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Poker :: Goal Accomplished...
  submitted on May 22, 2007, 9:39 AM

Well, my goal of cashing in a BBT tourney came to fruition a little faster than expected, as I took second in the MATH last night People always talk about how the Token S&Gs on FT are the softest out there, but trust me, blogger tourneys are so much softer. Ha, right.

I don't have too much to say about the tourney, it started out just like my run in the Big Game ended, with me getting little to no cards, and not being able to do too much in the chipping up department. Towards the end of the first hour I woke up with pocket Kings in LP and managed to double up when someone called my all-in with AQ on a Q-high flop. From there I just took down pots, moved up the leaderboard, and with about 16,000 in chips and hovering around the chip lead, I pulled a donkey move out of my hat when I tried to steal the blinds from the CO with 93o. BB called, and flop came down 9 high. BB bet out, I raised, she pushed, I called and her OESD didn't improve and I won the hand and jumped up to 25,000 in chips and the clear chip leader. From there I continued to chip up, and when we got to the final table, I was first or second with around 35,000.

Final table went by without any major happenings, although I did bust Miami Don in 5th on what he thought was a bad call. I thought it was pretty much a toss up based on my read, although maybe I just don't play with Don enough and made a bad read. Basically, the blinds are at (I think) 1000/2000. I'm sharing the chip lead with TripJax at around 41,000, and Don has 12,000 UTG+1. He pushes, and I'm holding ATc. So, I think about it, and decide there's a good enough chance I'm ahead here or at least in a race that I call. He flips over KQ and doesn't improve. I've thought about the hand more, and I still think my call was okay.

First, looking at my own chip stack, I have 41,000, and am risking 12,000 to make this call in order to win 16,000. If I lose, I'm down to 29,000, and am still 2nd or 3rd in chips with 5 to go. If I win, I'm clearly in first with 55,000 and 4 left. I think that's an endorsement for calling. Second, there's Don's range. Now, Don's been playing fairly tight, making very calculated bets, folding to a lot of re-raises, etc. However, he still has an M of under 4, so it's not like he has the smallest range in the world here. I put him on (and maybe this is the wrong range to put him on) any pair 88 and above, ATs and above, KJs and above, ATo and KQo. So, I checked out the hand in Pokerstove to see what I was getting, and my equity was about 40%. Now, this isn't quite what I wanted, but, I feel my equity in that situation is actually a little better than that.

This is due to my feeling about the hand in general. As I said, Don had been very calculating in his moves. If he just makes a raise to 7,000 or 8,000 instead of pushing, I probably fold, because that looks to me like he's strong, and there's a good chance I'm either dominated or only have one overcard against QQ or KK. But, the push made me think that maybe Don wasn't all that strong. In my mind it was less likely that he held AA, KK, QQ, AK, or AQs, because I think he would have raised with those hands instead of pushing. Don had said something to smokkee earlier in the tourney about pushing preflop since smokkee was using his 'push' button to try and double up instead of trying to get action by just raising. That led me to believe that maybe he didn't want action here, maybe he wasn't all that strong. It just didn't seem right, and so I felt I had the odds (And adjusting my equity accordingly I think I did) to knock someone out with my hand, and I was willing to take that chance with just a coinflip.

We got down to three-handed play shortly after that when Otis knocked out lightning36 (Who, oddly enough, I had won a token with earlier that day so that we could actually play the MATH that night), and I managed to chip up to 75,000 or so until Otis eliminated TripJax and we went HU pretty much even. I did not have much going for me heads up, and that combined with Otis just completely outplaying me, resulted in my stupid, stupid move when I pushed all-in with 53o after Otis had raised my BB for about the third straight hand and called me with AQ. I don't mind the push, but it was ridiculous to do it with a hand like that. Congrats to Otis on playing a really, really good game.

Guess I had more to say about the tourney than I though.

As far as the overall BBT goes, I'm thinking I'll be 7th on the overall leaderboard, as I think I'll be just behind Don for 6th. It was a good night to make up some ground on the leaders, as Iggy, Bayne, jeciimd, and Wawfuls all busted early. I also took the money lead back over twoblackaces and oossuuu with my $250 cash. I'm only up by $20, but it's enough. I don't know how long I'll be able to hold onto it this time, hopefully I can get some more cashes and increase my winnings. My ITP% continues to increase, and I'm now at 59%, up from the 50% I was at when I decided I needed to improve, but not at the 75% I would ideally like to be at. My ROI is still excellent for the BBT overall, as I'm running around 500% right now. Only a little over five weeks left, so it's time to finish strong and see if I can't crack that seemingly impenetrable Top 3.

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