the Riverchasers, where my aggressive experiment failed horribly. Sunday was the HORSE doublestack event, which went a little better, but not much. I have a hard time not tilting when playing games like Stud and LHE. The ability to get sucked out on is a lot greater due to the inability to control the odds. If I have a pair and I know my hand is best on the flop in LHE, I don't necessarily have the ability to push my opponent off of a drawing hand like I would in NLHE because of the capped betting. Stuff like that pisses me off to no end. I especially hate playing stud, because in addition to the suckout factor, I'm just not good at stud, so I have a hard time playing hands and winning pots. Omaha I don't claim to be great at, but it's a wild enough and fun enough game that I enjoy it for the most part. I really try and only play with the nuts or with a good draw to the nuts, and I limp along if I'm playing the nut low until I hit it. Razz I enjoy playing even though it has a huge suckout factor. It's just too crazy not to like.

Anyways, there were 21 people for the tournament, and I was going along, hadn't made too many mistakes outside of an Omaha hand I took to showdown that I really shouldn't have because I only had two pair when there was a straight draw on the board. But the blinds were getting pretty ridiculous and I was down to 2500 chips or so when I get J7 or some crap hand like that in the BB. The SB completes and I check, and I catch top pair on the flop. SB bets out (He has a big chip stack, 8,000 or so), I raise, he just calls. I immediately put him on middle pair and/or a draw. Turn is a blank and I fire out again, he just calls. River is an ugly, ugly card that could have completed his straight. Instead of checking, he bets out, and I call, completely disgusted as he flips over his rivered gutshot straight. Just horrible. If this was NL, that would have been my hand. But he drew out with his awful hand and hit a four outer on the river. I hate LHE. That knocked me down to 300 chips, and I doubled up on the next hand, but ended up going out in 14th when my 9-10 sooooted couldn't crack Queens. Very annoying, but it's HORSE, what are you supposed to do?

I have a non-poker related observation I need to get up here regarding cab drivers and homeless people. Also, I'll probably get my thoughts on the NBA FInals up later this week.

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