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Poker :: Mookie + Donkey = ...Monkey?
  submitted on May 24, 2007, 10:49 AM

I will try to be brief, don't have much to say (I swear I say that every time and then I go off on a tangent). The Mookie was last night, which I originally planned on taking off, but my second-place finish in the MATH on Monday rejuvenated my interest in playing despite the season finale of Lost interfering. Also, my status for the MATH next week is up in the air, so I didn't want to miss two tournies in a row.

First hour I literally saw the flop on 1 hand. Part of that was due to the fact I was paying more attention to Lost, so I didn't really feel like playing many hands (I think I won 3 or 4 hands preflop, so that means I was involved in 4 or 5 hands in the first hour. Whee). The other reason for the massive folding was that my cards for the most part were complete crap. No big hands, suited connectors would come UTG where I didn't really feel like playing them, just no real opportunities to do a damn thing. So I basically dwindled my stack to about 900 chips at the break. It's funny, Hoy has commented on how he thinks the Blogger Tournaments are tighter because of the BBT going on. I don't necessarily agree with this, and think the number of people who really change their play just to get into the points is very small, and overall the bloggers still play like the loose donkeys that they are. However, looking at my first hour last night, I was the spitting image of what Hoy was talking about, even if that wasn't my intention.

So, second hour comes around, I start getting some cards, and in the process, I start getting some chips. I doubled up twice in a short period of time, and soon found myself at around 4000 chips and in much better shape. After re-raising a guy in the BB when he looked to be stealing my blinds on the button, a few hands later I found Kings in MP/LP. He raised up in MP, I came across as a total bully and re-raised, he smooth calls. He hits TPTK with his AJ on the flop and insta-pushes, so I insta-call and chip up to 7,500 and Top 5 in chips.

I stayed around that amount, raising a lot of pots to keep up with the blinds at our short table, as we dwindled our way down to 2 tables. It got a little rought, the blinds were at 150/300 and we were playing six or seven-handed, so you had to be aggressive or else you were going to lose chips fast. I was second stack at the table next to this guy's monster stack to my left, and we were raising most of the pots at the table preflop, kind of treading water until we got down to 18 and could calm back down. Well, Bone_Daddy84 had won a few pots in a short time and was basically had the same chip stack as I did when I completely donked out of the tourney.

I'm on the button and see AKo. Bone_Daddy limps in UTG with the blinds at 200/400/50 (RED FLAG!! RED FLAG!!). I decide to raise it up to 1600 (Our stacks are at 7500 or so at the moment). He then pushes in his stack, having me barely covered (Limp UTG then push? RED FLAG!! RED FLAG!!). But I'm a donkey and call, and he flips over Queens. I turn a King, but it doesn't matter, since another one of his bitches hit on the flop, and IGH in 19th.

Looking back, aside from the obvious strength he was representing, it was actually some of the table chatter that led to me justifying this call to myself. As I mentioned, we were playing short-handed, and with the high blinds, we (the big stacks) were raising a lot. I tried to only raise with good hands, but I had the occasional Q10o steal going. A few of the non-big stacks had made a few comments about our ridiculous blind-stealing and how they wanted to move or get down to two tables. I didn't think much of it at the time, but looking back, those comments influenced my call with AK. I got this thought in my head that he legitimately limped UTG, and saw me raise (yet again) from the button, a substantial raise too, which he maybe took as a steal attempt, so he pushes to get me to lay off the hand. Now, I don't think that's a horrible way to look at the hand, and it certainly could have been a possibility. However, should I really be putting in my last 6000 chips in the pot based on that kind of read? Absolutely not. It's more likely that he has a big pocket pair, and really I'm fortunate that it was basically a coinflip with his queens. I could have easily been screwed going up against Aces or Kings. Finally, the situation in general is a pretty easy fold. I still have 6,000 in chips (Which is still around Top 10 or so) if I fold, and should I really be committing my entire stack at that point in the tournament with AK? No way. Just a poor decision on my part all around, and a frustrating way to go out.

I mean, I am glad I made the points considering how I did nothing for the first hour, but considering the streak I was on, and the opportunities I had, I really would have liked to get another FT under my belt, and possibly another cash. Very frustrating.

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