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Poker :: Mookie 101: Don't be good, be lucky
  submitted on May 31, 2007, 12:02 PM

No offense to those of you that cashed in the Mookie last night, but damn did I see some disgusting beats laid out during the tourney.

In a word, my results at the Mookie during the BBT have sucked. I've been keeping my own stats, and here is a breakdown on finish, points, and $$ for the 4 different events in the BBT:

Big Game
-Avg. Money: $393.00
-Avg. Finish: 12.50
-Avg. Points: 95.03

Mondays at the Hoy
-Avg. Money: $54.32
-Avg. Finish: 19.17
-Avg. Points: 44.18

-Avg. Money: $40.95
-Avg. Finish: 29.75
-Avg. Points: 41.66

The Mookie
-Avg. Money: $2.59
-Avg. Finish: 38.50
-Avg. Points: 20.59

Now, granted the Big Game numbers are skewed due to such a small sample size (2), and the fact I chopped 1st place money in one of the games, but the point still stands that I can't get anything going in the Mookie. I've final tabled it only once, and finished 8th for my only cash of a whopping $20. I average at least $40 in every other tournament I play, and at least 40 BBT points. But in the Mook, it drops to $2.50 and 20 , respectively. Now, it's no coincidence that the MATH and the Big Game are more profitable for me than the RC and the Mookie, those are doublestack tournies which is much more suited to my play. But I've still managed to finish 2nd in the RC, as well as put together a 10th place finish. So I don't know what it is, but I really want a good finish in the Mookie before the end of the BBT.

To recap last night, I actually thought I played really well all things considered. However, the past few nights (MATH, Mookie, 90-person DS S&G), I am 0 for 4 in my all-in races. Hard to get anywhere when you can't win a race.

First hour of the Mookie was absolutely awful. I think we played 72 hands, I saw the flop 5 times. Only once did I go to showdown. Of course, on that hand I had AK sooooted and got it all-in preflop with someone else with...AKo. Full Tilt decided to be a big bitch and even teased me with a flush draw on the flop, only to dish out two blanks and a chopped pot. Awesome. I had AK soooted earlier in the game, which was graciously folded around to me in the button, and I couldn't get any action from the blinds. The only other starting hands I even had worth mentioning were pocket 10s and pocket 7s, both pots were given to me preflop without any resistance. In fact, aside from that chopped pot, I won 1 hand on the flop (I bet into the pot from the BB with K-high), and took down 7 hands preflop. That's it. Absolutely no action, absolutely no cards. Hell, aside from my pocket pairs, I didn't win or play in a single hand where I had anything above Ace high. And yet, despite all that, I ended the first hour up with 1900 chips. I tried to stay aggressive even though I wasn't getting cards, which is not something I do very often. I think I even stole the blinds from the CO with 52o. It was just one of those nights.

So, second hour, I actually won a hand with my slow-played aces. I was sick of having everyone fold to my bets, so I figured I'd just limp from UTG+2. Regardless, all the weak/tight donkeys folded, and I just played with the blinds. Flop was K-high rainbow, and I slow played my aces all the way down to the river, risky, but I felt I was pretty safe the whole time. The SB had pocket 8s, and apparently didn't believe I had a king, because he called down my shitty min. bets all the way to showdown. I still don't slow play my monsters very often, but in that particular instance in won me more chips than if I had played it aggressively. Not much else happening for me until later when I find AQo in MP. I raise it up to 420 (3.5x), and Hoy pushes for his last 1100 chips. It's 700 for me to call, and I have about 1000 chips left. I really felt like he had a pocket pair and I was in a race, and I also felt like I had a strong enough hand that I wasn't too worried about being dominated (Really only worried about AA, QQ, and AK), so I call and he flips over pocket 4s. He hits a set and I'm down to about 300 chips (Race #1). I get the hammer two hands later and push, the blinds call, I hit a set of 2s and triple up (whoooo!). Turns out I was ahead the whole time, the blinds had 53o and 46o or some crap like that. So I'm up to 900 chips, and in the BB I find the hammer again, but fold to a button raise. Of course, if I had played I could have tripled up again with another set of 2s! Next hand, I'm in the SB with AQo again, it's folded to me, I push, and the BB calls with 10s. What great luck. I don't improve, and IGH in 30th (Race #2).

Very frustrating that I didn't win either race. I had nothing going for me during the tournament, but I still had opportunities, they just didn't materialize. I did make the points, barely, so that's some kind of consolation prize, and moved up to 6th on the Leaderboard. I feel like with the way oossuuu and Bayne are playing, if I want to get into the Top 3 it's going to be by dethroning Iggy, who is a manageable 100 points away. Maybe I can put something together in the Riverchasers tonight. That place is a total donkfest. Hee haw!

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